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Zombies Crusade 1.1
Zombie Crusade is a gamer into many new game modes, more attractivethan those of other famous players. Players no longer have to shootthe items on the map to place the gun again, but play harderlevels, players may only place guns on the default location on themap. With this new game modes in the game Zombie Crusade, playersmust have a more rational thinking, sharper tactics to build thebest system for their defense.Zombie Crusade has the followingfeatures: Play in offline mode without intenet or 3G. Sharp picturegraphics, spectacular effects attract players. Background music,lively sound. There are many tasks in the current playing level12.Also equipped with guns, mercenaries, players also have the helpof a free zombie game Crusade as: book looks prickly draining theblood of the enemy, casting a net slow travel speed of an enemygroup, sparks draining the blood of a group of enemy soldiers ...
Monster Truck 1.3
You used to play games of all kinds of gamers. Monster Truck is atype of building protection game with the image and soundalternative, giving the game a new playing style. How to play:players must use strategy, buy suitable guns and design place whereletting guns to destroy all types of enemy that attacks on itsterritory. If the enemy attacks on the military in the number ofthe lost, player has to develop another innovative strategy toreplay the level.In each level is a new challenge for players withlevels of increasing difficulty.Let's download the game and conquerevery challenge!