Snake. But different. 1.0.3
Yes it's Snake, but with a very new game mode and 12 retro pixelstyle stages!While the classic retro Snake game wanted you to growyour snake by collecting food, this Snake game offers a completelynew game mode: Shrink your snake by returning food in the correctorder.The food appears in different colors which even moreincreases complexity and fun to bring back the food and master thegame.But take care, brought back food will remain as obstacleswhich makes the game even more challenging!Snake. But different.aims at providing the best experience by introducing multiple andattractive color schemes with a wide range of shapes at everystage.Along with this new game mode, Snake. But different. alsooffers the classic mode known from the original retro Snake game.✓SNAKE AT AGLANCE******************************************************✓ 12polished and eye catching stages in retro pixel style✓ Multiplecolor schemes to choose from✓ Challenging obstacles (teleporters,control inverters and direction changers)✓ Achievements✓Leaderboards/Highscores✓ Classic mode known from original retroSnake game♥ ARE YOU A FAN OFSNAKE?******************************************************Becomea part of the community to get the latestnews:Twitter game is a remastered version of my game "Snake. Payback."which I released back in 2013.Watch All About Android 104( to see a greatintroduction of Snake. Payback. beginning at 01:05:40.
Vito Jump 'n' Roll 1.1.0
This is the story of a being called Vito.Vito is a hairy and grumpybut cute little being who sets out for a journey to find his bestbuddy.Help Vito in this free jump ‘n’ run adventure to find hisbest buddy, a little dog.Vito’s dog has been kidnapped by a badguy, but fortunately the bad guy left a trace. Follow this trace ofbones, overcome distances and enemies by rolling and jumping likein the classic jump ‘n’ run games.But jumping and rolling is noteverything Vito is able to do! On the search for his dog, Vito willfind cannons which Vito can use to overcome big distances.In thisfree jump ‘n’ run adventure Vito will also find the following funnypower ups:* Give Vito wings to fly* Vito sticks to obstacles andwalls with the glue power up* Make Vito light as a feather toovercome big distancesMany lovely animated enemies and physicsbased puzzles await you in this adventure. Jump on enemies tocollect bones, moves obstacles like crates and ice blocks toovercome heights and defeat bosses in this free jump ‘n’ runadventure.⭐FEATURES******************************************************✓Jump ‘n’ run mechanics✓ 3 main themes: Jungle, Frost (Ice) undCave✓ 30 rich in variety levels✓ Physics based puzzles✓ Challengingobstacles✓ Handcrafted and lovely enemies✓ Bossfights✓ Funny powerups (wings, feather and glue)✓ Cannons✓ Achievements✓ Leaderboards✓Story mode✓ Time trial mode⭐ IN-APPPURCHASES******************************************************Thisgame contains one in-app-purchase to remove ads.⭐ ARE YOU A FAN OFVITO?******************************************************Become apart of the community:♥ Twitter♥Facebook♥Instagram♥YouTube⭐ABOUT THEDEVELOPER******************************************************Thisfree jump ‘n’ run adventure was developed in spare time by a singledeveloper. I’d love to hear what you think about Vito.
Jelly Inc. 1.4.1
Welcome to Jelly Inc., an easy to learn but hard to master onetouch endless running game. Simply touch the screen to jump anddodge various traps like saws, moving saws and tasers. Jump overacid containers and avoid missile shooting robots, but watch out: Amad scientist is after you! Play one of many unlockable jellies andtry to survive as many randomly strung together floors. Collectin-game coins to unlock new jellies in this free endless runninggame. Try to complete all 50 in-game challenges to unlock allachievements! With its easy one touch controls, this free endlessrunner game can easily played with one hand. Jelly Inc. is veryhard and may be very frustrating. You've been warned! :) ⭐ FEATURES****************************************************** ✓ Collectand use mighty and funny power ups ✓ Pixel art graphics ✓ Simpleone touch controls ✓ Play with one hand ✓ Easy to learn ✓ Hard tomaster ✓ Many achievements ✓ Leaderboards - Compare your highscorewith your friends ✓ 50 Challenges ✓ Unlockable additional Jellies ✓Comprehensive in-game statistics ⭐ IN-APP PURCHASES****************************************************** ✓ No ADs -remove ADs from the game. ✓ Coin Doubler - Every collected coincounts twice its value. ✓ 2000 Coins - Unlock additional jelliesand buy continues with in-game coins ✓ 5000 Coins - Unlockadditional jellies and buy continues with in-game coins NO pay towin. ⭐ ARE YOU A FAN OF JELLY INC.?****************************************************** Become apart of the community: ♥ Twitter ♥Facebook ♥ Instagram ♥ YouTube ⭐ ABOUTTHE DEVELOPER****************************************************** This freegame was developed in spare time by a single developer. I’d love tohear what you think about Jelly Inc.