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Bright Sparks Trivia 1.0.5
Brights Spark is an app where you answertrivia questions and become the ultimate mastermind. Learn aboutSports, Arts, History, Astronomy and many more.The all new Bright Sparks app comes bundled with new categorys& questions which would be the perfect snacks for your hungerfor knowledge.As a great man once said, "Stay Hungry Stay Foolish forKnowledge".> Features - Exclusively on Pro VersionNEW CATEGORIES# Competitive Sports:How good are you in the history of Olympics? or what do you knowabout the greatest champions of Olympics? Go back to the incredibletriumphs of Olympic with Bright Sparks and learn about the history,champions and achievements of Olympics.# Art Gallery:Do you ever wanted to find the artist behind an ancient art or asculpture? In the art gallery you will learn about famous creationsand creators of ancient and modern art.# Music Room:Do you know who is the king of rock & roll? or what do you knowabout popular songs from your favorite artist? Learn about songs,artists and culture of music in the music room.# Nature Camp:What do you love about the nature? Learn about natural elements andgeographical facts and start to love the nature more.# Innovation Room:In the innovation room learn about the famous inventions and theirinventors. And find more about the greatest inventions whichchanged the way we live.# Arena:Learn about philosophers, battles and great warriors of ancientGreece and become the ultimate Greek.For more information, please log on to:www.AppSpace.hSenidOutsourcing.com
Kitchenmate Cooking Timer 1.1.7
What if you could confidently walk out ofthekitchen, while the chicken is being grilled?Yeah that would be awesome. I could watch my favourite TVseries,do some laundry or get on Facebook.Be the CHEF you always dreamed!Kitchenmate Timer is the ideal Kitchen Timer for your busylife.Setup multiple timers with Kitchenmate Timer, whether yourdish ison the gas stove, oven or the grill. When a timer expiresyourphone will notify you that a dish is done.Kitchenmate Timer brings a whole new experience using akitchentimer, which will ease your life while cooking.> Features - Exclusively on Pro Version# Recipe BoxBaking a cake might have one timer, but if you are a seriouschefwith very complex recipe card you will probably need more thanonetimer for a dish. What if you could store these timers underarecipe name and use them whenever you need them. Yeah! You candothat with our new recipe box. Recipe box will allow you tocreatemultiple timers and store them under a recipe name.With recipe box you can:- Create recipes with multiple timers.- Set ingredient name and cooking method for each timer insidearecipe.- Activate all the timers for a recipe with one click.- Modify or delete each recipe timer inside the recipe box.# Grouped TimersWhat if you want to remove all the timers of a specific recipeorreset a preset from active timers in the home screen? The allnewKitchenmate Timer PRO packed up with easy to intractuserinterface. In the new interface active timers will be groupedintocategories so you can efficiently manage your timerswithoutfurther ado.# No Ads :)Kitchenmate Timer PRO comes with Ads free enviornment.For more information, please log on to:www.AppSpace.hSenidOutsourcing.com