hundeva Apps

Online hungarian train, bus, and combinedschedule application. The application aims to be as simple aspossible, without any unneeded blob. The usage needs activeinternet connection, however the saved favorites can be viewedoffline.The main functions of the application:- train search- bus search- combined search- set up filters- detailed view of the results- indicate if a train is late- indicate the reason of the latency (havaria events)- save favorites- open the saved favorites without internet connection- alarms- follow trains on map, based on real time GPS positions- search for the closest stations- leaderboard of the stations- widget- Android Wear support- Community (chat)
LeagueDroid 0.1-OPEN-BETA
This product is not endorsed, certifiedorotherwise approved in any way by Riot Games, Inc. or any ofitsaffiliates.Everything you need to know about League of Legends!- latest LCS news- free champion rotation for your region- one tap to check out your own profile- profile search- current game info- ranked match history- overview of any profile including normal, ranked games,championstats, masteries, runes, teams- every static data is available, including champions,items,masteries, runes, summoner spellsPlease note that the app contains ads, which supportsthedevelopment costs. If you would like to, you can purchasethepremium version, which will hide every ads, and supportthedevelopment!
Lean Launcher 1.1.9
An open source, lightweight, customisable, lean launcher. Thesourcecode can be found at the following GitHubrepository: This app usesthe DeviceAdministrator permission. This is required for double tapto securelock your device. Notification dots Search UI - bottomsearch bar -app search bar - app suggestions - voice searchshortcut Look &Feel - light, dark, or automatic theme based onyour wallpaper -optional black colors for dark theme - changeablegrid counts -changeable icon sizes - optional swipe indicator Editapps - hideapps from your drawer - hide app name from the desktopor yourdrawer - changeable icon shape on android 8.0 or later -basic iconpack support - adaptive icon support for legacy apps,with optionaldynamic background color -- optional two line applabels Gestures& Actions - one finger swipe down fornotifications - twofinger swipe down for quick settings - doubletap to lock, witheither timeout or secure lock - customisable homebutton action onyour home screen Shortcuts - optional staticshortcuts - dynamicshortcuts from android 7.1 or later Other - homescreen rotation -option physical animations - optional transparentnavigation bar inyour drawer - lockable desktop
Space 1.0.2
Browse Astronomy Picture of the Day, countless images andvideos!With the application, you can: - browse the most popularspacerelated images or videos - find the most recent images orvideos -get notified every day about the latest Astronomy Pictureof TheDay
Paper for reddit - Wallpapers from reddit 1.1.4
Paper for reddit is a wallpaper application, working from thepostsof the SfwPornNetwork. Pick your favorite wallpaper from morethana hundred categories, or just pick one from the featuredlist.Don't like making a decision? Let Paper pick wallpapers foryou,automatically. Paper for reddit is an unofficial app. Redditandthe Reddit alien logo, trademark and trade dress areregisteredtrademarks owned by Reddit Inc.