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baibai-n? 0.9.3
- Back story -"I give you this game."A man from the future said.Butit was wicked trap!Space destiny is just only in your hand... -Introduction -this is a game eating kuri-manju and save theuniverse. - What's kuri-manju? -Kuri-manju is Japanese traditionalsweets floating in space, and get doubling every time.Even onekuri-manju at first, repeat multiplication(a.k.a. bain) of 10times, result in be 1024 cakes.On another 10 times of bain, therewill be 1048576 cakes.But unfortunately, the computer specificationfor sensing this sort of gigantic kuri-manju and relative effect inthis wide space cause insufficiency of information about kuri-manjucount.Practically, Every doubling increase one kuri-manju's icon.-Nature and evolution -Nature is living one with eatingkuri-manju.You can click plus button, and get another nature inexchange of kuri-manju.One nature need one kuri-manju.When naturegrow up ten people, "fusion" occurs nature to get reborn asnext-generation giant.One giant need ten times of food more thanolder.- Subject -Game time is 1 minute. If you achieve sustainabledevelopment Until appropriate technology of controlling kuri-manjuis established, game is completed.- Inflation -When game time isleft short, inflation occurs, doubling speed of kuri-manju getsrunaway.In this situation, It's difficult to control kuri-manjuvolume.- Time slow plus -In this world, time flow is not linear.Youcan long-tap plus button, and make time to run slowly little bit.**Explain permission for you to play this game **Using in ranking andquest.(need google account.)and interstitial advertising too.Saveimage file in public share folder, available for other apps liketwitter.Pleased to meet you.** Keywords for search **retro game,art, foolish game, wise mode, 2bit gamecosmic chestnut bunproblem** for something another **to my [email protected]
丘の上のエンジニア・サークル 0.7.12
〜 バックストーリー 〜あるところに伝説のエンジニアがいた。彼のつくったプロダクトは、デバイスの定義を変え、人々の生活を変え、世界を変えてしまった。彼はもう、この世にはいない。〜 タイトル 〜丘の上のエンジニア・サークル〜 丘の上のエンジニア・サークルって? 〜あなたは、ひょんなことから、この丘にやってきました。なんでも、ここにはとてもふしぎな生き物たちがいるというのですが・・・?はじめはしずかだったサークルも、だんだんとにぎやかになってゆきます。〜 3つのとくちょう 〜1.レトロかわいいドット絵&チクタクアニメーション!2.のんきなエンジニアたちとサークルを育てよう!知ってる人ならニヤリとするネタもあり?3.ちょっとへんてこなストーリーつき。〜 あそびかた 〜サークルをときどきのぞいて、エンジニアたちの手伝いをしよう。エンジニアたちは急には育たないので、ゆっくり、のんびり・・・が肝心です!!!**動作確認機種**F-02E(android 4.1)**検索用キーワード**放置 育成 ゲーム ねこあつめ タオルケットをもう一度 プログラム プログラミング言語**クレジット**製作・googoohpf音楽・かるがも行進局**コンタクト**@googoohpf**告知(開発者のみなさまへ)**製作された作品を当アプリ内のプロダクトとして出してみたい方を募集しています!(名前とURL,アイコン用画像を添付して[email protected]にメールください。詳細はメールにて!)個性的な作品をお待ちしています!★このアプリの開発者は、安心・安全なアプリの開発者であるとしてアンドロイダーの公認デベロッパーに認証されています。 story ~Engineers of legend was in a certain place.Products hemade was is,Changing the definition of the device, change thepeople's lives, it has changed the world.He and the other, not inthis world.~ Title ~Engineers Circle of the top of the hillWhatengineers Circle of on top of the hill? ~You are, by some freakcoincidence, I came to this hill.Anything, here is because thereare very strange creatures, but ...?The beginning was quiet circlealso Yuki become increasingly busy.~ Three features -1. Retro cutedot picture & Tick Tack animation!2. Grow a carefree engineersand Circle! There is also a story that if you know a persongrinning?3. A little strange with a story.~ How to play ~Sometimesexcept for the circle, trying to help the engineers.Since theengineers we do not grow to the sudden, slowly, is essential islaid-back ...! ! !** Operation check model **F-02E (android 4.1)**Search for the keyword **Left training game cats gathered againprogram programming language a cotton blanket**credit**Production ·googoohpfMusic and spot-billed duck marchstations**contact**@googoohpf** Announcement (to the developer ofeveryone) **A fabricated work We are looking for those who want totry out as a product in this application program!(Name and URL,please e-mail to [email protected] attach an icon for the image.For more information by e-mail!)We look forward to a unique work!★The developer of this app is authenticated to the officialdevelopers of andro riders as a developer of safe and secureapplication.