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Levels - Addictive Puzzle Game 2.8.1
flow Inc.
Upgrade blue panels, defeat red panels, and swallow yellow panelsto achieve high scores! Can you upgrade your panels to level 9?This is a highly addictive puzzle game. How to play: - Merge thesame blue panels - Defeat the red panels of the same level or lower- Swallow yellow panels to get points - Yellow panels can beupgraded too. Swallow them to get more points Tips: Red panels areyour enemies. You cannot upgrade them but they will upgradethemselves. The higher level the yellow panels are of, the morevalue they have. (You will get more points) When the panels arestuck and you cannot move and of them, the game is over. There isno time limit in this game. Take your time and enjoy. Hope you getto level 9 soon! Detailed info: Only three kinds of panels in thisgame! - Yellow Panel => Treasure  - Red Panel =>Monsters in your way. You cannot move them and they will upgradethemselves. - Blue Panel => Your warriors. They will help youachieve the treasure and defeat the enemies. [How to play] Matchthe panels of the same level and color to upgrade them! Increasethe value of the panels. [Thunder Stone] When the panels are stuckand none can be moved, you can use the thunder stone multiple timesin each game. When the thunder comes, red panels will become level1 yellow panels. [Hidden Panels] Sometimes you might find somepanels with unique patterns. How many of them can you find? Maybethey will bring you good luck?
Puppo! 2.3.0
flow Inc.
'Puppo!' is a simple and challenging puzzle game that make peoplewant to play it again and again. The rule is simple and easy. Justconnect three panels with the same number and color to stayhorizontal or vertical. The number of color panels will continue toincrease. If you aim for high scores, it is a good idea to makemore "multi-color panels" that can be connected with differentcolors. However, if there are no more places in the game, it willbe over. It will be the end of the game if you are too greedy. Thischallenging puzzle game is designed to be simple but needs to thinkhard. With an interrupt function, no time limit, players can enjoyplaying game at their own pace.
PiyoPiyo 1.3.0
flow Inc.
Merge same icon and color tiles to evolve your eggs to thenextlevel. The key to make built-up tiles is to merge several tilesallat once, which will get you a wildcard tile that can mergeanycolor tiles. But, when the board becomes full, it’s game-over,soyou should be careful not to be too greedy. This game hasverysimple rules, and there is no time limit. Everyone can havefunplaying. [Features] - Auto Save - Next Tile Notification - Undo-Score Ranking - Star Button (Tiles change to the wildcard byusingstars.) - Remove Ads (Purchase Item)
Favo! 3.8.0
flow Inc.
Favo! is a new puzzle game which you won’t be able to put down! Therules are quite simple and the game play is stress free! [Goal ofthe Game] Link the three elements (red, blue, and green) on theboard to collect as many points as possible! When there is no morespace left on the board, it’s game over. In order to enjoy thisgame to the fullest and get a high score, mastering the correcttechnique and maintaining a balanced collection of elements is key.[How to Play] - Slide the element panels with your finger to movethem. - Tap the panels to arrange the order of the elements. [LevelUp] When one of your collected element gauges is full, the elementwill level up! You will get a Merge Panel of the same element as abonus! [Merge Panel] Let's put a merge panel next to panels of thesame color. You can merge all connected panels at once! [Combo]When you match more than one color at once, you can get a bonus! -2 color match = double points!! - 3 color match = quadruplepoints!!!! [Challenge Mode] The challenge mode is the mode whereyou can defeat monsters! Get rid of them by shooting the collectedelements at the monsters. Let's try to win the prizes which arenewly designed merge panels together!
Star Shoot VS 3.11.0
flow Inc.
Star Shoot VS is a laid-back online shooting game. It is reallyeasy to play, even if you are not good at shooting games! You canenjoy an online battle with global players immediately afterdownloading! It only takes 1-3 minutes per game, so you will notget tired. If you share a device with the game installed on it, youcan also enjoy a local battle with a person nearby using the samescreen. The aliens each have unique skills. - The Curve Shotswerves. - The Ghost Shot vanishes on the way to the opponent. -The Heavy Shot is very large. These are some examples. Let's try toaim for the space champion using our skills well! = How to Play =The rules are simple. You win when your bullet hits an opponent.However, it is difficult to hit at first. Break floating boxes, andget the P (power up item). When you get the P, your moving speedgoes up, and you will be able to use stronger skills. The strongerthe skills, the more energy they consume. The key to victory isthat you have to judge the timing of use of the skills. = GameModes = - Global online battle. - Friends online battle. - Localbattle using one device for two people.