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Metal Gunner 2017 2.0
Metal Gunner 2017 is 2D soldier shooting gameand one of the best in the market.Welcome to the smash-hit game of Metal Gunner 2017.This is fun game for fan of shot game.Return to childhood with classic gameplay that will make you crazyplaying it!In this classic game you will incarnate in man to combat metal andgun geared up soldier and attacker overcome dangers andinconvenience to destroy enemy and win.The terrorist army is on the rise once again and crosses your plansto finally take a day off. And once again the metal commander hasto save the world. Collect weapons and power-ups such as grenadesand tap using fast finger controls to crush all the enemy! Armedand equipped with a parachute,the hero must move towards thebattlefield and makes ramboluns way through abandon city, jungles,forest and enemy aircraft. Find hidden treasures and useful itemsto help him to get through all the danger.Get your weapons ready for the ultimate epic action game. MetalGunner 2017 combines the adrenaline of platform-style games withthe action of 2d shooters. Use smooth control pad to move, run andtap to jump and shoot. Blow up all enemies! Kill them all in thisamazing shooter game. Please hold your arms up and face challengingmission ahead.So let's begin! Download this amazing games today![Features in Metal Gunner 2017]:- Colorful graphics- Smooth character animation- Lots of enemies, tanks, aircraft- Classic gameplay with modern play ability- Free play for all ages