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Bible Promise Box - Verse of the day to share
❤️ Start your day with a bible verse andsend it to family and friends! You can share it via WhatsApp,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others.Thanks everyone for the more than 500,000 downloads!😍😍😍Bible Promise Box is an app that displays a bible verseevery access. The ideal application to bring you relief and comforttaken from the Holy Bible.Some of the reasons that will make you love this app:✡ Works offlineYou do not need to be connected to the Internet. The Bible PromiseBox has an offline database with more than 1000 stored bibleverses, eliminating the need for connection.✡ Share verses with friends and familyShare the word of God on your social networks. You can share it asimage or text in a simple and quick way. How about sending a dailybible verse for your friends and family right now?✡ Use imagesBy sharing a verse you can select beautiful images present in theapp or if you prefer you can choose your own photos from thegallery and use them as a background. Your verses will lookbeautiful!✡ Access the list of versesAre you looking for a specific message that speaks to your heart?Through the Versions option in the side menu you can view the listof verses categorized in Psalms, New Testament, and Old Testament.Surely you will find many verses that will speak to yourheart.✡ Read entire chaptersDid you like a verse and would like to read the whole chapter ofit? Thanks to the option 'Read chapter' this is possible with justa few touches.✡ Bookmark your favorite versesWith the app Bible Promise Box you can mark a verse as yourfavorite so you can easily have access to it later.✡ WidgetsAdd widgets to your device home screen to read the sacred textsmore easily. Every hour, the widget is updated and a new bibleverse is displayed.✡ Receive notificationsSet up notifications by time interval or desired time for the BiblePromise Box to deliver new Bible promises. You can configure asmany notifications as you want.✡ CustomizeThe Bible Promise Box has 14 themes very well polished and withsuper vivid colors as well as 7 text font options for you to selectthe one that will suit you.✡ Dynamic appearanceSimilar to the physical promises box, the Bible Promise Box app candisplay verses using dynamic colors. A new color is displayed eachyou open a new bible verse.No matter where you are, touch on the Box and read a promisefrom God!Available in English and Portuguese.*Some features are only available for Android 4.0.3 orhigher.