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Cultura FM 88 Fontoura Xavier v1.2.4
Rádio Cultura FM 88,9 Fontoura XavierRadio Cultura 88,9 FMFontoura Xavier
Novas de Paz FM v1.2.4
Aplicativo da Rádio Novas de Paz FM - Itabira- MGApplication of New RadioFM Peace - Itabira - MG
Rádio Eu e Você v1.2.3
Application of Radio FM 87.9 You and I - Bocado Acre-AMStay plugged in 24 hours a day!Application of Radio FM 87.9 You and I - Boca do Acre-AMEntertainment and information these are the keywords of ourradio.Stay plugged in 24 hours a day on our schedule.Request a song by the application and send that extra special helloto someone you love.
Rádio Teresópolis v1.2.4
Aplicativo para android da Rádio Teresópolis1510 Khz AMhttp://www.radioteresopolis.com.br/Teresópolis - RJApplication for androidRadio Teresopolis 1510 Khz AMhttp://www.radioteresopolis.com.br/Teresopolis - RJ
Cultura FM 92,3 v1.2.5
Rádio Cultura FM 92,3 ArvorezinhaRadio Cultura FM 92.3Arvorezinha
Nossa FM 105,9 Patos de Minas v1.2.2
Nossa FM, also known as 105 Fm, is transmittedby the frequency 105.9 Mhz - FM radio and is among the mostlistened to Patos de Minas and area. The radio also has aheadquarters in the town of Oliveira-MG, being broadcast onfrequency 96.3 Mhz - FM.On the air since 2001, 105 FM has a diversified program:promotions, interviews, news, and of course, lots of music.When it was founded, has opted for an eclectic program, sincethe other two radios installed in the city had a segmentedprogramming, a hinterland and other pop rock.It was from 2010 that the radio was restructured, changing itsprogramming to "100% Sertaneja" and also hiring new radioprofessionals who helped change the concept of communication in thecity.In all these years of history, 105 FM was marked by large dealsinvolving artists from all over Brazil. Among them are: FábioJúnior, Skank, Banda Eva, Paralamas do Sucesso, João Bosco andVinicius, Victor and Leo, and Menotti Fabiano and Sandy and Junior,the latter of which was the biggest promotion ever held in the cityover 130,000 letters sent to compete at a fan day with singers whohave come to Patos de Minas Fenamilho in 2005.Nossa FM also stands out for campaigns with social order, as theWinter Campaign of 2006, which were collected over 5000 pieces ofclothing that were given to charities.With the launch of the new official site of radio, promotionsand interactivity will increase with the listener. Following thelive programming through a camera directly from the studio, thelistener will compete for several awards. This interactivity iswhat makes coming closer to the listener's radio, maintaining arelationship where our biggest concern is to meet the demands ofour viewers.
O Caminho FM v1.2.5
Founded in 2004 by Monsignor Lelio José MendesFerreira, who died in June 2011, The Way Radio Fm Community radiostations are among the oldest in Brazil.The first studio was in the tower of St. Francis Church, SantaLibânia in the neighborhood where he was pastor Monsignor Lelio.After much struggle and with the support of the community, thetireless Monsignor Lelio built a headquarters for the radio, on aplot of his own parish, in front of the San Francisco Church.With the growth of the station in 2011 The Way Fm Radio onceagain changed his address and went to the center of BragançaPaulista. The new building, with two floors, has seven rooms plus amodern multimedia studio, reference among community radio stationsin Brazil.The inauguration of the new building was on October 21, 2011 andwas attended by several dignitaries, including the then mayor ofBragança, John Alfonso Solis, the Mayor, John Carlos Carvalho anddirector of the Forum, dr. Laércio José Mendes Ferreira Filho,cousin Monsignor Lelio.In recognition of the work of Monsignor Lelio, the new board,chaired by Dermeval Gonçalves, who is also Superintendent of RedeRecord, honored the founder giving the new studio called "STUDIOMonsignor Lelio MENDES JOSE FERREIRA". The founder also became theHonorary President of The Way Radio Fm.In 2012, in another bold move, the Fm Radio The Way held thefirst debate between candidates for mayor of Bragança, entering thepolitical history of the city. Without political connections,religious prejudice, sexual and racial, Fm Radio The Way won therespect and affection of listeners not only of Braganza, but alsofrom other cities in Brazil and the world, who hear the site.The Way Fm, Radio fastest growing in the audience!Bragança Paulista - SP
Cultura FM 105,5 Anta Gorda v1.2.4
Rádio Cultura FM 105,5 Anta GordaRadio Cultura FM 105.5Anta Gorda
Rádio Cidade 1520 KHZ v1.2.5
Rádio Cidade 1520 KHZ Quedas do IguaçuPRRadio City 1520 KHZdoIguaçu Falls PR
Hipnose FM v1.2.4
Baixe agora mesmo o aplicativo da rádio Hipnose FM - Camacho - MG efique por dentro das novidades musicais da atualidade.
i9suaradio.com.br v1.2
Demo application developed by i9suaradio.com.br for phones withAndroid system. benefits: Optimized code. Fast and superlightweight. Multitasking. Request music. Social Networks. Freeadvertising. Affordable. All this for just 45 reais per month. HASNO SETUP FEE OR INSTALLATION! Published in Play Google (AndroidMarket) within 1 week.
Conhecendo a Palavra - v1.2.4
Aplicativo da Rádio Web Conhecendo a Palavra - 2ª Igreja BatistaNacional de Patos de Minas Av. Paranaíba, 1862 – Bairro BrasilPatos de Minas/MG - CEP: 38.700-190 Email: ibn2@terra.com.br
OndaRio Web v1.2.3
Aplicativo da OndaRio WebOndaRio theWebApplication
95 Fm Dracena v1.2.3
Radiodifusão Oeste paulista, Rádio 95,3 FmdeDracena, foi inaugurada no dia 08 de Março de 2005 comprimeirolocutor no ar as 06:00 da manhã - Locutor Cláudio Santos eoSertanejo Bom Demais.Com programação 24 horas Sertaneja, despontou em primeirolugardisparado nas pesquisas, nos bairros, centros e cidadesvizinhas deDracena - SP.No dia 01 de março de 2007, visando buscar ainda mais oprestígiodos ouvintes, passou a tocar todos os estilosmusicais...Hoje a 95 FM de Dracena gera a programação 24 horas por dia, comaprogramação mais variada da alta paulista...Transmissores digitais de alta tecnologia, esistemainformatizado.E todo esse perfil de rádio, é devido a você ouvinte, quenosprestigia e nos acompanha 24 horas por dia.95 FM – Aqui é o seu lugar !Broadcasting westernSãoPaulo, Radio 95.3 Fm Dracena, was inaugurated on March 8, 2005withthe first speaker on the air 06:00 am - Speaker Cláudio SantosandSertanejo Too Good.With programming 24 hours Country, emerged first shot in thepolls,neighborhoods, malls and nearby towns of Dracena - SP.On March 1, 2007, aiming to seek further the prestige oflisteners,went on to play all styles of music ...Today FM 95 Dracena generates programming 24 hours a day, withthemost varied program of high Paulista ...Digital transmitters high tech, computerized system.And all this radio profile is due to you listener who honors usandaccompanies us 24 hours a day.FM 95 - Here is your place!
Veredas FM v1.2.3
Rádio VeredasRadio Footpaths
Radio Ondina v1.2.3
Rádio OndinaRadio Ondina
SuperMixFM v1.2.3
Aplicativo da Rádio Super Mix FMApplication of SuperMixFM Radio
Rádio Supernorte v1.2.4
Rádio Supernorte Tucuruí - PA - ParáRadio Supernorte Tucuruí-PA - Pará
Rádio ABCD.SOM v1.2.2
Relembre as melhores músicas de todosostempos.....Foi sucesso um dia toca aqui !Relive the best songsofall time ..... was successfully touches here one day!
União FM v1.2.4
Ouça a União FM 104,9 Mhz em qualquer lugardomundo, baixe agora mesmo o nosso aplicativo e fique por dentrodetudo que acontece em Mauriti - CEListen to FM 104.9MhzUnion anywhere in the world, download our app now and stay ontopof everything that happens in Mauriti - EC
Estação Cabocla v1.2.4
Estação Cabocla Aplicativo OficialCaboclaOfficialApplication Station
Rádio Aliança 105 v1.2.5
Rádio Aliança 105 FM - Morro Aguro - SPOuça agora mesmo nossa rádio diretamente do seu celular.Peça já sua música.Alliance Radio 105 FM-Morro Aguro - SPListen now our radio directly from your mobile.Ask for your music.
Berlanda v1.2.3
A Berlanda surgiu em 1991 como uma pequenalojaem Curitibanos, fruto do esforço e projeto de uma família deter oseu próprio comércio. Sempre apostando na força do interior,aempresa expandiu-se por todo o estado e parte do Rio Grande doSul.Hoje, é uma das maiores redes de varejo de móveis,eletrodomésticose eletroeletrônicos de Santa Catarina.O crescimento da Berlanda tem por base trêscaracterísticas:identificação com o cliente, conhecimento domercado e logísticaeficiente, tudo pensando em estar cada vez maisperto do consumidore facilitar sua vida.Com a nossa loja on-line, não é diferente. Sem sair de casa, aquiépossível você adquirir o que há de melhor e mais barato apoucoscliques de distância.Seja bem-vindo e boas compras!The Berlanda appearedin1991 as a small shop in Curitibanos, fruit of the effort anddesignof a family to have their own trade. Always focusing onthestrength of the interior, the company expanded throughout thestateand part of Rio Grande do Sul. Today is one of thelargestretailers of furniture, appliances and electronics ofSantaCatarina.The growth of Berlanda is based on threecharacteristics:identification with the client, market knowledgeand efficientlogistics, all planning on being closer to theconsumer and makeyour life easier. With our online shop is no different. Without leaving home, hereyoucan get what is best and cheaper a few clicks away.Welcome and happy shopping!
Cultura AM 1450 Arvorezinha v1.2.4
Cultura AM 1450 ArvorezinhaTraditionally AM1450Arvorezinha