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Dragon Village TCG 1.30
Dragon Village is BACK! This time with an action-packed cardgame!Cast spells, summon monsters and dragons on an epic cardduel!Collect hundreds of unique cards to create and strategize yourdeck!Become the Legendary Card Master!FEATURES◆ Massive Collection of Cards5 different grades - Basic, Normal, Rare, Epic, Legendarycards!Each card has its own base stats and special powers!◆ Dragon Tamers with Distinct Battle Styles4 types of dragon tamers, each with a special element - Fire,Earth, Wind, Water.Each dragon tamer has a pool of unique dragons and spell cards tochoose from.◆ Assemble your DeckCreate a deck of 30 cards based around a dragon tamer.Strategize a winning deck by combining the right cards with theright abilities.Higher cost cards won't guarantee you victory!◆ Strategic GameplayWitness the dynamic animation and effects of unique monster anddragon abilities.Evolve dragons during the battle to give them additional stats andabilities.Expect the unexpected chain of actions of each play on thebattlefield!◆ Endless Fun in Various Playing ModesNew to TCG? Hone your skills dueling an AI in Practice Mode!Test your strategies on real players in Normal Mode!Become the legendary card master in the Ranking Mode!Languages Supported:English, 한국어Customer Support:send us an email at support@highbrow-inc.comHighbrow Inc. Website:http://www.highbrow-inc.comFollow us!twitter.com/highbrowadLike us on Facebook!www.facebook.com/highbrow.inc
Dragon Village Saga 1.1
Save the world of Dragons from the rampaging monsters!◈ Dragons and monsters from the famous DragonVillage series withover 10 million downloads!◈ Collect hundreds of adorable, mighty Dragons!◈ Clear endless stages! updates on the way.◈ Use the battle items, summon Magas to win.◈ Challenge the endless mode, How good is your team?◈ Free cash items give away everyday! Come and grab them!facebook: https://www.facebook.com/highbrow.inc?fref=nf
Show Me The Money 2.0
Go on an adventure with Nuri!Hire epic heroes, collect dangerous skills to get rid ofmonsters,and summon even more powerful heroes!Sit back and watch as Nuri slashes her way through monsters!FEATURES-Upgrade Nuri and her hero friends.  Auto-attack will takecare of the rest!-Tap Nuri to get her mad!  Her attack speed willexplode!-Cute humanized dragon heroes to collect!-Get rid of monsters that block Nuri's way every 5kilometers!-Collect special dragon heroes to blast away monsters with powerfulskills!-No need to worry about downloads! A light, casual game withdiverse contents!-No need to worry about wifi or data plans! A connection-freegame!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Languages Supported:
English, 한국어Customer Support:
send us an email at money@highbrow-inc.com Highbrow Inc. Website:
http://www.highbrow-inc.comFollow us!
twitter.com/highbrowadLike us on Facebook!
Dragon Village 5.3.84
Do you want to be a Dragon Tamer? Come on and join in the fun. Playwith millions of Dragon Tamers worldwide! The mythical beasts,DRAGONS, that were thought to be extinct, have returned! Your goal?Find the eggs of these legendary beasts and train them toperfection! Hundreds of distinct dragons & new dragons! Now 5levels of evolution per dragon. Ranging from diverse stages likethe Wrecked Ship to the Fire Mountains, venture out into the worldof Dragon Village and reveal the hidden eggs of these mythicalcreatures.Possessing either fire, earth, water, wind, light anddark elements. Let’s conquer all the challenges with your dragonsto be the best of Dragon Village. It's not ever late to start. Youcould be the one to tame a very powerful dragon from the beginning.[Features] Internet connection only needed at specific areas. FreeCash items give away every single day! Simple game play mechanics.Diverse appearance and abilities of legendary dragons. Be the beston the Leaderboard. Conquer ancient monsters in many many Stage.Fight your friends and other players through the PvP system.Signature moves for every dragons. *PLEASE NOTE* Items may bepurchased outside of the game with In App Billing through the useof real life money. (According to Consumer Protection Act alltransaction cancellations can be restricted. Please e-mail forfurther details.) Internet connection(3G/4G/WIFI) is needed whenuploading & downloading data from the server. Dragon VillageWebsite : http://www.dragonvillage.net Publisher Website:http://www.highbrow-inc.com
MetroLife - S2. Love House 1.3.1
MetroLife open for Android!Make friends in the new underground world of MetroLife! Makefriends and be social with other players, become a star! Explorethe vast world of Cities around the world using the Metro.::Features::* MAKE FRIENDS, CHAT & build your own community.* DECORATE your character, with awesome skins* RAISE YOUR OWN PET that follows you 24/7* TRADE rare items & Stock to become rich* COMPETE IN QUIZZES* JUST HAVE FUN !!This app requires an internet connection to work and offersin-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using yourdevice settings. See https://support.google.com/googleplay for moreinformation.Note: MetroLife starts in Seoul, Korea but we will be expandingto your country with your support.Contact: metrolife@highbrow-inc.com
팀오판 - 실시간 MORPG 1.3.0
치열한 전략과 컨트롤의 승부! 정통 실시간 RPG '팀오브판타지(Team OfFantasy)'!주신 유피테르를 도와 마지막 보루인 하늘 섬 하온을 지키고지옥으로 변한 아브게니아로 내려가 악으로부터 세계를 구해 주십시오[[게임 특징]]★ 나의 잠자던 두뇌를 일깨워라 ★- 아무런 생각 없이 아이템만 맞추고 보스를 잡는 시대는 끝났다!- 전략을 짜고 실시간으로 변화하는 상황에 맞추어 최대한 빠르게 몬스터를 공략하라!★ 나만의 캐릭터를 만들어라 ★- 모두다 같은 스킬! 무기! 이젠 싫다!- 나에게 맞는 스킬을 선택하고 나만의 특화 된 무기와 마법 부여로 빠르게 던전을 돌파하자!★ 동료들과 함께 하는 즐거움 ★- 혼자 자동 사냥하던 시대는 끝났다!- 함께 파티를 만들고 갈수록 높아지는 강력한 보스를 물리쳐라!★ 길드간의 랭킹전쟁이 시작된다! ★- 나의 점수가 곧 길드의 업적이다! 랭킹을 사수하라!- 길드채팅을 통해 실시간 전개되는 상황 전파와 전략적인 플레이!★ 일반 몬스터는 NO! 올 보스 몬스터 등장! ★- 71종의 강력한 보스 몬스터와의 단판 승부! 지금 필요한 건 자신감과 컨트롤!★ 파티플레이의 끝을 보여준다! 3 vs 3 투기장- 3 vs 3으로 이루어지는 투기장에서 팀 플레이의 짜릿함을 경험하세요.- 상대방을 쓰러트리지 않으면 내가 쓰러진다! 1초도 방심할 수 없는 혈투!*주의*이 게임은 게임상에서의 아이템구매에 있어 In App Billing 을 통한 결제가 이루어질수도 있습니다.('전자상거래 등에서의 소비자 보호에 관한 법률'에 따라 청약철회가 제한될 수 있으며 상세 문의는 하이브로 고객센터로문의 부탁드립니다.)(게임 문의는 아이디, 닉네임, 휴대폰 기종을 기재하여 tof@highbrow-inc.com으로 메일부탁드립니다.)★ 팀오판! 공식카페 및 고객센터 ★팀오판에 관련된 문의 및 게임 그리고 이벤트에 대한 상세 정보는 공식카페를 통해 확인 가능합니다.팀오판 공식카페 : http://cafe.naver.com/teamoffantasy제작사 홈페이지 : http://www.highbrow-inc.com★하이브로의 다른 게임★- 드래곤빌리지(드빌)- 드래곤빌리지2(드빌2)- 삼국지책략전- 지하철이야기----개발자 연락처 :02-538-1462서울 강남구 대치동 995-7 준&빌딩 4층사업자등록번호 : 120-87-89784통신판매업신고번호 및 신고기관 : 제 2012-서울강남-03212 호, 서울시 강남구청Intense game of strategyand control! Authentic, real-time RPG 'Team of Fantasy (Team OfFantasy)'!Yupitereu who help keep the last bastion of Sky IslandhaonHavre to go down to California turned into hell Please save theworld from evil[[Game Features]]★ ★ Revive one of my sleeping brain Dunn- Age catching focuses only items without thinking boss isover!- Putting together a strategy let the monsters attack as quickly aspossible according to changing conditions in real time!★ ★ Create your own character- All the same skills! weapon! I do not want anymore!- Select a skill that's right for me and quickly with your ownspecialized weapons and the Enchanting Let broke through thedungeon!★ ★ pleasure together with colleagues- Auto-alone era is over hunting!- Creating a powerful party boss gets higher with physicalBeat!The war between the ranking ★ guild begins! ★- My point is soon guild achievements! Be the rankingshooter!- The real-time deployment via guild chat propagation conditionsand the strategic play!★ General Monster NO! All boss monsters appear! ★- Veneer compete with the powerful boss monsters of 71 species! Nowneed is confidence and control!★ show the end of the party play! 3 vs 3 Arena- In the arena consisting of a 3 vs 3 Experience the thrill of teamplay.- If the cartridge, down the other side I fall! 1 second bangsimhalcan not bloody!*caution*The game is there to buy items in the game can also pay via the InApp Billing yirueojilsu.(May be limited depending on the cancellation of the Act onConsumer Protection in Electronic Commerce "and detailed customercontact center is a hive: please contact .)(Game inquiries, please email to tof@highbrow-inc.com you enter ausername, nickname, cell phone models.)★ team misjudgment! Official cafes and Customer Service ★Detailed information about the contact, and games and eventsrelated to the team misjudgment can be verified through officialcafe.Official teams misjudgment Cafe:http://cafe.naver.com/teamoffantasyPublisher URL: http://www.highbrow-inc.com★ ★ other games to HiveDragon Village (Deville)Dragon Village 2 (Deville 2)- Three Kingdoms tactics ago- Subway Story
삼국지 책략전: 고전PC삼국지 3.7.3
==================================== 삼국지의 정통성, 삼국지 책략전이 잇는다! 난세의영웅이 되어 천하를 평정하고 최고의 영웅이 되라! 삼국지 책략전==================================== ■■게임특징■■ 1. 싱글 플레이를 통해 천하통일 및역사이벤트를 통해 최고의 장수를 등용하라! 2. 등용한 장수로 일기토 대전(PVP)에서 탑 랭커가 되어 최강의 아이템을획득하라! 3. 유저들 간의 협동을 통하여 삼국지 천하를 내 손안에! ▶싱글 플레이 - 내 꿈은 천하통일! 천하통일을목표로 시대와 군주를 선택 가능 - 자동화된 전투시스템 및 개별 부대 컨트롤 가능 - 어떤 장수라도 다 있다! 다양하고개성 강한 534명의 장수 - 대 역사의 서사시! 24개의 역사 이벤트와 13개의 일반 이벤트 - 내일도 할거야~ 저장및 로드 시스템 ▶멀티 플레이 (일기토 대전) - 누구의 장수가 강한지 겨루어보자! 176명의 PVP 장수들 - 남들보다강해지고 싶다! 아이템 강화 시스템 - 더욱 특별한 각 장수 별 ★특별★ 능력치 부여 - 방심은 금물! 유저들간의 뺏고뺏기는 명예제도 ▶멀티 플레이 (천하제패) - 세력을 생성 또는 세력에 가입하여 천하를 호령할 세력을 키워라! -세력원간에 협동하여 천하제패를 이루고 더 강력한 아이템을 획득하라! * 삼국지 책략전은 원활한 게임 플레이를 위해 아래의권한을 필요로 하고있습니다. - 기기 ID 및 통화 정보 : [필수] 기기 식별을 위한 권한 - 기기 및 앱 기록 :[필수] 게임 데이터 저장을 위한 권한 * 접근권한 철회방법 - 운영체제 6.0 이상 : 설정 > 어플리케이션관리자 > 앱 선택 > 권한 > 접근권한 철회 가능 - 운영체제 6.0 미만 : 접근권한 철회가불가능하므로, 앱 삭제로 철회 가능 ☞주의☜ 이 게임은 게임상에서의 아이템구매에 있어 In App Billing 을 통한결제가 이루어질 수 있습니다. ('전자상거래 등에서의 소비자 보호에 관한 법률'에 따라 청약철회가 제한될 수 있으며 상세문의는 하이브로 고객센터 메일: sam@highbrow-inc.com로 문의 부탁 드립니다.) (게임 문의는 아이디,닉네임, 휴대폰 기종을 기재하여 sam@highbrow-inc.com으로 메일 부탁드립니다.) 삼국지 책략전 커뮤니티:http://cafe.naver.com/samtactic 제작사 홈페이지:http://www.highbrow-inc.com ---- 개발자 연락처 : 02-538-1462
Zombie Slash : 365 Days 1.1.4
★Slide and slice, Slash those Zombies!★Survive 365 days of Zombie Apocalypse.★What will happen at Day 365???★Survive and find out! Unveil the mastermind!1. Upgrade GUNNERS & WEAPONS!2. Slash the zombies into pieces!3. Collect ZOMBIEWARES!4. Scratch LUCKY CARDS!5. GOLDEN BONUS STAGE!6. Time Traveling and on~Beware, your finger prints might disappear.
드래곤빌리지 퍼즐 0
[[게임 소개]]드래곤빌리지 드래곤들과 함께하는 3매치 퍼즐 어드벤처!나만의 드래곤 파티를 구성해 스테이지를 공략하는 재미!전략이 가미된 RPG퍼즐![[재미 요소]]◈ 드래곤빌리지의 드래곤들 총 출동! ◈- 귀엽고 멋지고 강력한 드래곤빌리지의 드래곤들을 만나보자!- 드빌 퍼즐만의 드래곤도 얻어보자!◈ 쉬운 조작, 짜릿한 손맛! 콤보가 팡팡!! ◈- 손에 착착 감기는 퍼즐! 운과 실력을 겸비하면 콤보가 팡팡!!- 쉽고 재미있는 3매치 퍼즐.◈ 친구들과 스테이지 경쟁! ◈- 누가누가 더 멀리 가나!- 전략이 필요한 보스전. 다양한 드래곤 조합으로 승부!*주의*이 게임은 게임상에서의 아이템구매에 있어 In App Billing 을 통한 결제가 이루어질수도 있습니다.('전자상거래 등에서의 소비자 보호에 관한 법률'에 따라 청약철회가 제한될 수 있으며 상세 문의는 하이브로 고객센터로문의부탁드립니다.)(드빌 퍼즐 게임 문의는 아이디, 닉네임, 휴대폰 기종을 기재하여 support@highbrow-inc.com으로메일부탁드립니다.)제작사 홈페이지 : http://www.highbrow-inc.com----개발자 연락처 :02-538-1462서울 강남구 대치동 995-7 준&빌딩 4층사업자등록번호 : 120-87-89784통신판매업신고번호 및 신고기관 : 제 2012-서울강남-03212 호, 서울시 강남구청[[Game Description]]Match 3 puzzle adventure together with the DragonVillageDragon!Fun to attack the stage to configure your own dragon party!The strategy RPG puzzle Kami![[Funny Element]◈ total mobilization of the Dragon Dragon Village! ◈ - Meet the cute and nice and powerful DragonDragonVillage! - See also obtained the Dragon of Deville only puzzle!◈ easy operation, handmade exhilarating! Cow combo! ◈ - Steadily winding puzzle in hand! If the combo combinesluckand skill Cow! - Easy and fun match three puzzle.◈ friends and the stage competition! ◈ - Who's Who in Ghana farther! - Boss strategy is needed. Dragon game in a varietyofcombinations!*caution*The game is there to buy items in the game can also pay via theInApp Billing yirueojilsu.(May be limited depending on the cancellation of the Act onConsumerProtection in Electronic Commerce "and detailed customercontactcenter is a hive: please contact .)(Deville puzzle games inquiries please emailtosupport@highbrow-inc.com you enter a username, nickname, cellphonemodels.)Publisher URL: http://www.highbrow-inc.com
던전레전드 1.20
[[게임 소개]]황금과 명예를 찾아나서기 위해 마을을 떠날 때가 되었습니다.던전의 고난에 도전하여 경험과 사람들의 존경을 쟁취하세요[[재미 요소]]◈ 다양한 육성 방식! ◈- 공격, 지원, 또는 수비에 맞는 스킬들을 골라 당신의 플레이 스타일에 맞게 접목시켜보세요- 다양한 스킬을 혼합하는 자신만의 전략으로 적의 무리를 물리칠 수 있습니다◈ 실시간 PvP ◈- 당신의 실력을 증명할수있습니다!- 아레나에 혼자, 또는 친구들과 입장하여 자신의 힘을 증명해보세요- 실시간으로 다른 플레이어들에게 도전하고 전설이 되어보세요◈ 클랜전 ◈- 클랜에 가입하여 던전의 주도권을 쟁탈하세요- 클랜전에 혼자, 또는 친구들과 함께 입장하여 다른 클랜에게 맞서 실시간으로 싸우세요◈ 온라인 협동모드 ◈- 온라인 협동 모드를 통해 친구들과 함께 던전을 탐험해보세요- 친구들과 손을 잡고 어려운 도전을 함께 해결하고 강력한 아이템들을 획득해보세요◈ 주간 이벤트 ◈- 주간 이벤트에 참여하세요- 엄청난 보물을 받을 수 있습니다----개발자 연락처 :02-538-1462서울 강남구 대치동 995-7 준&빌딩 4층사업자등록번호 : 120-87-89784통신판매업신고번호 및 신고기관 : 제 2012-서울강남-03212 호, 서울시 강남구청[[GameDescription]]The time has come to leave the village to come forward to find goldand glory.To challenge the sufferings of the dungeon experience and you wonthe respect of people[[Funny Element]◈ variety of training methods! ◈ - Attack, pick a skill for the support, or by combiningdefensive look to suit your style of play - Their own strategy to defeat the enemy bunch of mixing avariety of skillsReal-time PvP ◈ ◈ - You can prove your skills! - By myself or with friends, try entering the arena to provetheir strength - Become a legend and challenge other players in realtime◈ ◈ keulraenjeon - Join a clan in control of your captured dungeon - In perspective with alone, or fight in real time againstyour friends keulraenjeon to another clan◈ ◈ online co-op mode - Explore dungeons with friends via online co-op mode - Try to solve challenges together, holding hands withfriends and acquire powerful items◈ ◈ Weekly Events - Participate in weekly events - You can get a huge treasure
Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M 1.2.4
Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M is a dragon collection RPG game packedwith unique, colorful dragons to collect, upgrade, and battle asyou venture out on your journey to save the world! 1000+ STUNNINGDRAGONS - Add beautiful dragons to your collection! - Level up,Evolve, and become best friends with beautiful dragons! - Dynamic2D animations! STRATEGIC RPG FOR EVERYONE - Strategic fun with deckbuilding, Tap & Drag style battle, and awesome rewards! - Feelright at home in Clan by chatting and sharing tips with otherplayers, and fight your way up to get to the top! - Develop yourown strategy and team up with your friends' dragons! GAME MODES -Adventure: Embark on a journey full of exciting adventures andexplore the world of the dragon tamers - Dungeon: Clear dungeonsand collect materials to strengthen your dragons - Competition:Compete in both PvE and PvP with your strongest dragons -Community: Get help, tips, and even borrow dragons from friends,strangers, and fellow clan members! Connect with us on socialmedia! Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DragonVillageM Copyright©Highbrow, Inc. ©Perple Lab, Inc. 2018 All Rights Reserved.
Pocket Dragons 1.0
▶Notice, Events, Coupon◀ Coupon => 'pocket_christmas' (Christmasgift!!) Official Community =>https://www.plug.game/pocketdragons Dragon Village's creators havecreated a captivating 50 MB game. Pocket Dragons! Enjoy it withpeople all around the world. Auto-play & Gacha Pocket Dragonsfor You ▶Game Introduction◀ Dragon Village's dragons are going to acharming pixel world! Participate in exciting group battles withadorable dragons! Enchant! Combine! Become the strongest! ▶Enchantand Combine System◀ Enchant! It's the only way! The Enchant levelis the level of your skills! Become even stronger by Combining!▶100% Automatic Field Battles◀ An automatic field battle systembased on Dragon Village's world and lore! Forest of Hope, FireMountain, Shipwreck, Wind Temple, Sky Temple Also, a new regioncalled Cavern Ruins has opened! ▶10:10 Real-time Colosseum◀ Provethat your dragons are the strongest! Now you can fight in areal-time PVP Colosseum! Pick the right Charms and Dragons to fightin 10:10 battles! ▶Capturing and Taming◀ Get a Dragon from thestart! It's a chance to acquire a Dragon, rather than an Egg! Wouldyou like to Tame, or Capture? ▶ Pocket Dragons - requiredpermissions Guide ◀ The following permissions are available forviewing Reward And it is used in game screen recording of NAVERCafe sdk. • RECORD_AUDIO • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE •WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
Dragon Village W 1.0.18
The long wait is over! A new Dragon Village series! 「GameIntroduction」 Dragon Village W is a game where you customize anddevelop your village along with cute little dragons. You are themanager of the village. Build your very own Dragon Village! Harvestcrops and develop your village using products from factories. Putyour dragons to work! Dragons can help develop your village invarious ways. [Game Characteristics] ● Build various facilities anddecorations to create your own unique village. ● Grow crops andlivestock to produce new products from factories. ● Use theproduced items to trade eggs with the Egg Merchant. ● Acquire cutedragons and animal friends by hatching eggs. ● Dragons deliverproduced products. ● Dragons can fly to far places to bring youvarious materials. ● Dragons can complete tasks for the village. ●When monsters appear near the village, your dragons will fight foryou. ● The concept of the dragons can be changed in the DragonIndex. ● You can see the stories of dragons in the Dragon Index. ●Visit your friend's village and provide or receive help from them.[Access Permissions] - To play Dragon Village W the followingaccess permissions are required. - Photos/Media files: To save yourgame data within your device - Device ID / Call info: For pushnotification features [Withdrawal of Access Permissions] - Above OS6.0: Settings > Application Manager > Select App >Permissions > Access Permission withdrawal feature - Below OS6.0: Cannot withdraw access permissions unless the game is deleted[Notice] - Purchases may occur through App Billing for some In-gameitem purchases. ('Consumer protection laws in e-commerce' mayrestrict the withdrawal of subscriptions. For more information,contact the Highbrow customer center.) (For inquiries regardingDragon Village, please add your ID, nickname, and type of devicealong with your inquiry and send it to dvw@highbrow-inc.com) - Thisgame loads your data upon startup. You must be connected to theinternet to be able to play. Dragon Village Website:http://www.dragonvillage.net Developer Website:http://www.highbrow-inc.com