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PASS 1.62.0
Intuitive to use, quicker to read relevant information compared toa paper care plan, and empowering care staff with great informationat their finger-tips, PASS is helping to support care assistants todo a great job even better wherever they are. PASS supportsexcellence in customer management, working seamlessly across allmajor devices, from receiving care enquiries, to assessments, staffsupervisions and customer reviews on tablet while out in thecommunity, to delivery of care plans and receipt of MAR sheets anddiary notes from care assistants’ smartphones. PASS improves thecare delivered by homecare services. Through improved clarity ofcare plans read by care assistants, the ability to identify issueswith medication and care in real-time, PASS is helping leading careservices to revolutionise care quality. Sound business and highquality care go hand-in-hand – efficiency in business creatingopportunity to invest in the quality of care. PASS saves homecareservices a substantial amount of money by removing inefficiencies –an estimated saving equivalent to 15% of net profit. PASS is theonly system available to provide real-time feedback on how outcomesare being achieved for each customer, transforming the quality ofcare reporting, and supporting improvement in care planning, PASSis your best tool to deliver excellence in CQC compliance.
openPASS 1.11.0
openPASS is a free to download mobile application that enhancescare connectivity and communication to finally give a clear view ofcare to all. It is powered by The PASSsystem care managementplatform. openPASS extends the view of the view of the carepurchased by the care receiver by allowing registered users toaccess the customer’s Care Notes and Care Plan. People who will beable to access openPASS for free include healthcare workers, familyand friends of the care receiver. The unique, patent pendingapplication provides inclusive access to all real-time care plansand records. This opens up communication channels; the family,residential care and homecare providers can now all work alongsideeach to gain access to relevant information and transform caredelivery. This is more than a technology solution. It's a new wayof thinking about openness, transparency and sharing care toreshape the health and care system fit for the 21st century.Finally, a clear view of care for family members and everyhealthcare professional. You are able to access openPASS on anysmartphone or tablet for FREE for 30 minutes while in the carereceiver’s home, limited to one session per day. If you need to getaccess to the care notes anywhere, anytime, you can upgrade youraccess permission. Just follow the prompts on the app when your 30minute session expires.