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Robot Run Madness 1.2.06
Play as funny but unfortunate robot who will be recycled soon. Usejet and cool small power-up drone to run as long as possible.Upgrade and level up to reach higher rank and challenge friends onFacebook. Every upgrade truly improving performance, design yourown best running robot in the world. ★ Beautiful graphics ★ Physicsbased game-play ★ Destructible obstacles ★ Cool power-ups ★ Lot ofachievements and levels ★ Facebook friends leaderboard★ Fullcustomisation of robot Distant future, humanity starting new age ofurbanisation. More and more people moving to vertical cities formore comfortable living in even more compressed space. Planetsurface was left to robots for automate food and commoditiesproduction. While prosper life in shiny towers, artificial life onground surface was self evolving, self updating and ... selfrecycling because just like organic life form every robot have hisown life cycle. Time to take control of cute service robot in hisbrave run from crazy recycling factory on wheels!Enjoy Robot RunMadness with friends and family!
X Survive 0.51
Your spacecraft crashed on sandy island of planet X, boosting yourretirement plan to settle down in place of such kind. Evenmalfunctioned, aged, intergalactic freightliner have lot to offerto make your life comfortable. Almost unlimited craftingopportunities to build settlement of your dream just by coincidencehave been installed in spacecraft along with A.I. S2RT. Islanditself has lot to offer all is needed your imagination andcreativity. Will you take this challenge ?X survive is voxel basedopen world sandbox game with tremendous freedom: • Drive truckaround island and gather resources.• Dig any caves or changelandscape using Terraformer.• Craft multiple life saving items.•Build house of your dream with amazing view to ocean.• Completefreedom to do anything limited only with imagination.Controls aresimple slide left side of screen to control character and rightside to control camera. Terraformer and battery after you craft itcould be equipped through inventory window. Meet your AI S2RT nearthe entrance to spacecraft for more detailed tutorial.* Dear friendplease be aware that game with such game-play is performancedemanding and some models of phones could not be fully supported.Controls in game can be customised in settings and if it feelswrong please try different combinations as well as playing inhorizontal mode with two hands.