BoneBox™ - Dental Lite 1.1
BoneBox™ - Dental Lite is the pocket-sized version of our BoneBox™- Dental app. This real-time 3D medical education andpatientcommunication tool, featuring incredibly detailed anatomicalmodelsof the human dental anatomy. It is a member of a series ofappsdeveloped by a team of anatomists, certified medicalillustrators,animators, and programmers using actual human CTimaging data, andthe most accurate 3D modeling technologyavailable. The BoneBox™-Dental Lite is appropriate for use bysecondary students,undergraduate and graduate students, and medicalprofessionals.Interaction with BoneBox™ - Dental Lite utilizes truereal-time 3Dso the user can place the highly realistic detaileddental anatomyin any position and zoom in to explore all of theanatomicalstructures. By using the interactive quizzing feature theuser willbe tested on their knowledge of the human dental anatomy.The useris presented with a random tooth and given 4 multiplechoiceanswers to pick from.
BoneBox™ - Skull Viewer 1.0.0
OVERVIEW The BoneBox™ Skull Viewer is a real-time 3Dmedicaleducation tool that features exceptionally detailedanatomicalskull models and unique interactive elements. It is thefirst in anew series of apps developed by a team of anatomists,certifiedmedical illustrators, animators, and programmers usingactual humanCT imaging data, and cutting-edge 3D modelingtechniques.Interaction with the BoneBox™ Skull Viewer utilizes true“real-time3D”. Unlike other anatomical apps and programs, there arenopre-rendered frames or animations. Therefore, the user canorientthe 3D skull in any position and zoom in to any location toexploreanatomical structures. The BoneBox™ Skull Viewer isappropriate forusers at all levels, from secondary students tomedicalprofessionals wishing to learn skull anatomy. FEATURES •Views: Byselecting the “Views” menu he user can interact withsagittal,coronal, and transverse sections of the skull.Color-coded,didactic models clearly show the bones that comprisethe skull. •Pins: By turning on the color coded pins, the user canstudy thenames and locations of over 100 anatomical structures,including:bones, foramina, and prominent anatomical features. Thepins andlabels remain on screen and in the exact anatomicallocation duringall real time 3D user interaction. • Pen Tool:Drawing with themulti-colored pen tool allows the user to drawdirectly on thesurface of the 3D skull for use in the clinic, orclassroom. • SaveCustom Features: The latest feature in theBoneBox™ line ofapplications is the ability to save and load userlines and pinsfor a customized learning experience. • BackgroundSelection: Theuser can now select a background color of theirliking. • Quizzing:The BoneBox™ Skull Viewer an excellent tool forany anatomy lectureor lab. Using the custom pin tool, instructorscan placecolor-coded pins anywhere on the skull. Once placed, theinstructorcan write a question on the label of that pin. Studentscan thenrotate the skull in 3D to gain a better understanding ofthat pin’slocation on the model. About iSO-FORM iSO-FORM is a teamof awardwinning medical artists, programmers and innovators whobelievethat we are on the verge of a new era of learning, where theuserdoesn’t just memorize facts, but discovers them throughengaginginteraction and exploration. We’re passionate aboutscience,technology and art, so we live and work at thatintersection. Ifwe’ve piqued your curiosity, check us out