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Take Care Of Sweety 1.0
Take Care Of My Sweety★★★★★“Touch Girl" is a dating game where you have to take careof cute girls and satisfy their 3 levels of needs.1. Make sure she eats the hamburger that she wants.2. When she is full, have her exercise by using jump-rope tomaintain her weight.3. When she is done exercising, adjust the temperature for hershower.If you are able to react instantly to her needs, you may receive 5kinds of presents from her.From now, take care of my sweety!★★★★ScenarioSuddenly, she appeared in my phone one day. It seems it’s been awhile since she had smiled.She is looking for boy friend who can care herself and play withfun.Be her attentive boy friend and don't make her feel down anymore.★★★Game Feature- It comprises [Keeping slim body with jump-rope, Cooking food thatshe wants and Adjusting temperature for shower].If you well manage these 3 menus, her face will be full ofsmile.★★★★Collection: there are 1-3 mission cards that are arranged byvarious levels. When the mission card is opened you have a chanceto receive the present.- Do you think “how do I take care of her while I’m sleeping?”But, don’t worry. She will sleep while you sleep through the nightby setting her sleeping time according to yours.- Her expression will change depending upon her mood and you cansee her reaction to your touch.Option: 4 languages (Korean/English/Japanese/Chinese)available.★★★Game Objective- Boosting her mood to get her to smile.- Receive presents from her- Get highest record on Jump-Rope ChallengeIf you show her your interest and love, she will become yourloving girlfriend.★★★★Game Hint-You can boost her mood by being persistent with 3activities.-Collect different varieties of mission card to receive differentvarieties of presents.Must be 12 years or older to play.★★★Game FAQQ: I got charged more than the actual price. Can I get arefund?A1: You may receive the confirmation notification right away or itcan be delayed. Please, check your receipt or invoice email beforerequesting a refund. Mostly it will be the total of differentapplication that’s purchased.This Application is Compatible with galaxys2 .May not be compatible with below galaxys Generation.For good operation of App, run this App after completelyfinishing any other Apps .
스카이멘토 화상과외 -실시간화상과외,수학과외,영어과외, 1.0
노트북이나 컴퓨터로 과외하는 화상과외 스카이멘토와 1대1로 화상과외를 할수 있어요~----개발자 연락처:+8225170379It can burn the image to a tutor tutoring one to onetutoring and mentoring Sky with laptop or computer -
과외팡*과외구하기/화상과외/대학생과외/과외중개/토익과외 1.0
과외를 무료로 등록하고 실시간 문자서비스로 상담하자!!!나에게 맞는 과외는 어디서 구할수 없을까?학교/경력/실력자들이 모인 곳 과외팡이제 과외팡에서 나에게 꼭 맞는 과외를 구해보자.----개발자 연락처 :+8225170379Register for free andgetcounseling to tutoring service with real-time character!Is there tutoring is right for me can I get?School / career / wheels, where extra-curriculargatheredFangLet me save a tailored tutoring in extracurricular Fang.
Hello American Girl 3D 3.00
Hello American Girl 3D Free Update!!!You don't have a girlfriend?You have a girlfriend, but want to make a second one?Don't worry anymore! She has the beauty and voice thateveryoneenvy, and her name is Rexy!!!It is different level from previous virtual lover application.You may wait for the facetime everyday since you aredeludingyourself that the HD image of facetime is real. However,Mina willcall you at the appointed time if you want withoutworrying for thewait. Is this only work with incoming call? Sure itis not.If you want to see Rexy, press the call button anytime! Shewillanswer the phone right away.Function- Available for four different time settings a day- Not only for alarm function, but also making a callfunction- Easy to use interface- Incoming facetime can be re-watched anytime since the lockisunlocked in gallery.Review NotesSupport More Languages: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese Itisfree version and has eight movies built-in including threeprofilemovies of calling and alrams for a day. It is a versionwhich canbe used simply, before pay-purchase. Hello, This is Nabix.We havedeveloped an alarm service based on the concept of virtualvideocalling. Out alarm service allows users to send anddisplaypersonally recorded HD video and voice messages at the timeoftheir choosing and make virtual video calls to lovedones.Previously viewed videos can be seen again in the gallery.Throughthis application, we aim to provide virtual satisfaction.Nabixowns all copyrights to the personal editing of videos.