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Sound Booster: Increase Volume 1.6
iJ Sound
The best app to increase volume and boost sound in the max. You canplaying music at high volume and especially. sound booster controlvolume and custom to you can boost volume on your phone sound tomaximum. Although not only amplified and volume louder but willquality of sound booster is better.Sound booster for android isalso fix sound and volume increase, and you can use the max mode ospeaker booster, return easy the original volume status when clicknormal. Sound booster is not just a volume increase that increasevolume but also a music eq improve the sound booster quality andbassIt can boost sound on phone 50% when you listen to music, film..etc. it support all device and easy to useFeature of soundbooster- Easy sound booster and fix sound- Max mode volume-Increase volume speed- Make volume louder- Customize sound booster-Virtual effect sound louder- Booster sound on headphone- Bassbooster sound-
Emoji Facemoji Keyboard 1.0
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Facemoji Keyboard & Emoji Keyboard isasuper cool app that provides Android emojis for yoursmartphone,compatible to be used on text messages, social mediaposts andemails. Emoji Facemoji Keyboard with these amazing Androidkeyboardemojis, helps you enjoy typing with over 1000+ emoji,emoticons,sticker, lenny face, free GIF, and this emoji keyboardiscompatible to be used on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Messenger,Gmail, WhatsApp and any other social apps directly fromthis emojiapp. With cool keyboard themes & keyboardcustomization inEmoji Facemoji Keyboard, you can text in the wayyou’ve alwayswanted!Emoji Facemoji Keyboard Highlight Feature:✥ Personalized Keyboard CustomEmoji Facemoji Keyboard is a smart emoji keyboard app forandroidphone that makes typing fast, easy and fun with sendingemoji. Ithelps you customize your keyboard by choosing your ownphoto orcolor. Be unique with your cool custom keyboard!! Customizeyourown keyboard themes with your own pictures and choosecustomtapping effects and crazy fonts. Keyboard color (colorcharacters),fonts and keyboard wallpaper customization. Take photoor choose aphoto from gallery as your keyboard background. QWERTYKeyboard,QWERTZ Keyboard and AZERTY keyboard.✥ Keyboard Themes:Facemoji Keyboard integrates all the shining features into oneappfrom many emoji keyboard apps! It will make your androidkeyboardlook amazing with hundreds of themes! A lot of keyboardthemes areavailable to suit any style. A lot of keyboard themes,such asEmoji Keyboard Theme for Galaxy, Black Themes…✥ Easy to send very many Emoji, Emoticons, Free GIF, Symbol,EmojiStickersEmoji Facemoji Keyboard supports multiple languages andprovidesthousands of emojis, emotions, GIFs, stickers and themes.You canvisually express your smiley emotions with Facemoji EmojiKeyboard+ GIFs, and will never feel bored when chatting. Why nottry itright now?!!. Get thousands of Smiley and Special GIFs andthemesto share with your friends, right in your chats!. All newstylekeyboard emojis now available completely FREE on FacemojiKeyboard& Emoji Keyboard. Easy to type Emojis in the textmessages,social media posts, emails, etc…✥ Fast Typing & Smart Input:- Emoji Prediction: Type fast and accurately with oursuper-smartauto-correct, emoji prediction and next word suggestiontech. Ifyou’ve updated Android version to Marshmallow 6.0 or Nougat7.0,new Emojis are all available on your keyboard.- Emoji combos: Facemoji gives you Smiley and Special emojicomboslike “happy b-day"... Just have fun typing!- Auto Complete & Word Prediction: Auto-complete the wordsyouare typing and offers you accurate next-word prediction!- Swipe to type: Type faster with smooth gesture typing!And a lot more!!!!Download Facemoji Keyboard & Emoji Keyboard for FREE andenjoythe best typing experience right now! Please rate 5* instoretosupport us.