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Find The Difference - Spot It Game 1.1.2
Find the differences between two pictures! ● 1500+ levels to spotthe differences! ● Zoom functionality to spot well hiddendifferences! ● No time limit (timer is optional) - find at your ownpace! ● All levels unlocked - play for free! ● Hints are restoring● Well designed differences ● Pictures with different themes ●Suitable for phones and tablets Find the difference is a kind offinding games where you should find differences on beautifulphotos. In our Spot the differences game you should find 10difference but you can find 5 differences, postpone this scene andfinish it later. Discover what's the difference between two photoswhich only seems identical but there are 10 differences to find!Find The Difference - Spot It Game is a free puzzle game and alsoknown as “Find the difference”, “What’s the difference”, “Findinggames", "Difference games", "Spot the difference" or "Find thedifferences”. It is almost similar to other observation games like"Hidden Object" where you have to find hidden objects, but here youshould find differences instead of objects. We love Spot thedifference games - join us! Gameplay of difference games issuitable for both children and adults. While playing finding gamesthere is a chance to improve your observation skill. Some people inthe beginning can say: "What's different? These pictures areidentical!", but after some time of playing they spot differenceseasily and can't stop photo hunt. All pictures and photos forlevels were taken with the personal permission of the author of thepicture or with a suitable license. All images were makeup in photoeditor and have differences with original photos. Feel free tocontact us by email if you have any questions about our Find TheDifferences game.