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Fake GPS Location 2.17
This app will overwrite your current location to a fake location soany third party apps, websites or services will think you arethere. You can use it to test the GPS in apps, find people indifferent cities, fly your GPS from city to city without moving,geotag a photo, share a location on social networks or show thatyou’re somewhere else as an excuse. The app has 3 modes: ● FixedMode (free): It spoofs device location to a fixed fake coordinate.You can use it to spoof your real location and pretend you aresomewhere. You can test this mode on any apps that use your fixedlocation. ● Route Mode (premium): Route Mode spoofs device locationto a predetermined route. It can simulate walking, cycling anddriving with different moving speed. You can test this mode in thetracking apps. ● Joystick Mode (premium): Joystick Mode is the mostadvanced mode in GPS spoofing. It supports walking, cycling,driving and flying mode. You can go anywhere and test it in anykind of apps and games. The following is needed to make sure theapp runs smoothly: 1. It is needed that you turn on "Allow MockLocations" on Development Settings 2. It is recommended that youswitch location mode to "GPS Only" 3. Make sure you run Fake GPSLocation first before running your app. END USER LICENSE AGREEMENTThis app is provided "as is" and we cannot be held responsible forany usage by the end users of our app. This app is for testingpurposes only. Some games will suspend your account if you will tryto fake the location.
Night Owl - Screen Dimmer & Night Mode 3.01
Do your eyes feel tired while you're reading at night on the phone?Are you having trouble falling asleep after a long time looking atyour phone screen? Night Owl may be the solution for you! WithNight Owl you can reduce the brightness of your screen lower thanyou can achieve with the default settings in order to avoid eyestrain or headaches in a dark environment or at night. You can alsofilter out blue light which causes eye strain, inability to sleepand headaches. Features • Display backlight dimming • Blue lightfilter • Advanced color filter • Auto start and stop timer Premiumfeatures • Ad free • Sun timer Permission details • Display overother apps Used for putting a filter on your device screen. •Modify system settings. Used for setting the system brightness tominimum. • Access Location. Used for determining your location forsunrise and sunset time. • View network connections and fullnetwork access. Used for serving ads and loading the location map.
Word Ninja 3.00
You are the word ninja! So make meaningful words using the lettersappearing on the tiles and don’t let the tiles get filled. If youare running out of empty tiles use your ninja stars to wipe them.The longer the words you make, the more you will score and will getcloser to be the champion on the Leaderboard.RULES:• The letterscan be selected from any tiles and don’t need to be adjacent.•Proper nouns or abbreviations are not allowed.• The tiles ofsuggested word will be wiped after a true suggestion but will bereplaced with new letters gradually.SCORING SYSTEM:2 letter words →1 point3 letter words → 3 point4 letter words → 5 point5 letterwords → 10 point6 letter words → 15 point7 letter words → 25 point8letter words → 35 point9 letter words → 50 point• 8 and 9 letterwords wipe the most bottom row letters.Words longer than 9 lettershave [LENGTH] × 11 points and wipe the most two bottom rows.• themaximum accepted length is 20 letters.