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ReversEstory 3.16
2D roguelike action shooting. A serious action shooting gameoptimized for smartphone operation. An arcade-like action game thatyou can play seriously when you want to play. The capture thatchanges with equipment. A system designed to make item recoverycomfortable. Capture the mysterious ruins that change every timeyou play! -action You can fly around with your fingers withoutlimit. Flick to move, tap to shoot, long press and aim 360 degreesfreely charge shot. We will use these actions to capture randomlygenerated ruins. -Item collection There is a treasure box in thefield, and the equipment drops by opening the treasure box ordefeating enemy. Annihilating the enemies in the field makes itpossible to use an easy-to-use item recovery system, which allowsyou to select and retrieve items comfortably. Let's change tostronger equipment and aim deep in the ruins. -Roguelike game Ifyour life is lost and the game is over, your equipment will be lostand your second challenge will be from the beginning. In order tomove deeper, you will rely on the player's memory and skills. Whaton earth are the things that wait in the back of the ruins ... Aimfor that and try challenging.