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Monkey Runs Adventure 1.1.0
Run, run and do not stop. Make your way inthetown run over the obstacles, have fun,make Monkey jump and donotfall. Collect all the bananas you can to earn as many gold starsasyou can for each level.While running, timing is everything. Make the Munkey jumpinorder to collect all the coins and do not fall offtheplatform!Download now this cute Munkey Runs Adventure game and seeforyourself! This isn't like any other cute Monkey RunsAdventuregames.★ Game play ★- fun classic runner game style- easy and comfortable controls- Munkey runs by itself- while running, tap to jump, double tap for double jump, atanytime★ Features ★- Music fun sound effects- beautiful fun animations for a cute Monkey Runs Adventure- beautiful graphics and jungle background- this fun runner game has 18 levels with a town theme- earn golden stars for each level by collecting the coins : 90%ormore of the gold coins, for 3 stars
Gummy Love Drop! 1.1.4
This game with a lot of special power-ups andawesome visual effects, you can expect the ultimate in Gummy LoveDrop! collecting and explosive fun!By playing this game you may find yourself hopelessly addicted toswapping the glorious Gummy Love Drop! . It is a simple butextremely fun match-3 game.All levels are designed attentively. Your mission is to win theCandy Stars. Pass the Gummy Love Drop! game levels and try to getall candy stars in each level to unlock.Over 292 levels with 13love story from love travel .HOW TO PLAY:- Swap Gummy Love Drop! to match 3 or more identical Gummy LoveDrop! to eliminate them- To activate a special power-up, match Gummy Love Drop! that arethe same color as the power-up you want to activate twice in arowFEATURES:- Two Game Modes: Arcade & Classic- Outstanding graphics and music- Easy-to-play interface with save function- Each candy hearts has its own special power up effectsThis Gummy Love Drop! is completely free to play, PleaseEnjoyed.!
Zumu Uero Football New 2018 1.1.0
Zumu Uero Football new 2018 is a new zuma-style and amazing shootermarble game! featuring cool football candy bubbles and an healthysports feeling! For the legendary treasure, you have to surviveover three secret scenes in adventure mode. Complete all the levelsin challenge mode! How to play: 1. Shooting to match three or morecolored balls. 2. Tap on the transmitter can swapping the currentball and the next ball. 3. Boost your score with power-ups andcombos. Zumu Uero Football New 2018 features: - Easy to learn buthard to game master. - Many secret maps to make the game moreaddictive. - Three game modes and many challenging levels. -Arrows, bombs and more interesting props you should learn fromgame. Thanks every game players! Any suggestion is welcome!
Terjemahan Talim Muta Alim 1.1.1
Aplikasi "Terjemahan Talim Muta Alim"adalahsebuah aplikasi berbasis OFFLINE, yang dapat anda jalankantanpaadanya koneksi internet.Aplikasi "Terjemahan Talim Muta Alim" .Yang terdiri daritigabelas pasal.Pertama, menerangkan hakekat ilmu, hukum mencari ilmu,dankeutamaannya.Kedua, niat dalam mencari ilmu.Ketiga, cara memilih ilmu, guru, teman, dan ketekunan.Keempat, cara menghormati ilmu dan guruKelima, kesungguhan dalam mencari ilmu, beristiqamah dancita-citayang luhur.Keenam, ukuran dan urutannyaKetujuh, tawakalKedelapan, waktu belajar ilmuKesembilan, saling mengasihi dan saling menasehatiKesepuluh, mencari tambahan ilmu pengetahuanKesebelas, bersikap wara’ ketika menuntut ilmuKedua belas, hal-hal yang dapat menguatkan hapalan danyangmelemahkannya.Ketiga belas, hal-hal yang mempermudah datangnya rijki, hal-halyangdapat memperpanjang, dan mengurangi umur.Semoga Bermanfaat....(Amin Ya Robbal Alamin....)Applications"TranslationTalim Muta Alim" is an OFFLINE based application, whichyou can runwithout an internet connection.Applications "Translation Talim Muta Alim" .Its consistsofthirteen chapters.First, explain the nature of science, law seeking knowledge,andprimacy.Secondly, the intention in seeking knowledge.Third, how to choose science, teacher, friend,andperseverance.Fourth, how to respect science and teacherFifth, earnestness in seeking knowledge, beristiqamah andloftyideals.Sixth, the size and sequenceSeventh, tawakalEighth, the time studiedNinth, love and edify each otherTenth, seek additional knowledgeEleventh, behave wara 'when studyingTwelfth, the things that can strengthen and weaken rote.Thirteenth, things that facilitate the arrival of rijki, thingsthatcan extend and reduce the life.Hopefully Helpful .... (Amin Yes Robbal Alamin ....)
Fruit Candy Pop Match 3 2018 1.1.1
Happy fun with game This game with a lot of special power-upsandawesome visual effects, you can expect the ultimate in FruitCandyPop Match 3 2018 collecting and explosive fun! By playing thisgameyou may find yourself hopelessly addicted to swapping thegloriousFruit Candy Pop Match 3 2018 . It is a simple but extremelyfunmatch-3 game. All levels are designed attentively. Your missionisto win the Candy Stars. Pass the Fruit Candy Pop Match 3gamelevels and try to get all candy stars in each level tounlock.Over292 levels with amazing Fruit Candy Pop Match 3 2018.***HOW TOPLAY:*** - Fruit Candy Pop Match 3 to match 3 or moreidenticalFruit Candy Pop Match 3 2018 to eliminate them - Toactivate aspecial power-up, match Fruit Candy Pop Match 3 2018 thatare thesame color as the power-up you want to activate twice in arow***FEATURES:*** - Two Game Modes: Arcade & Classic-Outstanding graphics and music - Easy-to-play interface withsavefunction - Each Fruits candy has its own special power upeffectsThis Fruit Candy Pop Match 3 2018 is completely free toplay,Please Enjoyed.!