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DJ Nonstop Remix 1.2
The online DJ remix nonstop is free app for Android, it will bringfor you the music with high quality, fast speed and minimumbandwith.Content of app include:★★★★★★★★★ DJ NONSTOP ★★★★★★★★★- djmusic, dj nonstop 2016.- nhac san cuc manh- Nonstop dj music, topdance music 2015.- Dance music songs★★★★★★★★★ EDM Music★★★★★★★★★EDM genres popular and favored today:- Progressive House-Bigroom House- Future House & Deep House- Dubstep & Trap-Trance - Tropical House★★★★★★★★★ Electro House ★★★★★★★★★• ElectroPop• Electroclash• Dark Electro• Electronic Rock• Indie Electronic•Electric• Electric Guitar• Electrorock• Electrohouse• ElectroTrance- Special: update track every dayThe DJ nonstop has followingfeatures:- Play music online- Run in background, so you can watchgallery, play game, type message, browser, ... while listen music.-Control next, previous, pause, play music in notification or lockscreen.- Default mode of application development will continueplaying next song.- Download music for listening offline.- Autopause the music when a call come in.* Use our app daily will bringyou moments of fun, relaxation, stress reduction, fatigue afterdays of hard work.* We are looking forward to your comments on theapplication. For our applications increasingly perfect and developmore suitable for everyone!* Note: All sounds, images in the appare from free sharing sites, so if there are any problems, pleasecontact us by email below.
EDM Music - Dj Nonstop 1.0
EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music, is one branch of ElectronicMusic separated. EDM, the Vietnamese themselves heard often told asdance, music EDM floor but not entirely just that (will beexplained later). EDM includes separate genres, but the most commonand is now a large number of Vietnamese I heard that's HOUSE,TRANCE, TECHNO, DANCE and electronica ..In addition to the populargenre, the DRUM N BASS EDM there, ambient, TRIBAL, UNDERGROUND,glitch HOPThe EDM genre is distinguished through TEMPO. TEMPO isthe tempo of the music. Whether you are playing or listening tomusic, whether you are male or singing, the songs that still haveto rely on a steady pace throughout the whole song.This regularityis the key and most important fundamental in music, whether youplay fast or slow, they still have to beat them.TEMPO units todetermine how fast the BPM (Beats per min)Thus the various EDMMusic genre will have different BPM but this could stillcontroversial in some category 1.1. HOUSEAs a musical genre naturevibrant, magical occult, by the sound featured heavy drum and bass.House contain deep emotion, myth, overcast ... in all forms ofelectronic dance music, can be said that traditional music Househas the most abundant in the flamboyant DJ and club legendphone.including:- Progressive House: 126-136 bpmProgressive houseis considered very even pace but sometimes also very shocked andisland rhythms. Key is the bass and drums. Pro vocal house used toincrease creativity, customization, but only about 40%.- DeepHouse: 126-133bpmIt is a progressive house style but like worms andmore psychedelic. Deep House, Progressive House no such deluge,whereas it is somewhateasier. Electro House:130-137bpmIs the most severe type of music in the House. It đcapplied by the high-tech devices very complex machinery, heavyrough, heavy electronic sound because this is the main thrust ofElectro. Electro is an incarnation of Progressive House, butfresher, cooler and more powerful, but not as deep and emotionalProgressive House.It's popular line of HOUSE 3. There arealso:-Funky House, Tribal House, Latin House, Progressive TribalHouse, Tribal House Vocal (will be learning more about later)2.TRANCEAs an emerging genre than others. Viewed as a new wave ofhigh-tech in the music industry. Trance is basically the House,sometimes referred to under the name of epic or progessive house,but the emphasis on rhythm and melody enchanting beauty.-Progressive Trance: 128-136bpmIs a variation of the originalTrance. With the most prominent instrument sounds, different soundsare not in fact, deep and subtle bass, vocals very mysterious.Harmonies sounding techniques down it rises and often very deeppassages and listen to music makes us feel fully immersed in notime illusion.Pro_Trance and Pro_House very similar if notcarefully listening will be difficult to distinguish DC. AtProgressive Trance DC govern many of its timbre, Progressive Housealso characterized by heavy bass drum sounds spooky.- Euro /Uplifting / Hard Trance: usually between 138-145 bpmAs one of thetrance-style music with the most intense pop fly. Uplifting Trancereally take people to the top of the rapture flying bong..dcmeticulously coordinated and monumental.- Vocal Trance:133-145bpm.Is relatively standard trance style and vogue. Itsflagship is the vocal throughout from start to finish all carefullypolished DC, DC soundtrack distribution very similar to Pro Housebut faster and more powerful, intense rhythms and smother not aspro house. In vocal trance flying but also by Uplifting Trance cannot.There is also Goa & Psychedelic Trance, Acid Trance,Trance-Core, Tech-Trance, Tribal Trance.
NCS Music 1.3.0
★★★★★ INTRO ★★★★★ Who are we? We are NoCopyrightSounds(NCS) -dedicated music collective, providing copyright free sounds forcreators to enhance their original content, safe from infringement.NCS releases music created by a variety of different musicians,mainly royalty-free music that can be utilized on multipleplatforms and services, such as YouTube and Twitch. The labelmainly publishes music that pertains to the electronic dance musicgenre as well as other alternative themed music. This is the bestmusic player of NCS Music. We offer you the audio player that hasthe most popular and accurate music mix, according to your taste.NCS Music: Best NCS Music is designed for the true music lover andwho just wants to relax listening to the best tracks. ★★★★★Features ★★★★★ NCS provides awesome features as: - High qualitymusic streams from SoundCloud API - UI: modern and friendly, easynavigation so you can find music easily. - The best songs, thelatest daily updated. - Top New, find current issues in one place .- Show playlists most popular listen and download with genres:Dance, EDM, Dubstep, DeepHouse, Electro, Progressive, Trance... -Free mp3 music of your favorite choice - No registration, no fees★★★★★ Genres ★★★★★ # Dance & EDM # Dupstep # Electronic # House# Drum & Bass # Trap ★★★★★ NOTE ★★★★★ * Let us know of what youthink about our idea in the reviews and what could be improved foryour music relaxing. * NCS music may use large amounts of data andcarrier data charges. For best results, we recommend you connectyour device to trusted WiFi networks when available. * By complyingwith the API Terms of Use, we do not provide caching anddownloading any tracks * If you like SoundCloud®, you can find morein it's great native client:★★★★★ COMMUNITY ★★★★★ Like what you hear? Let us know, and shareyour discoveries with the world. SoundCloud: Facebook: Youtube: Twitter: Spotify: Instagram: G+:
Anime Music - Vocaloid 1.0.4
Listen to the very Best Anime Music, J-Rock, Nightcore and J-Pop onyour Smartphone, Tablet or any Android device.Free Anime Music isthe best music player and Anime songs for Android devices (2.3+)available from Google Play. 100% free and with music and songs thatyou like the most, you get excited and you bring good memories.They are perfect for learning Japanese!Write online stationrecommendations in the comments!Features:★ More than 1000 radiostations (Anime OST, Nightcore, J-pop, J-rock and Japanese Music ingeneral) + new stations added regularly★ Modern Material Design andsimple interface★ Earn Points and Rank for free and remove ads★ Addyour most-liked stations to Favorites★ Quick Music controls on yourLock Screen and Notification★ Feel the Anime in its purest form!★Share all Anime app on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook,Telegram, Pinterest, etc. songs★ More Stations added regularly★ App100% free for all fans of anime and manga.Send us stationrecommendations and we will add it for you :3