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com.gawk.voicenotes 9.8.1
An app that allows you to quickly and easily record short notes aswell as important ideas with set reminders using speechrecognition. Have you ever had a situation when an interesting ideacame to your mind at the most inopportune moment? Now you caneasily record it so that it will not get lost in your head. Notesare how we write down our most important ideas and thoughts. Voicenotes allow you to make notes even more quickly: you just dictatethe text into the microphone and it recognizes what you say. Createnotes You can quickly create a new note using speech recognitionand, if necessary, edit the transcribed text using auxiliaryactions or a virtual keyboard. Or you can record audio recording ofimportant information and later listen to it personally. Createreminders Create reminders for important notes: select a time andthen choose an audio alert, vibration, or repeat reminder, ifdesired. You can choose a unique alert sound in the settings andspecify the time for the repeat notification. User categories Youcan conveniently create any number of categories for your notes sothat you can easily and simply find them later by filtering. Selectfrom various labels, including Family, Work, and Birthdays, orspecify custom ones. After you create or edit notes, you will beable to select the created categories. Lots of color schemes Youcan select a color scheme to suit your tastes in the settings. Theapp comes with a large number to select from. There is even ablack-and-white theme for those who prefer a high-contrastinterface. Share notes You can send the text of a note or severalnotes to yourself or friends on social networks, by e-mail, etc.Export/Import You can export all of your notes to amachine-readable format (JSON) or as plain text (TXT). You can usethe first file format to import your notes on another device, suchas, for example, when you buy a new phone. This app allows you tocreate notes for Android phones. The ability to create reminders isan important feature. You can use them to remind you of birthdays.Your friends and loved ones will be glad that you remembered tosend them birthday greetings and nice gifts on time. You can set areminder for tomorrow or any time you wish. It is very convenientto use this feature to ensure that you do not forget aboutimportant events and things that you need to do for your parents.Our app is also an excellent alternative to setting reminders onyour computer, because your mobile phone is always with you and youwill not miss reminders that are displayed there. Our online noteapp allows you to create notes anywhere you go. Given the fact thatyour phone is always within arm's reach and our app is completelyfree, the world of possibilities is endless. Paid subscriptions forthe app are a voluntary way of supporting the developer. You canvisit our website to view the latest help articles for the app, askquestions, and leave suggestions for future app improvements.
В поисках истории - Geocaching (демо) 2.1
В Питере каждый дом скрывает свои тайны. Вы удивитесь, когдаузнаете, что творилось там, где вы бываете каждый день! Насталовремя познакомиться с городом поближе.Разгадывайте тайныПетербурга, гуляя по улицам с приложением “В поисках истории”.Изучайте старинные документы (фотографии, картины, свидетельстваочевидцев), решайте загадки и вам откроется история настоящегоСанкт-Петербурга.Тестирование приложения. Уважаемые пользователи,на данный момент в приложении доступно всего два квеста, сейчас мывыполняем тестирование самого приложения, вы можете пройти квесты(Оба в центре Санкт-Петербурга), высказать свое мнение, пожелания имы обязательно учтем ваши мысли.In St. Petersburg each house hidesits secrets. You will be surprised when you find out what was goingon where you spend time every day! It is time to get to know thecity better.Solve the mystery of St. Petersburg, walking throughthe streets with the application, "In Search of History". Learn theancient documents (photos, pictures, eyewitness accounts), solvethe puzzle and you will discover the history of the St Petersburg.Test Application . Dear users, at this point in only two questsavailable applications, we now are testing the application, you cango through quests (both in the center of St. Petersburg), toexpress their views, wishes and we'll keep your thoughts.
Never Have I Ever 16
"Never Have I Ever" (drinking game) - a game in which players haveto reveal all their most secret secrets. You choose the level offrankness of questions. In this case, you can play the usualversion of the game or with alcohol (with it much more fun). Thegame is suitable for all ages, including there are adult questionsfor 18+, or you can create your own set of cards that will fit onlyyour company. The rules of the game are very simple, so it will beconvenient to play. You need to scroll and read the cards, and incase you did not do this, you need to drink a shot. The usualversion of the game involves replacing the shots on the bending ofthe fingers and in the case where all the fingers are bent theloser must fulfill the desire invented by the other participants inthe game. Distinctive features from other similar applications: -In total more than 250 various cards. - Ability to create your ownsets for the game! - The list of cards is updated and contains onlyup-to-date information. - Convenient and modern interface and theability to change the cards with the usual movement of thescrolling. - The random order of cards with each new passing game.This game refers to the so-called alcohol games or games forparties and booze, but it does not interfere with playing the basicversion, the application is great for a fun company, celebrating abirthday or any other holiday. At the moment, players are presented3 levels of frankness of questions: General cards - containquestions relating to everyday life, dreams, goals. This set isperfect for the basic version of the game, when there is no need totouch upon explicit topics. Shameful - contains questions that someparticipants of the game can feel ashamed of their actions, or asmile on their faces. Sex - candid questions related to sex, thisset of cards is more suitable for the alcoholic version of thegame, because in a sober state it is unlikely that players will befrank at such vulgar questions.
SMS to mail/phone - auto redirect 7.6
An application that allows you to synchronize SMS on multipledevices (for example, on your phone and laptop)
SMS to bot 7
Automated forwarding of incoming SMS-messages from your phone rightto your Telegram SMS to Telegram is an easy way to receiveSMS-messages right on your PC when: - you are tired of switching toyour phone for reading an SMS with a confirmation code every timeyou want to make an online purchase - you have a backup phone thatyou only use for receiving SMS and do not want to carry this devicewith you everywhere - you are waiting for an important SMS and yourphone is being charged far away from you SMS to Telegram features:- Simple user interface: connect your device to the service just intwo clicks - Messages won't get lost: if your phone does not havean active internet-connection, messages will be sent to yourTelegram once the phone is connected to the network! - Connectseveral phones to the service: collect SMS-messages from all yourdevices in one place! For application to function properly you needto have a Telegram-client installed on your device and aninternet-connection. We do not store your personal data!