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Zombie Exterminator: Sniper 1.0.1
Zombie Exterminator: Sniper game brings atotally new experience.How are you supposed to deal with zombie? You are zombie hunter,keep hope alive for the human race.A virus unlike anything we've seen before has spread around thecity.Everyone have been transformed into creatures that will kill anyliving thing they come across.Survivors have fled with hoping to escape, everything like a cityof the dead.Those lucky to still be alive are hidden in subway station,supermarkets or anywher with hoping waiting to be rescued.Everything will you a zombie exterminator game. Come on and enjoysuch a lifelike shooting zombie game. Download now enjoy!===== HOW TO PLAY =====* Slide to the left of the screen to control charactermovement.* Slide to the right of the screen you can adjust the target.* To deal with different kinds of zombies, sometimes you have tochange your weapons.===== FEATURES =====* Stunning graphic and epic battles.* Enjoy shocking music and sound effect.* Experience the sensation of firing wildly* Kill different kinds of zombies.* New weapons and upgrade system.* Smooth game play* Fast game paceDownload Zombie Exterminator now and enjoy such a lifelike shootzombie game!Anything please feedback for our. Thanks!