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FlipBeats - Best Music Player 1.1.26
Get on board with the Multiple Award Winning Revolutionary MusicApp - FlipBeats ◆ WINNER - United Nations World Summit Awards 2016◆ WINNER - mBillionth Awards 2015 ◆ WINNER - eSwabhimani 2014 ◆BRONZE - BCS NBQSA Awards 2014 ◆ FINALIST - APICTA Awards 2014FlipBeats brings the Best of Material Design as a Stylish Music Appfor your Android Phones & Tablets ◆ What critics say aboutFlipBeats? ★★★★★ www.TheGuardian.com - “Listed in the Top 20 BestApps and Games” ★★★★★ www.LifeHacker.com - “FlipBeats Is a GoodLooking, Gesture Powered Music Player for Android” ★★★★★www.AndroidGuys.com - “FlipBeats, getting the most out of yourmusic” ★★★★★ www.Engadget.com - “FlipBeats: Slick music player appfor Android” Key Features of FlipBeats ► Search & Listen toMusic FREE online via Cloud based Streaming Music Services ►Powerful Social Media integration to share your music experienceonline (Share Music on Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest andFacebook...) ► Unique, Intuitive & Flip-gesture enabled UI ►Multi-band Graphic Equalizer with 14 Equalizer presets & Custompresets ► Bass Boost, Surround Sound & Room Size Configurations► PRO EQ Engine for you to come up with your own Advanced EQpatterns ► PRO Reverbs Engine for you to fine-tune sound to yourexact needs ► Audio Visualizer (VFX) and Colour Themes to customizethe visual impact of your music ► Download Lyrics on-the-go forFREE ► Smart Energy Saving Mode “Black Edition” ► ID3 Tag Editor toedit the metadata of songs ► Create Custom Playlists ► Easy Sortfeature to let you quickly find the songs you want ► Sleep Timer ►Sound Health Profile to protect your ears from harmful volumelevels ► FlipBeats comes in English, Spanish, French, German,Portuguese and Russian FlipBeats is a music player which lets youto listen to your favourite music collection & Cloud basedStreaming Music Services in a very intuitive way. It takes themusic listening to a whole new level by employing a “StudioListening Experience” through a variety of PRO Equalizers, PROReverbs and Advanced Audio Configurations. You can usepredetermined Equalizer Presets based on what you are listening to,or fine-tune your sound stage by using the PRO EQ and PRO Reverbsengine to maximize the listening experience. For latest updates onour Apps, visit us on: http://www.AppSpace.hSenidOutsourcing.comFlipBeats Website:http://www.AppSpace.hSenidOutsourcing.com/FlipBeats FlipBeatsFacebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/FlipBeats.hSenid Have anyquestions? Just email Android-Feedback@hSenidOutsourcing.com forhelp
Expense Tracker 2.0 - Finance 3.0.24
Get on board with the Multiple Award Winning Revolutionary PersonalFinancing App - Expense Tracker 2.0◆ WINNER - BCS NBQSA Awards2015◆ FINALIST - APICTA Awards 2015◆ WINNER - mBillionth Awards2014◆ WINNER - BCS NBQSA Awards 2013Expense Tracker 2.0 is acomprehensive personal finance management app designed especiallyfor today’s busy individuals to get total control over their dailyexpenses, while being on the move. Thanks to Expense Tracker 2.0,planning your monthly budget and keeping track of all your expensesat your fingertips, is now a SIMPLE and ENJOYABLE exercise.◆ Whatcritics say about Expense Tracker 2.0?★★★★★ www.TopBestFreeApps.com– “Best Expense Tracker for Android Phones & Tablets”★★★★★www.AppsHappens.com – “Best Visual Budgeting for Your MobileDevice”★★★★★ www.TabTimes.com – “In-built Financial Assistantoffers cute financial management suggestions”Start effective budgetplanning with best Financial Planner on the go. Manage yourexpenses directly on your smartphone. Easily keep track of yourfinances.Expense Tracker 2.0 is the BEST Personal Finance Managerthat shows what are your Individual Expenses every month, RecurringExpenses, Expense Wheel with expense categories, and your FinancialHealth Status with advice on how to up-size your Savings.This FREEBudgeting App for your Android Device is a MUST, it allowseffective budget planning on-the-go with a very user friendly,intuitive interface. You can unlock Expense Tracker 2.0 toexperience the fullest potential of the app after trying it out forFREE.Key Features of Expense Tracker 2.0► Manage personal financeson-the-go► In-built Financial Assistant’s feedback for increasedsaving► Schedule Recurring Expenses and Never forget to pay yourbills on time► Bird’s eye view of your Projected Savings andFinancial Overview► Effortlessly view and organize information bymonth► Interactive Monthly Financial Reports with Notifications andoptions to Email as PDF or HTML► High Contrast urban colour themesfor improved visibility► In-built Calculator with copy & pastefeatures► Secure your confidential data with Passcode►Customization – UI Themes, Avatars► Expense Tracker 2.0 is 100%FREE to try outFor latest updates on our Apps, visit uson:http://www.AppSpace.hSenidOutsourcing.comExpense Tracker 2.0Website:http://www.AppSpace.hSenidoutsOurcing.com/ExpenseTracker2-0ExpenseTracker 2.0 FacebookPage:https://www.facebook.com/ExpenseTracker2.0Have anyquestions?Just email Android-Feedback@hSenidOutsourcing.com forhelp
Kitchenmate Cooking Converter 1.0.5
Best Kitchen Unit Converter you will ever need.How many grams isone ounce?You don’t have to spend time on finding that in books orsearch for the functions in the calculator.Just take your Androidphone and use the Kitchenmate Cooking Converter to find it withinseconds...With Kitchenmate Cooking Converter you can convertWeight, Fluid, Temperature & Time.Use the quick-charts toquickly find most commonly used conversions.For more information,please log on to: www.AppSpace.hSenidOutsourcing.com
Kitchenmate Cooking Timer 1.1.7
What if you could confidently walk out of thekitchen, while the chicken is being grilled?Yeah that would be awesome. I could watch my favourite TV series,do some laundry or get on Facebook.Be the CHEF you always dreamed!Kitchenmate Timer is the ideal Kitchen Timer for your busy life.Setup multiple timers with Kitchenmate Timer, whether your dish ison the gas stove, oven or the grill. When a timer expires yourphone will notify you that a dish is done.Kitchenmate Timer brings a whole new experience using a kitchentimer, which will ease your life while cooking.> Features - Exclusively on Pro Version# Recipe BoxBaking a cake might have one timer, but if you are a serious chefwith very complex recipe card you will probably need more than onetimer for a dish. What if you could store these timers under arecipe name and use them whenever you need them. Yeah! You can dothat with our new recipe box. Recipe box will allow you to createmultiple timers and store them under a recipe name.With recipe box you can:- Create recipes with multiple timers.- Set ingredient name and cooking method for each timer inside arecipe.- Activate all the timers for a recipe with one click.- Modify or delete each recipe timer inside the recipe box.# Grouped TimersWhat if you want to remove all the timers of a specific recipe orreset a preset from active timers in the home screen? The all newKitchenmate Timer PRO packed up with easy to intract userinterface. In the new interface active timers will be grouped intocategories so you can efficiently manage your timers withoutfurther ado.# No Ads :)Kitchenmate Timer PRO comes with Ads free enviornment.For more information, please log on to:www.AppSpace.hSenidOutsourcing.com