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War For Super Goku Boy 1.0.2
There is the belief that there are specialballwhich, if can collected 7 piece, to grant the user one wish.Wemanaged to prepare for you more than 80 battle levels.The game is crazy easy to play with a simple skill system,youwill have chance to use skill like Kame[Features]- Unique Graphic Style and UI- Cool Effect with super skills- Many challenges- A lot of challenges and stages- More than 60 designer battles and power levels- KI Blast- Dragon Strike
Kontracct Sniper War 1.0
The best game in which literally all you doisrun, jump and shoot.Kontracc Sniper War is a 2D action and return from Childhoodwithanother style, skill and more feature of playing game. Thisisplatform game where you will control an elite soldier who hastofight against the invading forces.Kontracc Sniper War is best game for gun, shooting andnicegraphics designer and a fun platform and shooting game thatwillalso make those who played the original games feel a bitnostalgic.Game combines all of the best parts of the originalKontra gameplayers remember with mechanics designed for a modernaudience,from level design that captures Kontra’s fameddifficultyKontracc Sniper War combines the adrenaline of platform-stylegameswith the action of 2d shooters. Use the pad to move around andtapto jump and shoot. You can play on one of three difficulties,andeach difficulty has three eagle points to earn based ontheseconditions. To play a stage in Mission mode, you'll need toclearit in Arcade mode first, so that's probably where you'll wanttostart.[How to play]- Jump and jump and fire.- Pass with Boos.- Hold do not die to end game.[Feature]- Relax exciting map.- More skill, complex situation, hijacked building, capturearenasand cross firing.- Shooting all the terrorists will lead you goto next stage.- The most shooting game