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Memory Training 1.0
play the Useful game on google play , The game this topic help intraining your memory on a daily basis and strengthened to avoidAlzheimer's. How to play easy, as follows:Show you a picture of the" Fruits , Halloween , sports , Foods " of many images are hiddenin the shadow of mask pomegranate or mask Hamburger or maskFootball and you must remember to place the image and thus helpyour memory and intensifies through her exercise but by game.Whatare you waiting Start matche with your memoryThere are 4 game modes( Fruits , Halloween , sports , Foods ) put you access to settingsand choose a proper you should
Funny Donkey 1.0.0
play the best free game on google play,Thisgame is one of the exciting games , Her name Funny Donkey,- how to play - easy and Smooth controls : must avoidcollisionpomegranate and fund it by jumping on them, and must bepurely forthe timer and the grass asparagus and drink water and eatthem toadd the game time and avoid the lossYou have limited time to find new time points .Overcome the challenges in front of you, and to raiseyourscorethe background of the game they are natural background composedoftrees and magnesiumDownload game best horse now Play and jump obstacles and Enjoyyourtime and Be happy .thanks all for your support !
Balloons and Airplane 1.0
Enjoy your time initiates playing the best free game on google play"Balloons and airplane " , and is among the beautiful and excitinggames shop Google PlayHow to Play:Illit must control the plane anddo not touch the buildings and eat balloons plane and this is whatadds to the difficulty of the game and the challenge of the highestnumber of points to be collected and add to scoreOvercome thechallenges you'll meet you be the winner of the highest balanceThisgame is intended for all lovers of the challenges and competition
Street Match Shooters 1.3.2
Enjoy & Play the top new gamesStreetFootball is one of the best free football games orsoccergamesThese game are a present for all you people out there who arefansof football and soccer!be a soccer star and Try your skills as a strikerand dribblesandruns and shoot...... GOAL!This app 100% Free is especially developed for the fans ofStreetFootball
hasty two cars : free game 1.0.1
Enjoy & Play the Best free Game hasty two cars , If you are bigfan of driving car game Download it for FREE now Control at thesame time the red car and the blue car and avoid the squares on theroad and Eat up all the circles .
Jump Ball Color Switch 2
Play now the Top free Games of the yearingoogle play store Jump Ball Color switch It is part of actiongamesand are classified as addictive games like these games (temple Run2 , bus rush ,color switch , grand gangsters.....)You must overcome the obstacles of different colors that appearinfront of youYou must not let the ball enter the wrong colorDownload the game Jump ball color switch and you will knowwhyeverybody is talking about this game