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Catch'em All! - Color Puzzle
This Martian doppelgänger family does suddenshapeshifting, and changing color as you touch them.Rule is simple: same colored members as the touched one chooseanother form and color. If you chase them to uniformity, till allis evenly colored, they disappear, and you win this turn.There are red and blue girls, pink and yellow moms, violet,orange and azure guys, and a lot more...So catch'em all!You can get back to the main menu: just make a quick swipe, andtouch the UFO appearing at the top-left corner.
Halftime Passes Olympic Edit 1.3.0
There is no gravity?There is soccer!If you tired to watch thosegreat football tournaments on TV, just take a break.This greenfootball field is ready for a brief soccer drill.Pass the ball backand forth to avoid orange cones popping up.Kick more to scoremore...as half-time passes.
Pâtisserie Budapest 1.8
New confectionery in town?No flour, butter, cocoa, sugar, choco oricing...Just spread frosting, place cake layers and stack theminfinitely.Make a chocolate cake, Dobos tart or Russian cream cakeas tall as you can.