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SFD :Rogue TRPG 6.1
In SFD, you manage a party of adventurers attempting to reachthedeepest depths of the Sigma Finite Dungeon. Can you defeat theLichKing Raeleus and the false god NOG at the deepest depths ofthedungeon? #Key Features *Unique blend of RPG withroguelikeelements, including permadeath. No second chances!*Hand-craftedisometric pixel art graphics *Randomly-generateddungeons - a newadventure every playthrough! *Tactical, turn-basedcombat *7adventurers with their own unique skills and upgrades*More than200 weapons, spells and items to discover *More than 30uniqueenemies with their own attacks and abilities *Use theenvironmentto your advantage! Defeat enemies with spike traps,poison gas andexplosive barrels *8 floors of dungeon-crawlingaction to explore*Old-school difficulty. While the gameplay issimple, only thegreatest adventurers will achieve victory! *If youwant to try SFDbefore you buy, a free demo is available on store,featuring acomplete dungeon floor to explore. #Description andEnglishtranslation by WindowOnInfinity For suggestions or questionsaboutthe game, pleasevisit
* Demo version * You can play 1 out of 8 floors of the dungeoninthe demo version. Some jobs are restricted and Changing job isnotsupported. Demo version is a little bit harder. In SFD, youmanagea party of adventurers attempting to reach the deepest depthsofthe Sigma Finite Dungeon. Can you defeat the Lich King Raeleusandthe false god NOG at the deepest depths of the dungeon?Keyfeatures: *Unique blend of RPG with roguelike elements,includingpermadeath. No second chances! *Hand-crafted isometricpixel artgraphics *Randomly-generated dungeons - a new adventureeveryplaythrough! *Tactical, turn-based combat *6 adventurers withtheirown unique skills and upgrades *More than 30 weapons, spellsanditems to discover *20 unique enemies with their own attacksandabilities *Use the environment to your advantage! Defeatenemieswith spike traps, poison gas and explosive barrels *8 floorsofdungeon-crawling action to explore *Old-school difficulty.Whilethe gameplay is simple, only the greatest adventurers willachievevictory! *If you want to try SFD before you buy, a free demoisavailable on Steam, featuring a complete dungeon floor toexplore.※Description and English translation by WindowsOnInfinity