Dairy Farm 2
Dairy Farm is a game that simulate tasks of farmers who work on abig farm. With Dairy farm, Players are transformed into farmers doeverything from planting and tending crops until harvest,hand-picking and buy breeding animals and care until maturity;experienced simultaneously, manually what makes the foodmanufacturing and food from agricultural products harvested in theanimal feed crops. This brings the extremely interesting andattractive experiences. Are you ready to play and build their ownfarm in this game?Dairy Farm game has nice graphics interfaceglitter, photos close affinity with the countryside and ruralsaturated soft sounds that makes up a great farm atmosphere. Thesehas really curious, excited, excited with every player in the game.Download and play now please.Here are a little guidance on howlittle dairy farm:- When new people to play hard to play in thegame instructions before operation is discretion.- Game playconsists of the following steps:o Growing food crops such as rice,maize ... to serve for the following parts:Apparel accessories forthe players to buy livestock feed production plant itself in shopsand stalls machinery selected then choose the food factory at thebeginning of the booth. When finished buying the machine willdisplay the main screen players select that machine placementsuccess will be deducted from the amount. Then just feed into themachine and select the type of food being produced to feedchickens, cows ... wait a certain period of time there will beharvested product and bring food for livestock.Accessories partsfor making cakes, honey producers ... into the store to buy thenecessary machinery for bakeries for your production and processingof these cakes, the food necessary to the market also.ApparelAccessories to order in front of the table: there are ordersavailable players click on the panel will order out of order, theitems are marked complete players can give orders and receivedelivery First, experience points when completed delivery orders.oReclamationCutting down trees to plant only to pull the saw on thetree will be lower and you are one sticks to upgrade warehouses andsimilar small sentence but tight and user guidance to small andbattens 1 experience point for each lane and sawing settlers cuttrees.Sawn used to clean the water pit and dry treeShe usedexplosives to bomb out to small boulders.- With each level theplayer is rewarded diamonds, gold and other types of seeds,different breeds, all kinds of screws, glue bang ...- Upgrade thewarehouse when all kinds of supplies needed when the playercollected through the level-up, chop wood reclaimed ...- Buy thedecorative objects in the store to make her garden beautifulupward, decorated in the style preferences of people.
Plants zombies 2 1.2
Plants zombies 2 is a game of the genre.Players must build strategy, upgraded the existing and developingstrong army to go to recapture the zombies were occupied, whileplayers also take precautions, so defense is not lost army ofzombies takes up his stronghold. Want to move to a higher level,playing much more attractive screen, players must defeat every armyto win back every success in this game screen. Where was thestronghold of zombies took all the players will be losers and haveto start that game screen.- With sophisticated graphic design, brilliant effect increases theplayers enjoy.- Sound effects, music on compelling feeling stimulate players, asplayers more excitement.- Players can play anywhere with no need to bother that loosen or3g internet with offline game modes.- I wish you happy gaming!Very foundations have been comments of people about the game sothat we can improve and develop better games.
Surprises 1.0
If you've played the game like raiding, gunner, sniper, rambo,protecting island and the other shooters game, you should not missthis free game supprises.Surprises is completely free game, notloaded coin, no message, no activation ... just download the gameyou can play immediatly.Sounds vivid, HD picture quality, actionchallenging attract more players to join. Currently with 10challenging scenarios will bring player exciting challenge. gamewill be upgraded more challenging in next few days.
Bubble Shooter 2 1.3
Bubble Shooter 2 is an entertainment game genre classic.Playeralready very familiar with how to adjust the power point shot andkeep shooting the ball towards the classic game to shoot the ball.However, with this version of bubble shooter, players simply findthe location to drop the balls to do so that the ball fell rightthen, and with the collision force, elastic with the otherballs.*With beautiful graphics, dynamic sound effects, new forms ofplaying that creates a new feel for the players.*The moreinteresting challenge in all scenarios.Having happy with the Bubbleshooter 2 game!
B52 Bomber 1.4
Download B52 Bomber to join the hectic and fun online multiplayergame! Bomb your friends and be the last to survive to win thematch!Collect gifts to get more powerful bombs! Game Features:-Online multiplayer for players! Challenge your friends or playagainst random opponents.- Campaign mode with just 90 levels!-Classic Bomberman game, with controls polished for touchscreen!-Collect powerups and watch out for evil curses.
Candies 1.4
Candies is new style jewels game, we have been publishing this gamebecause of the needs of players. With many attractive challengesand each level is a real challenge for players. The rules do notchange compared to the original version despite of the new-style ofplaying in the game. The features in game are: new images, amazingeffects, and many interesting tasks. Please try to pass allchallenges in the game by downloading and playing!
Pool Bar 1.2
Pool Bar is the 8 ball Billiard game genre. Players tap the screento keep adjusting the results so whacked on the falling fruit onthe table hole. The first body is breaking ball games depending onwho will be breaking ball. Balls numbered 1 through 15, who beatout the ball or hit the ball with the codes <8 must hit theballs from 1 to 7 all the way down the hole before being polishedNo. 8, if polishing No. 8 in the hole before its objectives losesthe ball always that game. Similarly, if polished with thecodes> 8, they must eat the balls numbered from 9 to 15, and ifyou hit the ball before the ball fell 8 goals, the league also lostgames always there.Pool Bar is the entertainment game genre offlineso you just need to download the game from the store to be able toplay comfortably.
Racer TV 1.1
Racer TV a new formula car racing. Racer TV will give you the feelof a normal race. A mixed race weapons including guns, rockets andthe obstacles crest anytime. In addition to the dangerous crestplayers support functions when the car is shot down or supplementedfrom shopping around for her in the shop. Nhungchuc trodo energysupport will help the player advance further in the game. Upgradevehicles, bullets, blood to be better prepared for the race.RacerTV racing class
The Defense 1.2
The Defense genre goalkeeper with new playing style. Players builddefense strong enough to fight with the enemy so that the enemydoes not attack on his city. Destroy enemy stronghold monetizationupgrade with higher firepower, against bare the aggressive army ofan enemy invasion. Download The Defense of jointly funding andmilitary leaders of you yet.
Sky for 1.1
"Sky For" is a tough challenge game. To complete the missionplayers must destroy at least 70% of the aircraft in a game andcollect 6 golds each level. The more deeply into the map the taskbecomes more and more difficult when the aircraft's post, the postis more dense defensive layout, the more rigorous to create rainbombs, bullets. Player must be a super Pilot to complete thismission. There are 7 maps corresponding to 7 missions andchallenges, at the end of each map is a super airship equipped withinnovative weapons to guard the enemy command post.Complete themission and become an invincible warrior in the sky for game.
Police Sniper 1.0
Run, run and take down your enemies that all you need in "PoliceSniper".Become an undercover to discover enemy's cave, take downthem and keep peace in the world.Collect the support item to becomestronger.Upgrade your weapon to more power.Do not waste the time,hand on the phone and get start.Features:- 4 locations to discover-Greatest boss battle- 10 kind of enemy- Over 10 guns to use andupgrade
Ninja Izle 1.4
You've seen the movie Ninja, Ninja ever Fan favorite Japanesehouseholds. Ninja Izle game this will give you the experience of atrue Ninja. Download the game and the character izle incarnation toexperience become an apprentice Ninja, from Ninja apprentice, youmust do these tasks in the game with ascending levels to become asenior Ninja. Data Version overcome the challenges in the game?