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Smash Rocket 0.78
Welcome to a new intergalactic game. Buckle your belt and Go...It'stime to try yourself in the role of an intergalactic Ranger. Yes,you are right! You got it correctly. Get behind the wheel of amodern rocket and go forward. Travel from planet to planet. Witheach new level, improve your skills and train your attentiveness.Overcome the incredible complexity of the obstacles and as a resultbecome a pioneer and a winner in each levelWhat is interesting?Yourgoal – to collect stars and go into orbit of a new planet. Numberof planets with increase with each level. You will encounter 2kinds of obstacles on you way of the rocket:• Asteroids, which areconveniently located almost on a straight path on the way fromplanet to planet. Have u crashed? Well, your Life burns• The centerof the planet. It is also very dangerous for Your intergalacticship. Be careful, fly it around.In order to make difficult levelseasier, the developers offer You additional abilities which helpyou to complete the level faster. At the moment there are two ofthem:• Slowing down. Your missile reduces the movement speed assoon as you activate this skill. Thus you get a chance to be moreaccurate in getting into the orbit of the planet of small diameteror on a planet, the distance to which is more than usual• Turn. Goaround the obstacle on the other hand, deftly deploying yourrocketYou can also fill up your garage rockets, each with its ownfeatures.You may notice a mysterious glowing ore while passing somelevels. Do not miss it. You will get for it pure diamonds at theend of the level. You'll also receive them as a daily bonus whenyou enter the game, and view clips from our partners.Have youaccumulated enough diamonds? Congratulations! You may exchange themfor additional skills in the play store. Download the game and Youwill have the opportunity to spend free time in an interesting way.By the way, this game maybe by played both by adults and children.
Thirst 1.03
The game is different from others, uniqueinthis kind gameplay.Your task is to turn dry lifeless land into the fertile soilinwhich flowers and plants can grow.This is not easy, but it is important to give water droplets falltothe ground, moving gutter and thereby hydrating it.Share your unique greenhouse with friends.Features:- Supports multi-touch, you can move both together gutter.- Complexity increases with every drop- Rating, you can share your achievements
Pixel Walking Robots 1.0.26
Robots Battleground — this is a dynamic multiplayer online PvPaction shooter, war robots. The Earth turned out to be a platformfor battles of mechanized robots! Most of the robots are a mixtureof the combat power of the tank and the maneuverability of themechanized suspension of robots, the symbiosis of thesetechnologies is embodied in menacing machines, which you will haveto control. Reincarnate in one of them and join the battle! Shoot,destroy, kill, remember the tactical maneuvers, earn rewards,improve your robot, increase your level. The more experienced you,and your machine is more perfect, the more powerful you on thebattlefield. Destroying enemy robots, earn and buy yourself a newmore powerful machines and then the honorable place in the rankingwill not keep you waiting! Choose your tactics of warfare, sit inambush or throw into battle, it all depends on you! ——— FEATURES——— 🔸 dynamic online (PvP) battle robots 🔸 unique machines, amixture of the power of tank weapons and maneuverability of therobot 🔸 chatting with friends and enemies in the chat 🔸 mini-mapwill help to find the enemy 🔸 multiple modes of battle 🔸 bright,saturated, voxel graphics 🔸 ratings of players, total and weekly 🔸destructible elements of the environment on maps 🔸 explosive fun inevery battle ——— NOTE ——— 🔹 Robots Battleground — free game, butsome of the game items can be purchased for real money. 🔹 This gamerequires a good, stable connection to the Internet! (e.g. Wi-Fi) Ifyou liked the game, join our groups on social networks and watchthe news: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robotswaronline/