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Pixel GunCraft 3D Zombie FPS
3D Pixel Guns Craft : FPS /// ArmsCraft !!!Craft Your Own Weapon & Kill Them All !!!Various and Awesome planets are waiting for youSurvival FPS - you can HUNT monstersRPG + FPS - you can STUFF for more strong block weapons- Features -- Craft Weapon system- Stuffl Collection and Making System- Upgrade System- Various and awesome Maps- Auto Fire system- Grenade System—————————————————————————————This is not an official Mojang app. infinitypocket is notassociated or connected with Mojang AB and its game Minecraft -Pocket Edition. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB and it is notendorsed by or affiliated with the creator of this game or itslicensers.
Tap Tap Monsters pocket dragon 1.2.2
Here is Tap Tap Monsters!You have only to tap the screen for hatch, level-up, evolution,and battle.-Collect all Monsters if possible.RareMonster will be lucky for you.RareMonsters look exactly like the Not-RareMonsters, but they havea greater ability.If you collect Monsters as RareMonsters, you are the real best.-Collect 4 kinds of Monsters in one tier, and you can receive abonus ability with all Monsters you have.-How big will your Monsters get?You level Monsters up and they grows bigger and bigger.As high as the clouds~ Wow~-The timing system in battleIf you want a attack success, tap the screen the moment plus(+)marks of both Monsters are overlapped. Challenge to thePerfect.If you tap the screen as the “FAKE”, your shield will bebroken.And then if you fail in your next attack, more damage mayhappen.Just be careful not to be fooled by the “FAKE”.SSS Rank on the screen after battle may let you be moved totears.Then press the camera button in the upper-right-hand corner of thescreen and boast the screenshot to your friends.Features- 28 EGGs & Monsters- Rare monsters- Epic Battle System- Monster Room- Tier Bonus- Tap count upgrade- Monster still shot
Flick Home Run! baseball game 1.2.2
Apple Appstore BEST of 2012 (PAID/GROSSING) Flick your finger andmake a homerun. You can experience a real baseball batting throughthe physical pendulum. This is a game in which you can experiencevarious throws based on the pendulum. The ball will fly further ifyou can hit the ball directly with the quick flick. Experience a“real-life like” batting simulation. # EasyControl--------------------------- You only use flick to controlthe batting for this game. The more accurate you flick your fingerto hit the ball; it is more likely that you will be a home-runhitter. The rule is simple. Flick your finger with the same feelingin which you would swing a bat in real life. Think of your fingeras a bat, and flick it with speed and accuracy. That’s all. #Movement of the ball------------------ Various kinds of throws arematerialized into “real-life like” feelings. Different pitches pullout different various kinds of movements. Thus, the batter may missthe timing and would be hard to hit. # 10 GAMEmode------------------------ You can enjoy this game through 5kinds of mode. Minor & Major Mode- Hit as many home-runs as youcan; as far as you can. Multiplayer Mode- You can compete withother players via Game Center. Moon-Star Mode- Try for a recordwith the given 9 balls. Training Mode- You can practice withdifferent kinds of pitches. *Bunt mode ( need minor 15step): Dropthe ball on the target of the floor correctly. *Total mode ( needbunt 10000 point ) : You’ll meet many different types of the ballsfrom the beginning of the game. *Faster & faster ( need total25000 point ) : Head-to-head with only fastballs. *Jiant mode (need F&F 10000 point ) : Match with a Giant pitcher *Cuttermode ( need Jiant 12000 point ) : Match with cutterballs which cancut the baseball bat. # add 28 Achievement Bonus-------------- 1Achievement = 1 level up bonus!!! # Level UpSystem----------------------- You can choose and upgrade 1 of 3skills every time the exp becomes full.- Power: You can increasethe power of the bat Accuracy: You can increase the accuracy of thebatting Batting Eye: You can know ahead of the next ball’s pattern# Home-Run Tip!--------------------------- 1.Make a full swing witha fast batting-speed! 2.Hit the ball followed from the variousthrown pattern with an accurate swing! 3.Let’s keep an eye on theball until the end and predict the change of the pattern! 4.Let’sbe confident and make a full swing! # FAQ------------------------------------- Q : How does STEP UP SYSTEM?A : STEP UP = More balls ex) Minor 1 step = 3 balls Minor 2 step =6 ballsJust download this !
TouchDown Rush : Football Run 1.3.2
We Are The Team !!! Running as a team from now on ! Score atouchdown by perfect pass. Field and Teammates are waiting for You.Just download It ! if you love Football and Running game Our teamwill beat them hollow # TEAM PLAY RUNNING GAME : Here is a wholenew style of Running game. One team is made up of 4 players notalone. Running game as a way of team play! Progress the game withpassing the ball. # PLAYER CARDS : Level up & Collect & MixCollect various player cards and level up ! Create your own dreamteam ! # EASY CONTROL : You only need to flick Up-and-Down,Right-and-Left.
MOBA Manager 1.0
You can be a Manager of "E-sports (MOBAgame)Team"Manage MOBA players in mobile !The first MOBA Management game.Lead your team to victory !Feature----------------------------------------------------- 250 Players are ready.- 27 National Clubs.- 8 level league.- Powerful Artificial Intelligence simulator.- Powerful data relationship.- Easy to manage.