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Audio Video Mixer Video Cutter video to mp3 app 2.4
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Audio Video Mixer Video Cutter is an application that fulfills yourneed for all below listed needs/purposes. Audio Video Mixer VideoCutter Audio Cutter Video to Mp3 converter Add Audio to Video Addmultiple audio to video Mix audio and video Mix audio with originalaudio of video Our Add audio to video application is for changingbackground music of a video as well as one can mix audio and video.With this video editor you can add or mix any audio to a video.With this Audio Video Mixer cum Video Cutter you can also trimvideo easily. With our Audio Video Mixer Video Cutter you can alsoadd audio to video easily. With our Audio Video Cutter app you cancut the best part of your audio song and save it in your device .The cut results are stored in "Audio Video Mixer" folder. With ourAudio Video Cutter app you can make your own MP3 ringtones fast andeasy. Out Audio Video Cutter app is also a music editor andringtone cutter. Steps to add audio to video. -> Open our AudioVideo Mixer. -> Click on Audio Video Mixer Button. -> TrimVideo by seek bar(Optional) -> Click on Add Audio button andSelect mp3 file. -> Click Play button to preview ( Optional)-> Click the top save tick button to merge audio and videotogether. -> Also add multiple audio to single video. * You canalso mute the audio in video by clicking mute button. Steps to trimvideo. -> Open our Audio Video Mixer. -> Click on VideoCutter Button. -> Trim Video by seek bar. -> Click Playbutton to preview ( Optional) -> Click the top save tick buttonto trim video. Steps to trim audio: -> Open our Audio VideoMixer. -> Click on Audio Cutter Button. -> Select mp3/musicfrom your mobile. -> Select area to be chopped from your audio.-> Save as mp3 file. Steps to extract audio from video or to getvideo to mp3 converter: -> Open our Audio Video Mixer. ->Click on Extract Audio Button. -> Select video from your mobile.-> Select area you want to save audio from your video file.-> Save final mp3 file. Features: Audio video mixer Add Audio tovideo Trim Audio cutter Add multiple Audio to video Video mp3converter. Simple and easy operation. Preview the audio video mixerbefore saving it. You can share the created file on social medialike whatsapp , facebook etc You can delete the created files fromthe app itself.
Interval Timer - HIIT, Tabata, Crossfit Training 1.0.3
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HIIT Training, Tabata, Yoga, Crossfit, Strength, CirculationSuitable for all kinds of activities including: - Boxing RoundTimer - HIIT training - Tabata - cross fits - Muscle strength Theinterval timer is useful for Tabata-style or rope skipping orinterval training (HIIT). The default set is the same three minuteworkout with the bell bell and a one minute break. Create and useyour own timer through settings.