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GTS Companion - Daily Races and SR/DR Stats 2.0.6
Find out what the Daily and FIA Races are without having to turn onyour console and keep track of your stats and achievements fromGran Turismo Sport. *Features* - Daily Races - FIA Races - UserProfile - Achievements - Cars List - Tracks List - User andCommunity Galleries No login needed, just use your PSN ID and we'llretrieve your public information. This companion app is a fanproject (unofficial) and is in no way associated, affiliated orsupported by Gran Turismo or Sony Interactive Entertainment.
APEX Battle Royale Guide 1.0.0
Get to know your characters and weapons better while you'reawayfrom the game with this handy guide to APEX BR. Features•Characters stats, specials and skins • Weapons stats, modsandskins • Items and other gear stats • Game map with randomlocationand loot tier • List of store items on sale We plan onadding morecontent as soon as it becomes available to thecommunity. This appis a fan made app and is not associated,affiliated or supported byRespawn Entertainment or Electronic ArtsInc.