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Escape Angry Cat 1.2.4
escape angry cat is a totally free game funandamazing game is better than ever and will surely be what youarelooking for enjoying.this game presents you with 11 levels wherein, you will havetoovercome different kind of obstacles as mr bean and Cockroachesandmotu along the way, to clear each one of them. Tap on themovebutton to get moving and the jump button to overcome theobstaclesas and when, you come across them,you will love this gamebecouseis not boring.
the smart man in the world 1.2.6
do you like smart games? your search forthelatest smart games with levels that are easy is completeininfinity game, to be the best gamer, try you best to getstartedrunning and escape the mr bean chasing. go with your friendsandsee how far you can like energy of bean and challenge your limit. the smart manfreerun adventure should be very interesting.
Heroes Saving City 1.8.2
heroes saving city, on a beautiful daytheywent into the city to pick up and save lot people but the cityisfull of danger,they needs your help to get out run offers aseriesof challenging obstacles for you to navigate and completewith thethundermans.Those heroes running is one of the best adventure game withbestgraphics and control and music.
Sleeping Cat in Adventure 1.7.6
sleeping cat in adventure is a new runningrollchallenge game with a great adventure story while running intheforest facing obstacles to win and collect small monsters asroll no21 oggy and accomplish all 21 and jump with this cat and oggy and motu patlu, find secretsinthe end try to capturing the flag.
Strong Kid Live in Forest 1.7.8
kid live in forest is going on a newadventurein the new world and he need your helprun around this adventure world and get as many coins asyoucan.diego live in forest is a game for all ages, easy to play withlargebuttons designed for all children.the lovely scenes vary very fast. so you must get ready to dealwiththem.If you a gamer runner you can keep running is forest jump, withtheboy diego go and try to find all the pieces diamond,survivethrough many obstaclesdiego live in forest is a game to run and jump andavoidanimalsthis is a funny game for everyone.
Free Man in Adventure 1.0.2
free man in adventure is the best gamedesignedfor the users from all age group who love challenges andadventuresas dalton the player needs to face the obstacles andcomplete thelevels by collecting maximum money diamond and coins.The more thenumber of coins you collect the more surprises youdiscover newworlds new monsters and new faces.