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Back Button - Assistive Touch 1.2.2
★★★On the large-screen phone, the functionbuttons are at the bottom of the screen,It may be harmful to yourfingers, Back Button allows you to more easily use the functionbuttons★★★★★★If your function button was not working, Back Button can saveyour phone.★★★► Small and fast► Simple, but powerful
Back Button 1.4.0
Back Button* Simulate the System Back, Home and Recents Button.if the physical buttons of your phone can not use properly,BackButton can let you continue use your phone with simulatingthesystem button.* Any combination you want.you can use Back, Home or Recents independently, or anycombinationyou want.* Drag or Pin it.the back button can be dragged any where your want.you can pin it and disable the dragging.* Custom themeYou can set the button color, pressed color and thebackgroundcolor. and you can also make the button withtransparency.* Vertical and Horizontal Support* Boost Support. you can click the boost button onthenotification. we will boost your phone with memory clean.Thank you for your download.
Back Button 2.4.3
* Simulate the System Back, Home and Recent Button. if the physicalbuttons of your phone can not use properly, Back Button can let youcontinue use your phone with simulating the system button. * Anycombination you want. you can use Back, Home or Recentindependently, or any combination you want. * Drag or Pin it. theback button can be dragged any where your want. you can pin it anddisable the dragging. * Custom theme You can set the button color,pressed color and the background color. and you can also make thebutton with transparency. * Vertical and Horizontal Support Thebutton layout can be vertical or horizontal *We will upload theinstalled packages to get the categories of the apps installed onyour phone.*