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Gif mini - Compress, Crop GIF 2.3.7
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This APP main function is to compress GIF, can also be used as aGIF editor and GIF Viewer. Features: 1️⃣Scale down or Scale up theGIF image 2️⃣Crop the GIF image to any size 3️⃣Reduce the frames ofGIF 4️⃣Adjust the play speed of GIF 5️⃣Add text/emoji on GIF 📌Note:This APP does NOT compress some kinds of GIFs very well, in mostcases it work fine for Video Capture GIF. Anyway, you can try itout, experiment any combinations of resize, crop and reduce frames.Compress your funny GIFs, and share them more faster via Messenger,Twitter, Facebook or any social media APPs! Creating mini GIF,Share funny more faster!
Nomedia 4.3.4
g(x) labs
ℹ️※ What can it do? 📁1. Create ".nomedia" file in the containingdirectory signaling the media scanner to ignore media, so as tohiding useless and redundant media file(image/photo, music, video)in Gallery, Music Player, Video Player and other APP base on mediastore. 🔍2. Use as a media scanner, find out all the mediafile(image/photo, music, video) on your device, and update to themedia store, so you can view the media file in Gallery, MusicPlayer, Video Player and other APP base on media store. ℹ️※ What isthis: This APP can help you to create or remove a file called.nomedia in a folder contains media files easily. And refreshMediaStore immediately! ℹ️※ What is a .nomedia file? .nomedia filesignaling the media scanner to ignore media in the containingdirectory and its subdirectories. This prevents media scanner fromreading your media files(image, video, audio) and providing them toother apps(Gallery, Music Player, Video Player etc.) through theMediaStore content provider. If you want to scan all thephoto/image/music/video on your device; If the Gallery, MediaPlayer always load some pictures, videos or audios which you dothink are useless, redundant. Then this APP may be what you need.📌Note: The main purpose of this app is let the junk mediafiles(which we do think) don't show in some APP(such as theGallery, Play Music) based on MediaStore. It is not a tool to hidefiles and protect your privacy, as files may be show in filemanager APPs. ℹ️※ How to use: 1. The application will scan picture,video, audio files from the MediaStore and file system, and thencategorizes them by folder. 2. When a folder is set to "ON," meansthat media files in this folder will NOT be scanned by MediaStore,otherwise will be scanned. 3. In the list view, click the folderpreview to view folder detail. 4. In the grid view, click the filepreview can play the media file. 📌Note: This APP may NOT work onSOME devices. Anyway you can try it out. It's a good idea to testit on unimportant files first.
Piano Snake 1.1
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Piano Snake is a variation version oftheClassic Snake, the main feature of Piano Snake is thepianotheme.The game play is same as the classic one, but the hard part isthatyour can only control the snake turn left or right, rememberthatleft and right are depend on the direction of movement, sokeepyour mind clear and have fun!
Pixeler - Pixel Art Editor 1.2
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Enjoy pixel art? Now you can make a pixelartby yourself easily with Pixeler.Have fun with making pixel draw!