iKungfu Apps

Kungfu Master : Legend of Stickman 1.3.15
Play as the legendary stickman to rescue your girlfriend from theevil stick bastards. Explore many different maps with increasingchallenges and even big bosses.Five different weapons tounlock.Many bosses to defeat.Fight evil and rescue yourgirlfriend!Your character has Health and Rage. Each time you defeatan opponent, your rage will rise and you can use the master comboto finish off the entire screen.Your EXP is used to unlock newweapons and upgrade their strength. Transform yourself to becomethe iKungfu Master with the upgraded broadsword, nunchaku, daggerand long staff.
Robo Avenger 1.5.7
Become a chibi robo (robot Hero) to fight against armies of badrobots and defeat Big Bad Bosses. HOW TO PLAY- Left button to jump-Right button to attack- Both left and right button toshieldFEATURES- Destroy enemy robots with your favourite hero-Become stronger by upgrade and transform your body parts- Transforminto super tanks and crush the enemies- Many types of enemy andbosses- Daily rewards and achievementsMISSIONS- Survive for acertain amount of time- Collect item by destroying enemies- Defeatbosses
Running to the West 1.18
Join the great Son Go Ku - Monkey King and race to the West. JoinPiggy, Shifu and many other fantastic characters.- Easy to learngameplay- Very cute characters- Unlock characters and get over 100maps- Different types of bullets and traps to slow down youropponents Touch the left side of your screen to jump. Touch theright side to shoot.
Final Pikachu: Match Link 1.3.1
Final Pikachu 2014: Match Link is the best Match link Pikachu gamefor Android. Also called Thai Mahjong, Kyodan or 사전성.Final Pikachusupports all Android devices from OS 2.2 with screen size 240x320to big tablets. Optimized for Nexus. To play, you must match 2cards that can be connected with a maximum of 3 lines.
Jumping Heroes 1.7
Jumping Heroes is A Nonstop Action and Addictive Game withStyles!This is a tale of Summer and her fellows protect world fromevil forces. Armed with whatever can find, heroes bounce thosemonsters back to where they belong.- Jump on top of monsters-Defeat minions and bosses- Complete quests and earn in-game gems-Unlock more heroes and weapons- SIMPLE ADDICTIVE BATTLESControlsare easy to learn! With huge combo chains and explosive power-ups,you can unleash devasting moves on the battlefield!- HORDES OF CUTEMONSTERSCuteness is evil, you know. It deceives you. From chickensto slimes, monsters from the fantasy world are waiting to battle!-POWERFUL BOSSES!You'll need to master your jumping skill becausebosses are no easy target. Enemies have their own style of attacks,too!- GORGEOUS CUSTOMIZATIONChange up your characters' looks withdifferent equipment to battle in style!- ENDLESS ADVENTUREVisitunique worlds, from peaceful ranch, dark forest, to spookygraveyard. More coming with beautiful, original graphics.- SURVIVALMODE AND LEADERBOARDChallenge the highest score! Connect yourprofile to Google Play and submit your score to compete withplayers from around the world!- FUTURE HIGHLIGHTMore great featuresare coming. Grow pets and bring them along on the journey for bothhelp and companionship, and develop their abilities?
Math Attack - Quick Solve 1.3.3
★★★ Best math quiz for Android ★★★Don't freak out! Don't be mad!It's just math!How to play- 4 game modes- Compete with yourfriends- 7 levels of increasing difficulty- Easy to play: Justchoose right or wrongThe famous arithmetic quiz is now on Android.This game will make you freaking mad at how stupid you are. Proveyourself to be a pro and do your best in 30 seconds.- 4 game modes:True or False, Which Operator, Greater or Less, True or False TimeLimit- 4 math operations: Addition, subtraction, multiplication anddivision- Operands up to 1000- More features coming soon: Level up,more time, world leaderboard...