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Binary Challenge™ Binary Game 2.07.02
Master binary numbers & Train your mental math with thisamazing game! Binary Challenge™ drives you to convert binary (andhexadecimal) numbers to the decimal system by mental math fasterand faster. Dive into the meditative “deep space” atmosphere toenhance your concentration and enter flow.You start in super easy4-bit binary mode and choose your result from suggestions. Discovernew game modes, more numeral systems and advance to largerbit-sizes by mastering each level. We’ve included "Pure" and"Insane" mode where you calculate the exact result, hexadecimalnumbers, and numbers with up to 32-bit. The faster you convert thenumbers, the higher your score. Earn your place in our leaderboardsand compare with your friends! Are you ready for the BinaryChallenge™?Enjoy unique features like:* Learn binary, quaternaryand hexadecimal* Start with 4-bit mode and advance to reach 32-bitmastery* Several game modes with varying difficulty* BinaryChallenge™ will explain every conversion step by step if you needhelp* Teachers and Students: Easily enable all features for yourwhole class or course with special highly discounted in-apppurchases* Google Play Games integration* Master 54 achievements!*Raise in ranks and compete in our leaderboards* Meditativefuturistic background musicInstall Binary Challenge™ now for freeto master binary numbers and train your mental math every day!
DASt 022 Feuerverzinken 1.00.09
Ermitteln Sie schnell und einfach die Vertrauenszone eines Bauteilsnach der DASt-Richtlinie 022.Die Vertrauenszone gibt denerforderlichen Umfang an Prüfungen nach der Feuerverzinkungan.Verändern Sie Festigkeits-, Zähigkeitsklassen, Bauteilhöhe undBauelement-Typen, um zu sehen, welche Auswirkung dies ggf. auf dieVertrauenszone hat.Features:- Schnelle Verfahrensprüfung anhand von5 ja / nein Fragen- Einfache Bauteileinstufung: Wählen Sie dieerforderlichen Angaben direkt aus den möglichen Festigkeits-,Zähigkeitsklassen, Bauteilhöhen und Bauelement-Typen aus-Klassifizierung des Ergebnisses- ErläuterungenWir berücksichtigenden aktuellen Standard des Deutschen Ausschuss für Stahlbau vonJuni 2016.Diese App wird Ihnen kostenfrei von Wiegel – dieFeuerverzinker bereitgestellt.Geben Sie uns gerne Feedback zur Appper Mail über den Entwickler dieser App:[email protected] quickly and easily the confidencezone of a component according DASt Directive 022ndThe trust zoneindicates the critical mass of tests after being galvanized.Changein strength, toughness classes, component height and device typesto see what effect this has possibly to the trust zone.features:-Rapid procedure qualification based on 5 yes / no questions- SimpleComponent classification: Select the required information directlyfrom the possible strength, toughness classes, component heightsand component types- Classification of the result- RemarksWeconsider the current standard of the German Committee for SteelConstruction from June 2016thThis app is available free of Wiegel -provided the galvanizer.Give us happy app feedback via e-mail aboutthe developer of this app: [email protected]
Developer's Converter 0.11
Easily convert between binary, hexadecimal, octal and decimalnumbers.Key Features:- Convert numbers with up to 32 bits-Dynamically switch between all numeral systems- Conversion is donewhile you type, no need to tap on "="- Special RGB mode to convertcolor codes (hex and decimal)- See the resulting color in RGB mode-Special IP mode to convert IP4 addresses (hex and decimal)- Easilycopy or paste numbers and codes for exchange with other appsIf yousee any bugs or have a feature request, please contact us via emailat [email protected]