iHoment Apps

iHomentPhoto 2.0.1
ihoment smart frame is a smart cloud frame, which can manage yourphotos through the ihoment device, ihoment app,and your socialmedia platforms. ihoment smart frame also has two-way video chatfunction, which can make video or voice call between two ihomentframes and also between ihoment frame and ihoment app. You can makea video call from your contacts of the ihoment frame and talk towhoever you want face to face. ihoment frame has 9.7 inch highdefinition touch screen, high definition front camera, 180° viewangle, built-in speaker and microphone, and support two-way videochat.
iHomentLight 1.6.0
ihoment smart strip light is a smart colorful strip light, whichcan be controlled by ihoment app and change its color in multiplemodes. ihoment smart strip light has three modes: video mode, musicmode and color mode. Under the video mode, ihoment smart striplight is programmed to change its color with perfect ambience,which perfectly match to what happens on the screen. Under themusic mode, ihoment smart strip light can change its colorautomatically with the ambient sound.