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mp3, music player 6.0
mp3, music player mp3 player! listen to music mp3 OGG, WAV, MO3,FLAC, MP4, M4A... this is music player, audio player, voice playerit is the best music player for Android 4.0+. play your favouritemp3 songs! music player will help you find all the music in yourphone very easily. Features: - clean and beautiful user interfacewith material design, ripple effects supported. - plays any audiofile format like mp3, wav, flac, mp4,... files - support widget onhome screen for fast playing music - change app color easily - settime for sleeping - advanced features such as favorites andplaylists - play music by album, artist, tracks, genres, orplaylist on shuffle mode - enjoy amazing sound quality. - easy tofind any song by searching. Find all your music never been so easy.- support custom Playlist - plays mp3, mp4/m4a (incl. alac), ogg,wma*, flac, wav, ape, wv, tta, mpc, aiff (* some wma pro files mayrequire NEON support) - support replay, next, previous, repeat onlyone or repeat all - plays songs from folders and from own library -support dynamic queue - lightweight and standalone - consume lessmemory and battery - support for m3u, m3u8, pls, wpl playlists -display album art - custom visual themes, lot of skins available onPlay - headset support, automatic Resume on headset and/or BTconnection (can be disabled in settings) - tag editor - fastlibrary scan Future features: - lyrics support, including lyricssearch via musiXmatch plug-in - play music from soundclound -search any song from the internet please email us if your device isnot supported, we will try our best to support it. if you love thisphoto love locker application, please give 5 stars to encouragedevelopers. Support: + Email: + Facebook page: + Twitter: + Youtube Channel:
Ringtone maker - mp3 cutter 3.5.2
Cut the best part of your audio song or MP4 video and save itasyour Ringtone/Alarm/Music File/Notification Tone. Make your ownMP3ringtones/Notifications/Alarms fast and easy with thisapp.Supports MP3, WAV and most other music formats. This app isalso amusic editor/alarm tone maker/ ringtone cutter andnotificationtone creator. Mp3 cutter, ringtone maker, you cancreate and customnew ringtone for your self mp3 cutter - musiccutter, ringtonemaker you can cut music, cut mp3 and other formatfiles. Features:- List all the MP3/MP4 songs from the SD card . -Choose the MP3files from the list . - Cut the file using forwardand backwardselector . - Integrated MP3 player help you to playbefore cutting. - Set the edited file as ring tone . - you caneasily merge videoor audio very fast - Manually set the start &end time(inseconds) by typing the values in text boxes at bottom ofapp. -Option to Name the new cut clip while saving it. - Recordaudio byringtone maker - Set the new clip as default ringtone orassign tocontacts, using this editor. - Cut the music files storedon thephone, made a unique ringtone. - Scan music stored in yourphoneand various audio files, music editing and clipping. - Haveabuilt-in file browser, easy to find and open the music. -Powerfulaudio editing features, millisecond-level perfect cut. -Softwaresupports audio formats MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR, 3GPP, 3GP, M4A.-Waveform display, and there are five scaling. - ringtone makeralsosupports trim, merge files - Touch to adjust the ringtonebystarting and ending location. - Delete the ringtone. -Powerfulmusic editor. - Music cutter, song cutter - provide mp3trimmer,video editor Let's download, use ringtone maker, mp3 cutterandmusic cutter for free right now. please email us if your deviceisnot supported, we will try our best to support it.
Hourly weather forecast 8.0
☀️ Hourly weather forecast is best weather app! ✨ Hourlyweatherforecast also provides current atmospheric pressure,weathercondition, visibility distance, relative humidity,precipitation indifferent unites, dew point, wind speed anddirection, in additionto ten days future forecast and hourly hourlyweather forecast.Realtime temperature, humidity, pressure, windforce and winddirection are all in this weather app based. Thisaccurate weatherapp allows to find out a detailed forecast whereveryou are, forany time of the day or for the next 7 days just bytapping on theicons: - Wind speed and direction - Pressure andprecipitationinformation - Sunrise/sunset time - Weather Radar& Rain mapsand other useful weather data accompanied by liveanimations andgraphics. Weather app has a lot of features: - Free.It is a freeWeather channel, weather network. - Intuitive interface& easyto use. - It's VERY FAST and ACCURATE - Modern UI designand easyto use - Global. You can see weather in any places youlike, ex:London weather, Paris weather, San Francisco weather,Houstonweather - Updated hourly weather forecast information freeaccuratedaily, weekly. - Accurate precipitation forecasts for eachlocalityand region around the world, including rainfall, intensity,windpressure, etc. - hourly weather forecast for today, tomorrow,thenext 3 days, even extended the hourly weather forecast of thenext10 days in the provinces /cities of countries around the worldsuchas Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Sweden , Denmark,Italy,Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Norway, Japan,Korea,China, Vietnam, ... - Various weather information:temperature,wind, humidity, dew point, precipitation, visibility,pressure,sunrise, sunset - View weather information at multiplelocations -Hourly or daily. we offer 7 days - 10 days info: today’sweather,tomorrow’s weather, … and hourly weather in each hour. -Weathersupports geo-positioning, retrieving the latest weatherconditionsfor your current location - Weather app support almostlanguagesover the world. - An option to manually add yourlocation.Automatic location detection by network and GPS. - Add andtrackthe weather conditions in multiple locations - Animatedweatherconditions - see how the weather comes alive! - Hourly andweeklyforecasts - Temperature: switch between Celsius andFahrenheit -Current weather condition without needing to addmanually -Atmospheric pressure in many different units - Wind speedanddirection in different units - 1 day, 10 days future forecastandhourly hourly weather forecast. - Sunset and Sunrise times.-Display hourly weather forecast or moon phase - Localized tomostof the world languages. - Chart graphs for hourly hourlyweatherforecast and daily hourly weather forecast - Weather widgetandongoing notification, multiple location on widget - Option tosetlock screen with live weather information - Give right weatherevenGPS is not enabled, awesome! - Automatically detects yourlocationand retrieves the latest weather conditions for yourcurrentlocation. - Weather notifications in status bar can help youbetterplan your day and your travels with weather warnings andalertsupdates. - Add and track hourly weather forecast for allyourfavorite cities and destinations: Washington, New York,Ottawa,London, Rome, Madrid, Oslo, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Singapore,... -Stay update the latest hourly weather forecast channel foryourphone. You can share weather apps and invite your friendsonFacebook using the weather channel. Enjoy the perfect andaccuratehourly weather forecast! Please send any question, we will support 24/7 for yourdemand.