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100 Anos Fatima 1.0.1
Learn a little about the history of Fatima, the Shrine, the littleshepherds and their secrets.It has a virtual candle, alwaysavailable for any religious ceremony.There are more than 20 unique,centennial-themed filters that you can use in the photos taken withthe app. Share these unique photos on social networks.It contains agallery of religious works of art by the artist Santiago Belacquato enjoy and share on social networks.Always know what to visit inthe Sanctuary through the offline map available in the "100 AnosFatima" application.Find peace with some of the prayers available.
Dona Emília - Casa de Hóspedes 1.0.2
Conheca melhor a Hospedaria Dona Emília através destaaplicação.Através desta aplicação saiba sempre onde está e comochegar à Hospedaria Dona EmíliaExplore a cidade de Viana do Castelocom um guia oferecido. Dispõe de diversos pontos de interesse paraque tire o máximo de proveito da cidade.Best Meet the Hostal DonaEmilia through this application.Through this application alwaysknow where you are and how to get to Hostal Dona EmiliaExplore thecity of Viana do Castelo with a guide offered. It has severalpoints of interest to make the most out of the city.