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Nepali Muktak (नेपाली मुक्तक) 2.3
Writer can publish their Muktak (Short Peom) in this app. This appis free for all user. The Nepali Muktak is only publish here so youcan read, comment on any Muktak. We want to publish heart touchingMuktak at this app. So submit your Muktak if it is your own.
Nepali Gajal (नेपाली गजल) 2.3
Nepali Gajal is promoting Gajal app. We want to promote NepaliGajal in all over the world. To achieve this goal, we need yoursupport. You can send your Gajal, share with friends and rate us.Hoping that we will success in our Gajal Mission. ***** Please sendyour Gajal and win prize. Please follows the rules to participateGajal Promotion campaign; 1. You must send your Gajal through thisapp; 2. You need to send only one Gajal in one time; 3. When yourGajal will publish in app, than you can send your another Gajal. 4.You need to send minimum 10 Gajal in month to eligible forparticipants. Please send email and comment us to improve more thanmore. Thank you. IA MAKER, Nepal
Nepali News (नेपाली न्यूज) 2.1
This app is news of Nepal. It provides all online nepali news. Thenews and content is website owners. If you want to remove news linkfrom here, please email us. we will remove and same to add. If youwant to add any news link of nepal, Please email us. We will readyto add and serve you. We try to best for user. So please rate andcomment us to improve.The app provides news from ekantipur,onlinekhabar, Ratopati,BBC Nepali, Kantipur Daily, Saptahik,Nagariknews, Ujyaalo Online, Aarthik Abhiyan, Avenews, Annapurnapost, Gorkhapatra, Himal, Himal Khabar, Imagenews, Jan Aastha,Karobar, Kathmandu Post, Khasokhas, My Republica, Nayapatrika,Nepal Television, Nepali Times, News of Nepal, Saurya Dainik, TheHimalayan,Top Nepal NewsAdd news paper email us.
How to shave private parts ? 2.1
How to shave Private parts ? Is it bad or good for us ?Girls andboy or man & women need to shave private parts properly. Allgirls and boys or men and women are shaved their private parts. Itis good habits but if we are not enough knowledge on how to. Thenit may create problem to us. Therefore, this app propose to teachon method and give tips and education on this subject. If you havea few time, you need to learn about this. Hoping that this app isuseful to you.
Muluki Ain (मुलुकी ऐन २०७४) 9.0
Muluki Ain app is educational app. It is free and offline availablefor all users. Muluki Yen.muluki ain 2074,muluki ain nepal innepali, muluki ain 2072 in nepali,muluki ain. This app is developfor user friendly. If you want to donate us to develop such app,please cantact us. We will publish your name at donation list.Please share, rate this app now.
Nepali Kabita (नेपाली कविता) 2.0
This app is about Nepalese Poems. You can share your Kabita (Poem)and read free. The Best Poems are;nepali kabita aama,nepali kabitasangraha,nepali kabita haru,nepali kabita book,nepali kabitakisan,nepali kabita bachan,nepali kabita maya,nepali kabita aboutlife,nepali kabita love,nepali kabita,nepali kabita aboutlove,nepali kabita aama ko,nepali kabita about nepalkavita onmother in nepali,nepali kabita apps,nepali kabita ashu,nepalikabita baba,nepali kabita by laxmi prasad devkotanepali kabita bylekhnath paudyalnepali kabita bachan manoj bhandarinepali kabitabhupi sherchan,nepali kabita by bhanubhakta acharyanepali kabitabalkrishna sama,nepali kabita bhukampanepali kabita com,nepalikabita collectionnepali kabita chhanda,nepali comedy kabitanepalichristian kabita,nepali chada kabitanepali chhanda kabita,nepalichoto kobitanepali chhanda kabita bachan,nepali kabitadownloadnepali kabita dhoka,nepali kabita dashainnepali kabitadukhi,nepali dukha kabitanepali dasai kabita,dharmik kavita innepalinepali kabita free downloadnepali kabita laxmi prasaddevkotadiwali kabita nepali
local.levelofnepal 2.2
Local level of Nepal app provides the policy, guideline and moreinformation of local level in your handset. The local level ofNepal is divided into Municipalities and Rural Municipalities.Please updates information from this app. It is free and easy todownload and share with your friends. Now the new 753 local levelsor local government are activated. Local Level Authorities(Metropolitan, Sub-Metropolitan, Municipality, Rural Municipality)
Local Government (स्थानिय सरकार) 2.1
This app is about local Government of Nepal. What is planandbudget, what kind of services will provide us by localGovernmentof Nepal ? All those question are gotten answer from thisapp. Youcan get phone number of Municipality and Rural municipalityandeveryday major activities of your Municipality andRuralmunicipality from this app. So download and use free this appandupdates your local development.
Nepali Katha (नेपाली कथा) 3.0
This app is about Nepalese Story. It is free. The top Nepali Kathais related with nepali katha haru,nepali katha sangraha,nepalikatha video,nepali katha sahitya,nepali katha in nepali languagenepali katha 2017,nepali katha new nepali katha audio,nepali kathakabita,nepali katha prem ka nepali katha,nepali katha in nepalinepali katha and kabita,nepali aparadh katha,nepali aatma kathanepali adhunik katha,nepali katha book Please email your own Kathato publish here.
Priyanka Karki Wallpaper HD 1.1
Priyanka Karki (born in Kathmandu, Nepal, February 27, 1987). Sheisan Actress, model, VJ, Dancer, choreographer and singer.Karkiplayed in Jholay opposite Dayahang Rai, where she playsthecharacter of a prostitute. Jholay grossed over 10 million atthebox office. Her next big release then was Bikash Acharya'sNaiNabannu La 2 opposite Suraj Singh Thakuri. Nai Na Bhannu Lawasdeclared the biggest block-buster of the year 2070 grossing over40million.Karki's performances in Jholay and Nai Na Bhannu La2earned her the Online Filmykhabar Award as Best Actress 2017,NETFAaward for Best Actor in a supporting role (Female)., INFAaward forBest Actor in a Supporting Role (Female) and INFA MostPopularActor (Female)Karki's next release Aawaran did notperformsimilarly to the previous movies at the box office. Althoughnot acommercial success, this movie launched Karki as a singer intheNepalese music industry. Karki went on to sing the OST ofAawaranin collaboration with Yama Buddha.Karki's Suntali wasofficiallyselected to premiere at the 19th Busan International FilmFestivalunder the category 'A Window on Asian Cinema' which washeld inSouth Korea's Busan, from 2 October until 11 October2014.Suntali's world premiere was held on the fifth day of thefestival.Suntali released February 2015 and although it wasn't abig successcommercially, Karki's work was immensely praised as shewon theBest Actor (Female) at the National Film Critics Award(NFCA) andthe NFDC National Film Awards 2071. In 2015, Karkistarred Mala inthe horror/thriller film Mala. Mala, a widow, withlong black hairand a white saree who is seen throughout the filmbut speaks only aword. At the recent NFDC National Film Awards2017, the Jury awardwas conferred to director Sudip Singh Bhusalfor 'Mala'. Karkifeatured on the song Surke Thaili Khai that wenton to become firstNepali song to reach 10 million views as well as20 million viewson Youtube.In 2016, Karki was seen as 'Ani' in thefourthinstallment of the Nai Na Bhannu La series. Nai Na bhannu La4grossed over 20 million in its first week of release. Soonafter,Karki portrayed a female detective opposite Keki Adhikari inthecomedy movie 'How Funny'. Karki was then seen opposite DeepakRajGiri in Deepashree Niraula's directorial debut 'ChakkaPanja'.Chakka Panja completed 100 days in the theaters and was thebiggestblockbuster of the year 2016 grossing over 240 million Karkiwasthen seen opposite Dayahang Rai in Rambabu Gurung's 'PuranoDunga'Karki's anticipated releases in 2017 are Chakka Panja 2 andFatekoJutta. [Source:WIKIPEDIA]HOW TO USE:1. Open PriyankaKarkiWallpaper HD.2. Choose your favorite picture.3. Tap the"Share"button to share.4. Tap the "Set as wallpaper" button toapply.5.Your wallpaper has been changed.FEATURES:1. The BestPriyanka Karkiwallpaper hd 20182. Regular updates3. Compatible with98% of mobilephones and devices.4. You can save or Share "wallpaperof PriyankaKarki" to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr,WhatsApp,BBM, Flickr, Stumbleupon, Instagram Or Line with your GoodFriendsor whole family.5. Optimized battery usage!6. Fullysupportshorizontal orientationMORE ON DEVELOPER :- Nepali WallpaperHD-Nepali FM- Nepali Muktak and more…DISCLAIMER:This app is madebyPriyanka Karki’s fan, and it is unofficial. The content in thisappis not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, orspecificallyapproved by any company. All copyright and trademarksare owned bytheir respective owners. The images in this applicationarecollected from around the web, if we are in breach ofcopyright,please let us know and it will be removed as soon aspossible.
Nepali Girls Live Chat 2.2
Nepali Girls Chat app is live. It is free and make it privatechat.We did not take any data from your chat room. You need log inwithnick name just for one time and chat with Nepalese girls,Indiangirls, US girls, Australian girls and access free in all chatroomwhere you want chat with friends. Please share and rate usingoogle play store to add more features you like and want.Thankyoufor joining and living our app.With Regards,Innovative app maker
Nepali FM 4
Collection of Nepali Online FM Radio. Listen all over the world.
Free App Creator 1.0
Make All Kind of App Free. Share your referral link and get $3pereach friend. Start earning money from your app. Serve AdsformAdMob or any other third-party network.
Free apps market 7.2
It is free to use for android mobile users. This appprovidesbasically free app for users. It is not ads free. This appwillhelp you to find free app in simple way.
Sambidhan (नेपालको संविधान २०७२) 2.4
The Constitution of Nepal (Nepal Ko Sambidhan) app is prepare forpublic awareness. It is a fundamental part of Country, Nepal. Thisapp provides easy way to read the Constitution both in Nepali aswell as English language. It is free. Feature: 1. Covers Nepali andEnglish languages. 2. Easy to Read and free to take screen shot. 3.Easy to share with Friends. 4. Easy to rate our apps. nepal kosambidhan 2072 nepal ko sambidhan 2063 nepal ko sambidhan 2047nepal ko sambidhan 2019 nepal ko sambidhan app nepal ko sambidhanko dhara nepal ko samvidhan diwas nepal ko sambidhan 2004 nepal kosambidhan in pdf nepal ko sambidhan 2072 in pdf nepal ko sambidhanapk nepal ko sambidhan 2072 app nepal ko bartaman sambidhan nepalko sambidhan ko bisesta nepal ko nepal ko sambidhandownload download nepal ko sambidhan 2072 nepal ko sambidhan 2072free download nepal ko interim sambidhan nepal ko sambidhan 2047 innepali nepal ko samvidhan nepali ma nepal ko naya sambidhan 2072pdf nepal ko naya sambidhan 2072 nepal ko naya sambidhan 2075 nepalko new sambidhan 2072 nepal ko sambidhan pdf nepal ko pahilosambidhan नेपाल को पहिलो संविधान nepal ko sambidhan pahilosamsodhan nepal ko sambidhan sabha nepal ko sambidhan wikipediawww.nepal ko sambidhan 2072 Please provide your comments andfeedback to us if any.
USA Big Online Shop 2.1
USA Big Online Shop is affiliated with Amazon USA. But this appisnot taken any extra commission from costumers. So it is trustedappto buy any products what you like. You can get free product hereifyou like it. The best products are mobile, vehicle, furnitureandwomen fashion and much more. Please buy now smart way fromyourcellphone now. It is free.
Nepali Ukhan Tukka 3.2
Nepali Ukhan Tukka is an app for user. It is free. Please writeyourUkhan Tukka in comment box so that we will add in this app innextupdates. Nepali Ukhan, Nepali Tukka.
Nepali Rachana(नेपाली रचनाहरु) 2.4
Nepali Rachana app is auto-post app for user. User can post theirPoem, Gajal, Kabita, Story, Katha, Short Story, Muktak just for oneclick on submit bottom. So it is user friendly, fast and easy touse from anywhere you live in this world. Please post your Rachanaand share with us your experience.
Free dating & Chat app 2.1
This is a cool chatting platform where you can date and meetotherpeople. Simply you register immediately without having toprovidean email address. You'd love to connect with tons of othersinglestrying to find somebody to date or chat. It is totally free.Somefeatures of the app: - Registration is free (Email address isnotrequired) - It is totally free without hidden app purchasesorcredits - Photo and short Video chatting option - All featuresofthe app can be used immediately - Quickly meet women and meninyour area - Share with your girlfriend or boyfriend and chatwithprivately Here is new singles join every day and seekingtheirpersonal happiness, just like you. So don't wait any longeranddownload our free dating app to your mobile phone now.Andimmediately start chatting! Completely free of fee!
DXN Hetauda 6.0
This app is about DXN Products for customers. Customers orders andpurchase DXN product from this app. This first app for this productin Nepal. So if you want to make such app by others branch, pleasecontact us. DXN Nepal, DXN India, DXN UK, DXN US
Drawing Picture Pro 1.0
Drawing Picture pro is drawing feature app. You can drawhere,practice here of any type of picture you like and save yourdrawingin your mobile easily. You can share, post picture in socialmedia.Try it is now free.
Nepali Sahitya (नेपाली साहित्य) 3.1
Nepali Sahitya app is about poem, story, Gajal and Muktak app. Youcan publish your story, poem, Gajal and Muktak in this app. Pleaseshare, like and rate us. nepali sahityakar,nepali sahityabook,nepali sahityakar haru,nepali sahitya sansar, nepali sahityavachan,nepali sahitya sansar gazal,nepali sahitya prem katha,nepali sahitya sudha,nepali sahityakar list,nepali sahityaghazal,nepali sahitya,nepali sahitya ghar,nepali sahityakavita,nepali sahitya words,nepali sahitya katha,nepali sahityasammelan
Muluki Ain 2074 (Aparadh Sanhita) 9.1
Muluki Ain 2074(Aparadh Sanhita) is app for educationalawarenesspropose of Nepal's New law. “मुलुकी अपराध (संहिता) ऐन,२०७४” Thisapp is very useful for students of law and lawyer as wellas publicto know new law of Nepal. It creates awareness in Nepal.We did notstore any data of users but google takes data from usersfor adsserve propose only. We respect user's rights. If you haveanyconflict with this app, please inform us. We will solve assoonpossible. Muluki Ain, Muluki Ain 2074
Muluki Phaujdari Ain 2074 8.2
Muluki Phaujadari Ain 2074+मुलुकी फौजदारी कार्यविधि (संहिता)ऐन,२०७४ Muluki Phaujadari Ain is free and offline app. It is builtofour users request to aware on new law of Nepal. It is veryusefulfor public and law students as well as practitioner.MulukiPhaujadari Ain is a part of Muluki Ain. We will build it touseeasily from android mobile phone in all over the world. MulukiAin2074, muluki ain,muluki ain 2074 in nepali download,mulukiain2020,muluki ain 1910,muluki ain amendment,muluki ainlatestamendment,muluki ain (civil code) bill 2074 muluki ainchapter onmarriage,muluki ain definition,define muluki ain,mulukiainenglish,first muluki ain,muluki ain in nepali,muluki ain nepalinnepali language,muluki ain latest,muluki ain nepal 2075,mulukiainnepal 2074,muluki ain news,muluki ain nepal 2018 muluki ainofnepal 2075,new muluki ain of nepal,muluki ain rules
Labour Act (श्रम ऐन, २०७४ ) 9.4
Labour Act, 2074 (2017) is free educational app for Nepalese lawstudents and learner. Labour codes, general labour and employmentacts. Act Regulation. Labour Acts. Labour Act 2074 Click here todownload · Child Labor (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 2056(2000). Nepal - Labour Act, 2074 (2017). Chapter I - PreliminaryChapter II - Fundamental Provisions Relating to Workers Chapter III- Provisions Relating To Employment Chapter IV - ProvisionsRelating to Trainees and Apprentices Chapter V - ProvisionsRelating to Part-Time Workers Chapter VI - Provisions Relating toWork Permits Chapter VII - Provisions Relating to Working HoursChapter VIII - Provisions Relating to Remuneration Chapter IX -Provisions Relating to Leave Chapter X - Provisions Relating toProvident Fund, Gratuity and Insurance Chapter XI - ProvisionsRelating to Labour Provider Chapter XII - Provisions Relating toOccupational Safety and Health Chapter XIII - Provisions Relatingto Special Types of Industries and Services Chapter XIV -Provisions Relating to Fair Labour Practices Chapter XV -Provisions Relating to Inspection Chapter XVI -Provisions Relatingto Councils and Committees Chapter XVII - Provisions Relating toInternal Management of Enterprises Chapter XVIII - ProvisionsRelating to Settlement of Individual Disputes Chapter XIX -Provisions Relating to Settlement of Collective Disputes Chapter XX- Provisions Relating to Conduct and Punishment Chapter XXI -Provisions Relating to Termination of Employment Chapter XXII -Provisions Relating to Labour Court Chapter XXIII - ProvisionsRelating to Complaints, Punishment and Appeals Chapter XXIV -Miscellaneous Provisions
Nirmala's Rape 9.3
This is informative app of Nirmala's Rape. It is reported by localpeople and sawyers when it was happened. This is in Nepali languageand it is for all people who want to research and investigate herrape. After reading this app, you will know that who is ... OnThursday, July 26, thirteen-year-old Nirmala Pant asked her motherpermission to go to her friend’s place two kilometres away. Theninth grader wanted to go to her friend Roshni Bam (Aanchal) to doher homework and fetch a notebook her friend had borrowed from her.At 11 am that day, Pant left her home in Bhimdutta Nagar-2 on herbicycle. Nirmala would have normally returned home in a few hours,but she did not return even after dark that day. Her parents, bothof whom are daily wage earners, were restless. She went to theBams’ house at night to look for her daughter. But the sisters toldher Nirmala had left at 2pm–they even gave her some guavas to eatalong the way. According to Panta’s mother, she went to localpolice to request them to look for her daughter. However, policeofficials took the complaint ‘lightly’, allege the members of thePant family. Nirmala’s mother stayed at the local police stationuntil 2 am. July 27 At around 9 am on Friday, police spotted a bodyon a sugarcane field owned by Lokendra Bhatta on the border betweenwards 2 and 18. A few feet away from the field, a bicycle andaround half a dozen notebooks lay unattended. It was only a matterof few hours before it was established that the body belonged toNirmala Pant, who had been missing since Thursday. Police suspectedthat Nirmala was also raped. Nirmala Pant rape: Panel conductspolygraph test on police officers The Ministry of Home Affairs onSunday made public the investigation report on rape and murder of13-year-old Nirmala Pant, of Bhimdutta One held in connection withNirmala Pant's rape and murder The Record - The hunt for NirmalaPanta's killer
DV Lottery Entry Tool 2.3
eDV 2020: This app is about all information with dv lottery. How toentry, process and up to result of dv lottery. US. This app isprepared for educational propose. It is Free and easy to use.Complete your own application. The online entry application is easyand free. DV-2020 Program: Online Registration DV-2020 Program: Therevised online registration period for the DV-2020 Program beginson Wednesday, October 3, 2018 at 12:00 noon, Eastern Daylight Time(EDT) (GMT-4), and concludes on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 at 12:00noon, Eastern Standard Time (EST) (GMT-5). Individuals who submitmore than one entry during the registration period will bedisqualified. We respect the users and advertiser's rights. Pleaseshare with us if you have any conflict with this app.
nepali.share 9.3
Nepali Share is provided to users all Nepali Share market news,opening information and apply, buy and selling share through yourown smart phone just one click. It is free. We alert app usersabout all markets new opening in Nepal. This is also free of cost.Top of share market in Nepal 1. Mero Lagani 2. Meroshare 3. NepalStock 4. Share Bazar 5. Share Lagani 6.Share Sansar 7. Nepali PaisaRead every day Nepali share market news, analysis and apply newopening. Apply, Buy and Sell all Nepali Share from your Smart PhoneFree. We respect users rights and advertisement providers rights aswell as content writer. This app want to promote Nepali Sharemarket and educate about share. Please share with us if anyconflict with this app, we will solve as soon possible.
miss.worldnepal 9.3
Miss World Nepal is educational app for voting to Miss World Nepal(SHRINKHALA KHATIWADA). It will help to users to giving vote herand update everything about her. Miss World 2018. ShrinkhalaKhatiwada is Miss Nepal World 2018 and World Peace Ambassador. Werespect users and advertisers rights. So please let us know if youhave any conflict with this app. We will solve as soon possible.
find.jobsinchina 9.3
Find Jobs in China app will provide jobs information to users andservice of hiring agents. Users can find suitable jobs vacancy andapply though this app. The job market is very competitive but itwill help you to update jobs requirement you everyday. The top Jobsin China: >> China Jobs >> China Cities Jobs >>Jobs in Shanghai >> Specking English Jobs in China >>Hired China >> Jobs & Recruitment China >> LinkedinJobs China >> Allibaba Jobs >> Jobs in China >>echinajobs >> Indeeded Job China >> Glassdoor Jobs inChina >> HAYS Jobs in China We respect users and advertisersrights. So please let us know if you have any conflict with thisapp. We will solve it as soon possible.
Find Jobs In Japan 9.3
Find Jobs In Japan App Provides you all jobs information to applyand hiring news staff. It helps to publish jobs vacancy and applynew job in Japan. Start Your Career in Japan downloading this appnow. Top Jobs in Japan: >> How to get Job in Japan >>Gaijinpot Japan >> Daijob Japan >> Jobs in Japan>> Glassdoor Jobs in Japan >> Yolo Jobs in Japan (新規登録)>> Indeed Jobs in Japan アカウントを既にお持ちの方 We respect users andadvertisers rights. So please share with us if you have anyconflict with this app. We will solve as soon possible.
SEE Exam Questions Collection 9.3
SEE Exam Questions Collection app is created by Innovative AppMaker. It is built for educational propose. It is useful forstudents who want to attend at SEE Exam. SEE Exam QuestionsCollection see exam see exam scores,see example below,see examstatistics,see exam questions,see exam cost,see exam results,seeexam anesthesia,see exam anesthesia scores,see exam averagescores,see anesthesia exam preparation,practice see exam anesthesianbcrna see exam average see an example We want to support Nepalesepeople to smart and digital world. Please share with us if you wantto say anything. We respect users and advertiser's rights. If anyconflict with this app please let us know, we will solve as soonpossible.
Nepal Idol-Vote & Update 9.3
This app is preparing educational propose to voting and update ofNepal Idol season 2. The top 4 of season 2 are Ravi Oad, AsmitaAdhikari, Sumit Pathak and Bikram Baral. You can vote your favoritecontestant. Nepal Idol. We respect the viewers and advisers rightequally, so please let us know if you have any conflict with thisapp. We will response you as soon as possible.
Children Act Nepal (2075) 2.3
Children Act 2075 is app for law students and learners of Nepal.बालबालिका सम्बन्धी ऐन, २०७५ This app is free and offline. It iseasy for use and this law is in Nepali language. It is forNepalese. This app will help to know new child act of Nepal.Understanding child act, people will aware on child protection,child development, child participants and child survive. It willhelp to safe children at our local community and nation. We alwaysrespect user's right and advertiser's rights equally. Please sharewith us if you have any kind of conflict with this app, We willsolve as soon possible. बालबालिका सम्बन्धी ऐन, २०७५, children's act1992 nepal, the children's act 1992 nepal, Child Act, Children'sact Nepal, children activities, children act 1989,children act2018, the children's act 2014, the children's act 2004summary,children's act easy read,children's acteducation,children's act england 1989, law commission, lawcommission Nepal, children's act early years, children's act insouth africa,children's act in india,children's act inzimbabwe,children's act in botswana,children's act innamibia,children's act in education 1908 children's actireland,children's act regulations,children's act regulations formschildren's act right to education,children's act rights,children'sact right to life,children's act residential care
All Jobs in India 9.1
All Jobs in India is informative app about jobs vacancies inIndia.Using app, your chances of getting jobs high. Users can findjobs,apply and get jobs in India. It is easy to use and free. Thetopjobs in India: >> Find Jobs in India >> All JobsinIndia >> Indeed Jobs India >> Monster JobsIndia>> Total Jobs India >> Myamcat Jobs India>>Randstad Jobs India >> Free Jobs Alert >> ShineJobsIndia >> Boeing Jobs in India >> Online Jobs inIndiaWe respect users and advertisers rights. So please let us knowifyou have any conflict with this app. We will solve assoonpossible.
jobs.innepalallvacancy 9.4
Jobs in Nepal-all in one तुरुन्त कामहरु पोस्ट गरिने, कामहरुखोज्नुहोस् Jobs in Nepal-all in one for job seekers and employers,the best of all. It provides jobs alert to users and you can applyany post you like and employers can post their requirement in thisapp's platform. Top Jobs in Nepal >> Merojob >>Ramrojob >> JobsNepal >> Rojgari >> UNDP JobsNepal >> UN Jobs Nepal >> Loksewa Jobs >>Kimarijobs >> Jagire >> Merorojgari >> GovernmentJobs >> Bank-Insurance Jobs >> NGO/INGO Jobs >>IT Jobs >> Search Jobs >> Apply Jobs >> Post JobsWe respect users and advertisers rights. If you have any conflictwith this app, please let know us, we will try to solve as soonpossible.
How to Write (साहित्य लेखन) 2.0
How to write poet, Gajal, Muktak, novel. This app will help youtowrite Nepalese Literature. So it is a writing School.नेपालीसाहित्यलेख्ने तरिका. How to write Nepalese Literature>methodandskills. Free App.
Video App 9.5
Video app is prepared for entertainment propose. You can share the15 second video in this app. Please share your tiktok or SocialMedia user's id with us. If your video is trending in tiktok orSocial Media, we will publish in this app. Your video will be thebest of the world. The best video will be here and you can watchand share with your friends easily. Keywords, Video APP videonepali tiktok video downloader tiktok video downloader onlinetiktok video india tiktok video tamil tiktok videos pakistanitiktok video hindi tiktok video app tiktok video song tiktok videoad tiktok video assamese tiktok video apk tiktok video api tik tokvideo app free download tik tok video adnan tik tok video all tiktok video auf handy speichern tik tok video anjing kacili a tik tokvideo download a tik tok video make a tik tok video how to delete atik tok video how to save a tik tok video We respect users andadvisers rights. So please let us know if you have any conflictwith this app, we will solve as soon possible.
Nepali Video for Tik Tok 9.2
Nepali Video for Tik Tok App is collection of the best video forTikTok. It will help users to watch all Nepali best video in oneplaceand publish their own video in this app. Key Words, NepaliVideoApp, Nepali Video for Tik Tok, Nepali Video, Video, nepalivideoapps nepali video app,nepali video file,nepali videogana,nepali djvideo,nepali video maker nepali video tik tok,nepalitalking tomvideo This video propose is only for entertainment.Please let usknow if you have any conflict with this app, we willsolve as soonpossible.
Learn Japanese 9.2
Learn Japanese app is educational app. It will help tolearner/usersto learn Japanese from Nepali, English and hindilanguage. KeyWords, Learn Japanese Learn Nepali to Japanese LearnEnglish toJapanese Learn Hindi to Japanese This app will give anidea to thebest way of Japanese language. We respect advertisersand viewersrights. So please share with us if any conflict withthis app.
Funny Video for Tik Tok Musically 9.2
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OHB: Nepali Hotel 9.2
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Education Act Nepal (शिक्षा ऐन, २०७५) 9.4
Education Act 2075 is offline app for users. It is made foreducational propose of users and students of law in Nepal. अनिवार्यतथा निःशुल्क शिक्षा सम्बन्धी ऐन, २०७५ We respect the users andadvertisers rights. So please let us know if you have any conflictwith this app. We will solve it as soon possible. Keywords:Education Act 2075, Nepali Education Act, Education, Education Act
Happy New Year 2019 (New Frames) 9.3
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Cooperative Act (सहकारी ऐन २०७४) 9.5
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Christmas Profile Frames For Facebook 9.3
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