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Xylophone Free for Kids 1.0
When children play the xylophone, they also learn basic musicnotes.Some music notes on the xylophone:C notation for Do.D acronymfor Re.E for Mi.F for Fa.G for Sol.A for La.B for Si.
Shark Journey 1.6
In the deep blue sea, a tiny shark lost his shoal, to survive in aworld that big fish eats small fish. Little Shark has to eatsmaller sea animals to grow up and fleeing others bigger and findthe way to come home by get the yellow key and open the door hesees on his adventure. The Shark is hungry and scary, let feed himup to an angry and bigger shark. Share nice screenshot or medal youget to Facebook with your friend in every stage. Demo Following littleshark footprints to explore beautiful coral reefs with fish andsquid swimming around, Starting an appetizer with some starfish andtiny shrimps. Before to be a giant Shark, little shark is onlypermitted to eat smaller sea creatures. If he goes too close otherbigger ones he will be a good bait for other predators, watch outbigger octopus, stingrays or jellyfish can be dischargeelectricity. be careful not only with pincers of giant red crabsbut also with bigger tunas and hungry red abdomen sharks or othergiant fish. Features A lot of feeding frenzy sea creatures. 10underwater world with beautiful seabed and coral reefs. Abundanceof sea creatures includes fish, octopus, crab, jellyfish, squid.easy to play with a virtual joystick.