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Throne Wars 2.0.4
Millions of players are going to war and claiming their throne.Prepare yourself for battle! Join Throne Wars and build a mightykingdom, forge alliances and unlock amazing prizes.>>> Top App in more than 20 countries<<<>>> Millions of players <<<Start out as a young regent of a single city, and go on to buildan unbeatable kingdom! Dominate the battlefields, pillage enemycities. Form mighty alliances as you compete with thousands ofother Players on a gigantic map to answer one question: Who will bethe King of Kings? Prove your cunning and bravery in THRONE WARS,the popular medieval building game.===== User reviews =====“Very fun game.” (gankmobile, Canada)“very addictive” (Nico250595, Ireland)“Fantastic! Only game I play” (17373gghdd, Canada)===== Plenty of things to do =====● Gather your friends into a powerful alliance and dominate theleaderboard● Grow your city to a formidable economic power● Recruit powerful heroes as generals and governors● Build a commanding army to fight against other players● Found new cities and expand across the realm● Learn to rule the realm in easy to play tutorial missions● Raze your neighbors to the ground and plunder their wealth● Research new technologies, build ever more powerful weapons● Play with thousands upon thousands of other players on a giganticmapDownload this game for free and start your own kingdom rightnow!===== more about flaregames =====http://www.flaregames.com • http://facebook.com/flaregames • http://twitter.com/flaregames===== Note =====This game requires an internet connection to play and offers in-apppurchases ● Terms of Service: www.flaregames.com/terms-service/
BraveSmart 2.3.0
★★★★★ First review by Androidpit: „… a fungame with an easy, simple gameplay and best of all it's challengingand somewhat addictive.” ★★★★★BraveSmart is the most addictive puzzle game you’ll ever play.You’ll pick it up in a second – and won’t be able to put it downfor hours.• Combine three wood, metal or rock tiles to build a cottage, threecottages for a mansion, right up to majestic castles.• Outfox the sheep to make the most of your space, and make sureyou don’t get boxed in behind treacherous rocks.Play BraveSmart now!STORYScotland, the beginning of the Middle Ages. For long years, theClans have hidden from the Sidhe, the mythical creatures of legend.But now, the dark ages are past and the bright modern Middle Agehas set in. Three brave Clans have taken to resettle the desertedHighlands. But, alas, Clan Woodhead, Clan Tinears and ClanStonehands can’t decide on a common course of action and hindereach other’s efforts. Also, the sheep are quite enjoying thefreedom on the unsettled land and might move against them.The Clans look for a Hero to unite them. Failing that they’d settlefor a man with good organizational skills.You are that man, called the “BraveSmart” for your brains andwillingness to deal with the stubborn Clansmen.Go forth, resettle the Highlands!(But watch out for the sheep.)
Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis 1.2.1
Choose your champions! From deadly gladiatorsto deranged inventors, recruit Heroes and reclaim the long-lostthrone of Atlantis. Defend your Citadel from attacks, battleagainst Leaders from around the world, and forge powerful Alliancesto destroy your enemies.FEATURES● Recruit a massive army of Heroes from a roster of skilledwarriors, savage monsters, mystical sorcerers, and other powerfulfighters● Devise brilliant deployment strategies from countlesscombinations of Hero teams● Win battles to improve your Heroes and unlock fantastic newabilities● Battle with players worldwide and improve your competitiverank● Join together with other players to form the ultimateAlliance● Discover the secrets of New Atlantis as you battle through theCampaignsPLEASE NOTE!Wartide is free to download and play, however some game items canalso be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use thisfeature, please set up password protection for purchases in thesettings of your Google Play Store app. Also, under our Terms ofService and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 10 years of age toplay or download Wartide.A network connection is also required.By accessing or using a flaregames product, you're agreeing toour Terms of Service (www.flaregames.com/terms-service/).