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File Manager 2.6.0
File Manager allows you to browse your Internal Storage and SDcard, gives you options to create directories, rename, copy, move,delete files and many more features. Design: ★ Fresh AndroidMaterial design look ★ User friendly interface ★ Option to switchbetween list/grid view. (Pro Version only) ★ Option to change appcolour theme (Pro Version only) ★ Shows categories on Home Screen(Pro Version only) Features: ★ Show list of files with thumbnailsfor images, videos & apks. ★ Cut/Move, Copy, Rename, and DeleteFiles. ★ Create, Move, Copy, Rename, Delete directories (folders).★ Extract & Compress Zip Files ★ Share files to multipleapplications. Pro Version Features: ★ Option to switch betweenlist/grid view for file listing. ★ Change app colour theme(Light/Dark) ★ Shows categories on Home Screen (Like: Images,Videos, Music, Downloads, Archives, Apks, etc.) ★ Option to showHidden files or folders ★ Remove Bottom Banner Ads ★ Option toexclude any folder from media scan Supports from Android version2.3.3 (API v10) and up. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Have a bugreport or question? Please email us at
Device Info 1.0.2
Device info app is the powerful app that provides you theinformation you need to know about your phone, system, and hardwarewith the most attractive and beautiful user interface. FEATURES: ●General Information (Device model and manufacturer, etc). ● AndroidInformation (Android OS version, Kernal Information, etc). ●Display information (Resolution, Density, Screen Size, Orientation,Refresh Rate, etc). ● CPU information (Clock Speed, No of Cores,CPU Hardware, etc). ● Memory information (Total RAM, Free Ram,etc). ● Storage information (Information about Internal Storage, SDCard, etc). ● Battery Information and Usage (Battery level,Charging Status, Health, etc). ● Network Information (NetworkInformation, Telephony Details, etc). ● Sensors Information (Listof Sensors, Current Value, Vendor, etc). ● Features Information(List of Features, etc). ● ِApps List (All installed applicationlist). Feedback is greatly appreciated. Have a bug report orquestion? Please email us at
BinairOX - Binary Logical Puzzle 1.0.5
BinairOX is a new and logic-based challenging puzzle that you cansolve by respecting the rules. BinairOX puzzle game is also knownas Binary Puzzle, Binary Sudoku, Takuzu, Bento, Binero or Binairo.The objective is to fill a grid board with Os and Xs based on theselected theme. It's up to you to complete the grid without everhaving to guess. Simply tap a tile to make it O or X and completethe grid. All puzzles are unique & generated dynamically whichgives you unlimited puzzles in four grid sizes: ◉ 4 x 4 ◉ 6 x 6 ◉ 8x 8 ◉ 10 x 10 Three levels: Easy, Medium & Hard Rules: ◉1 -Each row and each column has an equal value of O & X tiles. ◉2- Each row and each column has no more than two adjacent tiles ofthe same O or X. ◉3 - Each row and each column is unique. Threelevels of difficulty which will test your wits in more than oneway! ◉ O & X ◉ 0 & 1 ◉ Red & Blue Color Box You'll beable to easily handle it in short runs, but you can just as wellspend hours thinking about the way to solve the hardest puzzle,unlock fun achievements and compete with friends in leaderboards.BinairOX is suit for all ages and completely FREE to play thisadaptive puzzle game! Please give your feedback in comments, wewill make it the best puzzle game. Have a bug report or question?Please email us at