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Logo Maker Pro - Logo Maker Free 1.3.0
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Logo Maker is a versatile logo design App that is here to makeyourlife easier. This logo generator is a handy logo designing appthatprovides you with a platform where you can make an originallogo.There's no limit on creativity on "Logo maker pro. we provideiconson every category that you'll need. Logo Maker 3D app &LogoCreator app is designed with ease of use in mind and hence canbeused by both professional designers and people without priordesignexperience to create custom, creative and beautiful lookinglogosin a matter of minutes. You can make an original logo in notimewith this all in one logo generator. You can change color oftheicons, or use a texture image for coloring your logo and usecustomfilters on them. A simple icon is going to look verydifferent withthe right texture for your design. Additionally, youcan generatemore than just a logo design with Logo Maker Pro, it'ssimply notonly a logo creator. All your social media covers can becreated ina short time that you can call Logo Maker Pro also acover maker,banner designer, photo editor or a poster maker. Mostof yourgraphic design needs will be handled in one place. You candesignFacebook Covers, Twitter Posts, Twitter Header pictures,Pinterestgraphics, Posters, Youtube Cover photos, thumbnails, iconsand manymore. We provide 1000s of free ready made templates forInstagramPosts, Youtube Thumbnails and all those other social mediagraphicsas icing on the cake. Logo Maker includes a huge collectionofcategorized Art(Stickers), Graphic Elements, Shapes,Backgrounds& Textures to create an original logo in no time.Logo Makeralso provides professional photo editing and text editingtoolslike: Flip, Rotate, 3D Rotate, Resize, Curve, Font , Color,Hue andlots more that you'll need to create beautiful originallogos.Features of Logo Maker app: : Logo template is power fullfeaturein Logo maker pro. We make it very easy for you. You justselectyour business category and tell business name and slogan andhitGenerate Button, Auto Generated Logo's Template Ready forUse.Add_Text: This Feature allow you to write text on your logowithdifferent fonts and colors. You can bold, italic and text onyourdemand. If you write wrong text don’t worry edit text optionallowyou to edit crrunt text. Add more then one text on art_board.TextShadow: Text Shadow allow you to make a glowing effect on yourtextand also set the place of Glow where you want. Background-Different type of Backgrounds images which you may need foryourlogo. We have handcrafted some stunning photo backgroundandbackground textures. You can choose any background framesandchange photo background with one click and if you feel thatyourlogo is overcrowded you can erase or remove the photobackgroundand just leave it blank. In Background feature you cancurvebackground as oval and one to four corners one by one. Fore_ground:Different type of Fore_Ground images use to make awesomeandstunning backgrounds that's apply on the backgrounds. You canalsoremove this fore_grounds whenever you want. Sticker &Shapes -So many stickers & Shapes are available in Logo MakerPro.Feathers, Hearts, Smileys, Strokes, Flowers & manymore.Opacity - Use it to put transparency on text, logos, and alsoonfore_grounds. Share on Social Media: After complete your workyoucan send your versatile logo onfacebook,twitter,instagram,andWhatsapp. Please rate the app andgive your feedback to help usimprove and create much more uniqueapps for you. In our nextupdate. You can Arc on Text and also apply3D Effect on Text. Youcan Draft your work. Apply Magic Brush onArt_Board Check Previewbefore save
Photo Editor | Collage Maker | PIP Camera 1.0.0
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Photo Collage is best tool editor photo application and helpyouhave awesome photo collage to update facebook picture profileorpost to instagram. Photo Collage helps you combine multiplephotoswith various frame patterns and photo grids, then share themat atime! You can apply many photo filters and frames andcollagephotos. Photo Collage allow you to add text, stickers toyourcustom photos. Create collage photos, edit any collage photowiththe Photo Collage. Photo Collage Maker is an easy-to-useandall-in-one collage maker and photo editor. Feature of PhotoEditorApp: > Create stunning pic collage within a minute withusingPhoto Collage Maker. > Quick Collage Maker to create quickgrid.> 100+ photo frames > Adjust the background color >Createcollage photo frame & make pic collage free. > Addstickersfrom our amazing library to make your pics nice & cute.>Write text on your love photos > Customize texts withdifferentcolors, size, or fonts > Image crop your camera images>Photo filters to make your pics nice. > Use Photo effectstoblur, sharpen, or add other effects. > Easy to Use > Justoneclick to add new Sticker > Free HD Background Image forCollage> 20+ Image Effects > Simple gestures to rotate,re-size >Set Wallpaper feature > All Collage using socialnetwork >Various Photo Editor > One Finger Drag. > TwoFinger Rotate& Pinch Zoom. > Get All STICKER &BACKGROUND FREE!!!