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PLAYMOBIL Police 4.0.141
Look! Over there - a robber is making his getaway with some loot!Be the hero in this fast-paced, action lane changer as you set offin pursuit of the robber and his stolen goods. Watch the PLAYMOBILcity whizz by as you chase the robber through the streets, avoidingtraffic cones, road blocks and spike strips. It’s exciting actionall the way as you pick up fuel to stay in pursuit. Look out forthe bonus Stolen Safes and collect them all to top the leaderboard.Catch the robber with the Police motorbike, car or the all newbalance racer, each with their own chasing style. Then lock thatrobber up in jail in the PLAYMOBIL Police Station. Job well done. •See the PLAYMOBIL City Action Police playset brought to life in 3D• Jump aboard your favourite vehicle and catch that pesky robber! •Choose from the Police motorbike, car or balance racer - each withtheir own unique strengths and abilities • Charge through speedboosts to get right on the tail of the robber’s quadbike • Keepyour eyes peeled for the stolen safes to get the ultimate score •Don’t let him get away! Collect fuel cans to keep your vehiclefuelled • Steer the robber onto spike strips to stop him in histracks. BUT, hit them yourself and watch your vehicle spin out ofcontrol! • Capture that criminal and lock him up in the PLAYMOBILPolice Station
PLAYMOBIL Princess Castle 1.0.142
Inside the PLAYMOBIL Princess Castle there’s a whirlwind ofactivity as the Princess gets ready for the grand ball! Help herhighness by picking out a stunning outfit, dress her the way youwant her to look, choose the hairstyle that you think will suit herbest. Don’t forget to make sure her prize horses are groomed, fedand looking their best too, then explore the castle to uncover itshidden secrets and meet the Prince. Watch in awe as YOUR Princessstars in her very own enchanted story. PLAYMOBIL Princess Castle isyour ticket to the ball! • See the PLAYMOBIL Princess Castleplayset brought to life in 3D • Search the Princess Castle to findnew dresses, gowns, decorations and music for the dance • Bring thePrincess Castle to life with magic to open the windows, enter themain gates, spin chairs, bounce pots and more • Get creative andcustomise your Princess and her castle decorations for the grandball • Remember which presents the Princess asked for and open themall up before the party • Look after your horses by feeding themcarrots and brushing their silky manes • Discover where the Princehas been hiding, find the fiddler's fiddle and spin the podium todance the night away
Please note: in order to use this app, one of the three PLAYMOBILRC Racers is required. Who will win the tournament? Will it be thecool RC Turbo Racer, the old-school RC Roadster or the super-fastRC Rocket Racer? Thanks to the sporty design and amazing lighteffects, these racing cars provide an impressive performance.Download the app, launch it on your device, and turn on your RCvehicle. Follow the instructions to connect your Racer with theapp.
PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters™
Ghost alert at the Ghostbusters™ Firehouse! A blackout has caused amechanical failure in the containment unit. All captured ghostshave been set free! Grab your proton pack and catch as many as youcan... • Choose between five different PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters™, orcreate your own Ghostbuster. • Catch as many ghosts as possible anddump them in the containment units. • Watch out! Whenever the timerruns out, more ghosts are released. • Use the fireman's pole for afaster escape. • Upgrade your skills and equipment step by step. •Become a Ghost bustin' master!
Turn your smartphone or tablet into a hologram projector withtheexciting new PLAYMOGRAM 3D sets! Whether in the glittering realmofice princesses, or in the thrilling Ghostbusters™adventures,PLAYMOBIL® fans can now immerse themselves in a magicalvirtualworld, thanks to awesome hologram effects! Each of the playsetsincludes a PLAYMOGRAM 3D pyramid and a PLAYMOBIL® figurewithcomplete Ghostbusters™ equipment or animal companion. To startthevirtual fun, just download the free PLAYMOGRAM 3D app, selectaghost or animal, and place the hologram pyramid on the markeronthe display. Just like magic, the characters are suddenlyhoveringin mid-air. With the touch of your finger, you can catchthe ghostsin the trap and release them again, or you can freeze theenchantedanimals to glittering ice sculptures. Immerse yourself inthedigital PLAYMOBIL® world!
PLAYMOBIL Crystal Palace 1.1
Come to the Crystal Palace and discover a magical world! Takecareof your friends and go on exciting adventures with Finya,Princessof the Winter World, and Florin from the Spring World.CUSTOMIZEYOUR WORLD • Magical environments to dress up • Earn andcollectplenty of wonderful items and decorations for your palaceTAKE CAREOF YOUR WORLD • Keep the kingdom happy by managing theneeds of itstownsfolk • Groom and feed a mystical creature GO ON ANADVENTURE •Fun and exciting mini-games with several levels •Gathercollectibles and earn a lovely surprise 100 % FREE ANDCHILD-SAFE •Age-specific content • No in-app purchases • Nothird-party ads •No links to websites or social networks
PLAYMOBIL Horse Farm 1.1
Welcome to the PLAYMOBIL Horse Farm! Build a paddock paradiseforyour horses and take care of your animal companions. AT THESTABLES• Feed and groom your four-legged friends. • Style yourhorses withcolorful saddles, head collars, and bandages. • Choosefrom sevendifferent coat colors. • Take cute snapshots of yourfavorites. ATTHE PADDOCK • Create your own equestrian course andlet your horsesgallop around it. • Customize the paddock with shadytrees andother items. • Earn new items step by step. 100% FREEANDCHILD-SAFE • Age-specific Content • No In-App-Purchases • No Ads•No Links to Websites or Social Networks
PLAYMOBIL Soccer Studio 1.0
Discover your inner sports reporter! With the large SoccerArenawith smartphone holder and the free PLAYMOBIL Soccer StudioApp youcan now shoot your own soccer videos. Simply record thematchscene, add cool special effects and stadium sounds and youhave theperfect soccer match movie - run, kick and goal! STUDIO -Createyour individual soccer film: • Record the scene with yourmobilephone camera • Adjust the length of the movie • Add funnyeffects,stickers and sounds THEATER: • Watch, download or deleteyourmovies Create a realistic stadium atmosphere: • Use yourmobilephone as a scoreboard • Support your soccer match withrealisticsounds What are you waiting for, let's go!
PLAYMOBIL Mars Mission 1.1.157
TAKE ON THE MARS-MISSION TO RESCUE A LOST ASTRONAUT! DerrekMitchellis everyone’s favorite astronaut! When he accidentallycrashes intoMars on a delivery mission, the Mars Mission teamaround rookieastronaut Alvin Goodman sets out immediately to savethe situation.In the role of Alvin it is your mission to exploreMars: Harvestcrystals, ship parts and alien tech. Back at the Marsstation,Russian tech whizz astronaut, Ilana Astropov, uses theseitems tobuild, upgrade and repair your gear. Fly over tricky rockswith thejetpack, race through the planet with the Mars Rover andexploreeven the darkest corners with the Research Vehicle.Commander BenDenford helps you and keeps a close eye on SOSsignals from Derrek.Good luck on Mars, rookie! FEATURES • 3D SPACEGAME: Amazing newSpace toy sets and action figures from PLAYMOBIL• LASER MINI-GAME:Harvest resources on the planet’s surface byusing a laser tool •BUILD COOL TECH: Use the harvested items tobuild new tech andupgrade it • FLYING FUN: Build a jetpack to flyover tricky rocksand discover new areas • FAST-PACED CARS: TheMars Rover andResearch Vehicle can be repaired and driven aroundthe Mars •Intuitive navigation • Age-appropriate content • Nothird-partyadvertising • No in-app purchases • 100 % free and safefor childrenNew Space Play Sets from PLAYMOBIL The PLAYMOBIL SpaceMars Missionplay sets are available now. With friendly characters,versatilevehicles and interactive functions they encourageimaginative playand guarantee an exciting playtime.
With our free app and the new spooky SCOOBY-DOO! MysteryMansion(item no. 70361) your smartphone turns into a coolhologramprojector in no time at all! Let ghosts, bats and manyother scarycreatures haunt your Mystery Mansion and ensure maximumspooky fun!It's that easy: 1. Select one of nine differentanimation clips inthe app 2. Press play 3. Adjust the screenbrightness to themaximum 4. Place your smartphone in the MysteryMansion on thedesignated place 5. Switch off the light 6. Dive intothe fantasticworld of SCOOBY-DOO! • Age-appropriate contents • Noadvertisingfrom third parties • No in-app purchases • 100% free andsafe forchildren
Welcome to our first BETA version of the PLAYMOBIL pro app.Recordyour workshop findings when working with the PLAYMOBIL proBASICSET (sold separately). The PLAYMOBIL pro app will keep a storeofyour favourite pictures and videos and will share them withthecommunity. PLAYMOBIL pro was born out of an interest and demandforgamification tools that introduce playful elements intoworkprocesses to achieve better results. Be creative. Beinnovative. Bea PLAYMOBIL pro.
PLAYMOBIL RC Porsche 1.0
Secret Agent Rex Dasher, smart, suave, and charming, he'salwaysprimed for action and ready for the most dangerousmissions.Equally as cool and elegant as Rex is his turbo-fastelectric supersports car: the sleek white Porsche Mission E . Withits stunningdesign and spectacular light effects, the PorscheMission E issimply unbeatable. Now it's your turn to take thewheel. Race awayon a mission with Rex right now! Use the included2.4 GHz RC moduleor would you like to control your Porsche MissionE from asmartphone or tablet via Bluetooth? Simply download thefree appfrom Google Play to start your mission now to get theracing actionstarted simply... 1. Download the PLAYMOBIL RC PorscheApp 2. Turnon the Porsche Mission E 3. Follow the instructionsinside the appto connect your Porsche Mission E to the mobiledevice. 4. Let'sgo!
PLAYMOBIL Dinos 1.3.0
Travel with Emma, Nick, Will and their dog Sammy to themysticalIsla Roca! Explore a nearly forgotten world and look afterthe lastsurviving dinosaurs! But you are not alone: Quinn and hishenchmenhave made it their mission to catch the dinosaurs and makemoneyout of them. Help the explorers to free the caught dinosaursandtake care of them at your own scientific basecamp! • ChaseQuinnthrough the jungle and free the dinosaurs out of their cages!•Unlock new vehicles for the chase! • Collect blueprints andcoinsto upgrade your Basecamp! • Take care of the freed dinosaursandlearn interesting facts about them! • No in-app purchases • Noads• No links to websites or social networks • 100% free and safeforchildren!
EverDreamerz in Concert 1.0.1
With our free app and the new EverDreamerz main charactersfromMusic World ( Art. 70580-70584), experience the EverDreamerzliveon a stage in your home! Experience a unique show withRosalee,Viona, Starleen, Clare and Edwina and discover their stagemoves.
PLAYMOBIL Top Agents 1.1.89
The evil Dr Drone and his D-1 minion are causing trouble withtheirarmy of bullet firing drones! As one of the PLAYMOBIL TopAgents,equip yourself with state-of-the-art vehicles and weaponryand stopthe Doc in his tracks! Flex your trigger finger and chooseyouragent – will you be Agent T.E.C. in the Mech? Or Agent P. withtheSpy Racer? Or perhaps take on the Spy Team Battle Truck?EachPLAYMOBIL Top Agents vehicle is equipped with two uniqueweapons tomaster, plus a Power Mode that once charged willtransform thevehicles into a new, invincible state with infinitefirepower!Defeating drones makes them drop TECH that can becollected topower-up each weapon to the max. • PLAYMOBIL Top Agentsplaysetsare brought to life in amazing 3D action! • The Mech, SpyRacer andSpy Team Battle Truck each has unique weaponry and a PowerModethat transforms them into invincible fighting machines! •Eachvehicle is auto-controlled, leaving players free to focusonfighting off the army of drones. • Seek out Dr Drone’s D-1minionbefore reaching the boss battle to take on the Doc himself!•Shooting down drones makes them drop TECH that can be used inAgentTech’s lab to upgrade each of the vehicles’ weapons. Can youmaxthem out? PLAYMOBIL Top Agents – it’s a mega-blast! • 100% Free•No In-App-Purchases • No Ads • No Links to Websites orSocialNetworks
PLAYMOBIL Top Agents Turboride 1.1.67
STOP TEAM S.H.A.R.K. ABOVE AND UNDER WATER, AN ALL-ACTIONARCADESHOOTER! Led by the mean Captain Fisheye, Team S.H.A.R.K.hashatched an evil plan to hold the world to ransom by drillingdeepunderwater and causing fatal tsunamis! The Spy Team is wisetotheir evil plans and, with your help, will stop the bad guysintheir tracks. Jump into the Sub Bot as it searches the depthsforperilous robot piranha fish and Team S.H.A.R.K. divers withheatseeking missiles. Look all around the sub - you never knowwhichdirection the bad guys will come from. Tap the screen to firebackand watch out for power-up crates filled with health, ammoandextra lives. Somewhere in the deep, you will find CaptainFisheyein his Drill Destroyer – stop him before he can cause aquake! Theaction moves to the Spy Team Turboship as it clips acrossthewaves, giving chase to Team S.H.A.R.K. operatives ridingRocketRafter jetskis and Harpoon Craft. PLAYMOBIL Top AgentsTurboride isa highly immersive 3D-experience with a fun, fast-pacedshootingride! FEATURES • IMMERSIVE 3D-EXPERIENCE: Look all aroundas youexplore the underwater lair of Captain Fisheye • RIDE THE SUB&TURBOSHIP: Six levels take you on an adventure with the SpyTeam –have you got what it takes to stop Captain Fisheye? •POWER-UPS:Armed with missiles, tap to fire at the Team S.H.A.R.K.operativesand aim at the spinning power-ups • ARCADE ACTION: Combobonuses,multiple hits and frantic arcade shooting action! • TOPAGENTSMOVIES: Watch movie clips as the adventure unfolds •Intuitivenavigation and gameplay • Age-appropriate content • Nothird-partyadvertising • No in-app purchases • 100 % free and safeforchildren New Top Agents playsets from PLAYMOBIL: The PLAYMOBILTopAgents playsets are available now and encourage imaginative playinchildren with cool characters, exciting vehicles andinteractivefunctions for exciting playtime! NOTE: The game couldrun slowlywith an older mobile device.