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Drink Your Phone - iDrink Drinking Games 5.6
Could you imagine that you can drink tasty cocktail, iced cola andcolorful juice from your phone?Drink from phone simulator - iDrink,one of the best drinking games for kids and adults, will bring youall these good drinks free.Virtual Drink Simulator simulatesfilling your phone with drinks. You can drink cocktail, drink colaand drink juice by tilting the device. You can also ice,strawberry, lemonade and any other fresh fruits as you like intothe drinks.☆ Drink Your Phone Simulator provides plenty ofappetizing drinks, which look so real. They are beer, kola, soda,wine, milk, juice, tea, vodka, alcohol, koktail, water etc.☆ Addice into you coke, beer and soda. Drink beer with cold ice. Addstrawberry, lemon, mango, watermen, grape, and orange into yourjuice. Turn your phone into a drink maker and drink mixer now!☆Drink Cocktail Real Sim provides excellent drinking sound effectssuch as water sounds, drinking sounds and icesounds.Disclaimer:Drink in phone is a simulated app, whichsimulates tasty cocktail drinking. It cannot produce real drinks.It is just used for fun and pranks.
Fidget Spinner - iSpinner 4.0
Fidget Spinner 3D let you play various well-designed finger spinneron your phone. Fidget Spinner simulator is one of the most popularstress relief games in 2017. You can swipe your finger to rotatethe Fidget Spinner, keep swiping the spinning fidget to break thespinnin records. Fidget Spinner game offers up to 30 types of handspinner in different colors, different shape and different styles.What's more, it offer several Fidget Spinner wallpaper andbackground which makes the game more addicting. Download thisFidget Spiner 3D to relieve stress and anxiety now. Challenge yourbest spins!
Dog on Screen Simulated 3.0
Dog on Screen - iDog, a funny dog simulator which displays arunning and dancing puppy on my screen. It is one of the most funnydog games for pet lovers because you can see your pets on yourscreen anytime, anywhere. You can use it to prank friends thatthere is a dog living in your phone.Dog in Phone displays a whitedog run and dance animation with barking sounds. You will see thesmart dog in your phone, no matter you are listening to music,playing game or surf web.🐕 Feature: 🐕· Click the app icon ornotification to remove the doggy on screen.· Realistic doganimation and sound effects.· Support vertical and horizontalorientation to display the dog.· Set dog displaying time delay.
Mouse on Screen Scary Joke - iMouse 3.0
Mouse on Screen is the most funny app in 2017 which display anrunning mouse on the screen. You can use it to prank and scare yourfriends easily. You must love the scary games.Mouse on Screen Scarydisplays a furry mouse walking animation with mouse sounds. Themice will be running, looking around and sniffing just in theforeground of your screen, no matter you are playing game orsurfing the Internet. The graphic and animation is realistic thatyour friends may believe that there is a scary mouse in phone.Howto prank your friends?Set the appear time and give the phone toyour friend or left it on the table. You friends will be scaredwhen they see the mouse in screen.Additionally, Mouse on ScreenScary Joke can be used as a mouse emulator or mouse app for cats.Your cat will be excited to see the mouse on screen. Plat the mousegames with your lovely pets now.