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Free Block Breaker HD 1.0.0
Block Breaker is a game where the playershaveto match pre-decided number of Blocks.To win a level you must have all the combinations thataredisplayed on the left of the screen at once (only horizontalandvertical combinations count) by clicking on the blocks todestroythem. 0 means that the color is irrelevant.Let's enjoy the fun with a breaking action.
Free 2048 Puzzle HD 1.0.0
Free 2048 Puzzle HD is fun and the most popular puzzle game. How toplay?Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles. When twotiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. When 2048tile is created, you wins!Start play this 2048 game, compete withyour friends to see who can make the best score.Please challengeyour friends with the new timer and moves counter!Thanks !
Free Guess Card HD 1.0.0
For people interested in magic tricks on phoneto play among their friends or family, this app will create somefun times.The trick is based on Array Manipulation where you are presentedwith a screen full of 25 random cards in 5 rows.You have to think a card in your head and click the row thatcontains that very card.Do not click on the card you thought of.Now you have tell the truth on next screen by again clicking therow that have your card. Do not click on the card you thoughtof.After successful completion with no lies, this app willsurprisingly tell your card!1. Single view: This view will flash single card that you thoughtof. This view is animated.2. Matrix view: This is an interesting view, where you will bepresented with all cards facing down. The card you click FIRST willbe your own card and others will be different. This view isanimated and have sounds.Please enjoy!Thanks.
Quiz TRUE or FALSE 1.1
Try series of fun quizzes and test your knowledge in the fun way.This true or false quiz will test you in a fun and wildlyentertaining way in single or 2 player mode. You’ll literary lovethe quiz trivia journey in which QUIZ: True or False will take you.Answer funny, serious and challenging true or false quiz questionsand see where you stand with your general knowledge. One of thebest trivia quiz games you will try this year!* EXCITING LEVELS50levels of intense quiz true or false questions are awaiting you.You need to give at least 10 correct answers for each level.Remember you have 7 lives and 30 seconds for each question. Don’tthink that you can hesitate too much or search for answers online.*2 GAME MODES When you are bored and don’t want to play alone, testyour knowledge with your friends or family. Take your phone, startthe 2 player mode and play against each other. Remember the firstplayer that answers the question correctly wins! Can you be fastand focused continuously?* QUIZ: TRUE OR FALSE FEATURES- 2 gamemodes- text and pics questions- online trivia gaming fun- more than50 levels- ability to compete against other players- 7 lives perlevel- simple and neat graphics- smooth typography- enjoyablegameplay- available in multiplelanguages----------------------------------------------------------Enjoythe most complete quizzes for fun and one of the most interestingtrue or false quiz questions. This true or false trivia will keepyou glued to your Android devices if you are a fan of suchgames.See why we are one of the most downloaded free triviagames.Get Quiz TRUE or FALSE for FREE!42a57584e5
Subway Surf : Train Surfers 2.0.3
Surfing on the streets and dodging through therail ways and trains have never been more fun, addicting andchallenging with the Train Surf fun run. In this free endlessrunner game, you need to escape from the security guard rail, andyou also need to avoid hitting the trains and other obstacles. Youare all alone in your adventures and endless journey, and you alsoget to collect coins, keys and some power-ups to be able to reachhigher scores and run further distances. The coins can be used topurchase different cool power-ups as well is in-game characters,and the keys will help you rescue from the inspector in this newSubway Surf 2017 game. Speaking of available power-ups andboosters, you get to collect (or purchase) the following items:Rocket to fly, Shoes for super jump, Magnet to absorb the coinswhile running, Multiplier to double the coins you collect, andSkateboard to literally surf and getting an extra life.Super Subway Surf 3D 2017 comes with a clean and neat design, andthe interface is so user-friendly and the gameplay of with endlessrunner game is so easy to learn that you’ll get the whole ideaafter dodging the trains and jumping over hurdles, trains andobstacles. You just need to swipe left or right to dodge, and slideup and down to jump and pass under the hurdles.This free Train Surf fun run delivers a 3D graphics, with amazingdesigns and environments as well as awesome music and soundeffects, and the high-quality graphics along with the smoothgameplay and variety of items to collect, make this endless runnergame so addictive that you cannot put your phone down and you justwant to keep surfing and collect more coins and break your highestscore.Train Surf fun run 3D 2018 Main Features at a Glance:• Clean and neat design with fresh and intuitive interface• High-quality 3D graphics, amazing environments and wonderfulsound effects• Super easy to learn subway surf game• Different challenges, obstacles, hurdles and even trains to passthrough• Addictive endless runner game• Different power-ups and boosters to collect• Collect coins to purchase in-app items and characters• Fun for everyone• Free with no in-app purchase itemsSo, this Subway Surf : Train Surfers game delivers everything youshould expect from such endless runner games, and it even sets thebar to a higher level by offering high-quality 3D graphics, smoothcontrol, addictive gameplay, wide range of items and boosters touse, and so many surprising obstacles to pass through.Note that, in this 2018 subway surf game, you only have one lifeand once you hit an obstacle and get caught by the security, youeither have to spend some keys for a second chance or you have tostart over. So, you need to be fully focused on the gameplay andtry to dash as far as you can, dodge as many obstacles as itSuper Subway Train Surftakes, and collect as many coins as possible to beat the highestscore and be the one at the top.Download Super Subway Surf 3D 2017 for free and let us know aboutany bugs, questions, feature requests or any othersuggestions.
Star color
Collect the stars with the same colors.Be fast and the first in theranking.Be a stellar winner.28af463360