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Automatic Tag Editor
Do you remember times when you first decided to keep your musiclibrary more tidy? You found out that the only solution was to fillin manually all songs info, one by one. These days are over!Automatic Tag Editor analyses your library and pick for you closetag matches, just tap on the one you prefer and you are done. Itwill only take five seconds per song...Guaranteed! And that's notall: it also gives you some squared hi-res pictures you can use ascover art by tapping on them. This automatic editor is perfect forediting ID3 tag of your music library. It updates the embedded tagsso you don't lose them when you move files away from your phone.Edit all the most known tag information ‣ Title ‣ Artist ‣ Albumartist ‣ Album ‣ Genre ‣ Year ‣ Track number Multiple audio formatsare supported: ‣ Mp3 ‣ M4a ‣ Ogg ‣ Flac ‣ Wma ‣ Wav Supportsediting files on SD card!
Forum Talks
Forum Talks è una community mobile presentesuidispositivi Android e Windows Phone.E' un luogo virtuale libero in cui condividere pensieri conglialtri utenti liberamente, nel rispetto della comunità.Gli argomenti che troverai sono: Lifestyle, Economia &politica,Sport, Tecnologia, Musica, Videogiochi, Film, Motori,Animali,Libri!Forum Talks is amobilecommunity on the devices Android and Windows Phone.E 'in a virtual free to share thoughts with others freely,whilerespecting the community.Topics that you will find are: Lifestyle, Economics &Politics,Sports, Technology, Music, Video Games, Movies, Cars,Pets,Books!
ParkBack: Automatic Car Parking Reminder 1.4.7
Do you always think back on where you parked the car? And maybe youend up wandering around the streets, waiting for a flashback to themoment when you parked it? The answer is ParkBack: the mostautomatic and efficient car parking reminder. You will no longerlooking for your car because ParkBack's automatic detection featuresaves parking location as soon as you leave the car. All you needis good GPS coverage and then ParkBack detects when you left thecar with a maximum of 20 meters accuracy.* No GPS signal at thetime of parking? Do not worry, ParkBack can still notice youparking and it will send a prompt to add a marker manually on themap. Low battery usage is the strength of ParkBack, which will bealmost unnoticeable in daily usage, draining only a 1-3% of yourbattery.** A more complete list of features: • Automatic parkingdetection monitors constantly device activities to understand whenboth when you are driving and walking. • Complete set ofnotifications keeps you updated about parking phases, letting youknow whether if GPS signal was weak or parking location possiblynot accurate. • User interface kept simple to encouragestraightforward action, aimed to help you reach the car quickly.• One-tap navigation makes reaching the car with Google Maps aseasy as tapping parking notification. • Advanced settings to fullycustomize your experience. The free version allows two automaticparking placements per day. After that, you still received aparking detection notification but you have to manually markposition on map. Buy the full version to remove this limitation andsupport the developer! Forget about where you left the car, this isour mission from now. * This may vary depending on device model andGPS signal strength ** This depends on the amount of parking, whichwill obviously activate GPS location detection.