Lightning Distance Calculator 1.2
This calculator is designed to give theapproximate distance from lightning, based on the speed of sound.How to use:Press the lightning button when you see the flash then press thethunder when you hear the rumble.* You can check distance on graph to know if thunder is comingto you* You can check thunder area on map based on your GPS locationand storm distanceKeywords:thunder, storm, lightning, calculator
Drums - Pro drum set 1.3.1
Drums - Pro drum set is free music app thatoffers a high quality, low cost, customizable drum set. The appfeatures very low latency, changeable volume for each sample.16-bit sampling, multitouch capability and ability to save customsets.Drums - Pro drum set offers all the sounds and features you'relooking for in a drum set.* 8 pads* Very low latency* More than 150 optional samples to choose from, grouped intouseful categories* High quality, 16-bit drum samples* Customizable pad color for better orientation* Two predefined sets* Multitouch capabilityFeel free to try Drums on headphones or even external speakers-satisfaction guaranteed :)
Eggs 1.1.2
Use the Wolf to catch all the eggs thrown bythe chickens! Challenge yourself in hard mode and have your scoresglobally ranked!Features:- 2 game modes: modern and retro (old school USSR style)- 2 difficulty levels: easy and hard- global score rankingsWe hope you enjoy. Comments appreciated.Keywords:Russian eggs,Nu pagadi,Jajeczka,wilk,