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Car Racing 2.6
Car Racing is a fun and exciting sports carracing simulator game. Become the driver of some of the fastestcars on the City streets in a collection of game modes like classicrace, countdown, knockdown, and drift. This amazingly realisticracing car driving simulation game is packed full of super coolfast race carsand exciting, dynamic racing levels.Your car will be out of gas, so you have to refuel by hitting the"Gas" car on your racetracKEY FEATURES- Different new cars to choose from: sport cars, roadsters, musclecars!-Tilt your cell phone or tablet to steer left or right.- Upgrade and customise your vehicles with latest colours.- Earn cash rewards to unlock new carsGAMEPLAY- Tilt to steer- Touch brake button to slow down- Buy better cars to have better handlingTIPS- The faster you drive the more scores you get- When driving over 700 kmh
Zombie Tsunami 1.0
───────── Zombie Tsunami ─────────- Get ready for an action of the killing frenzy. Defend yourgatefrom the revolting of zombie madness with deadly weaponslikesword, saw, guns, grenade, bomb and many more.- Make use of multiple weapons that will help you kill thezombies,click on the special weapon atomic bomb to make themassivedestroying damage.- Unlock and upgrade the new weapons in the store to standwiththe powerful zombie bosses.- Rise of Zombies is the hack-and-slash defense game, but the waytodefend in this game is attacking!- In a darkest night, the alien creature XENO Queen makes herfirstinvasion action to earth by releasing the virus into theGraventown’s graveyard.- The zombies rise from the graves and heading to thegraventown!- The only one who can stop these zombies revolution is you!TheSheriff who is in charge of protecting the town fromanythreatens.- Now let’s swipe the zombies out!───── GAME FEATURES ─────● Frenzy finger playing style● Multiple deadly weapons, sword, saw, guns and bomb andmanymore● Cool animated effects● Interesting upgrades and new powerful weapons.● Cool graphic design● Many zombies and bosses to fight with● Easy to play and relaxingNETWORKYou can play offline with this game anywhere!
Bubble Mania 2.1
Bubble Mania is Free download, fun and themostpopular casual puzzle bubble bobble shooter game. This isbubbleshooter cool themes, is suitable for kids, toddlers,evenadult.Level and game play base on Frozen Bubble,a classic game butthisgame still is a fun, amazing shooting bubble buster game withcoolball, many level.Play game for killing time like waiting busoncity or walking on street city,or relax in weekend. Treatyourselfto an exciting journey in the world's No.1 Shoot Bubblegame now!Bubble Shoot is the sweetest puzzle game ever available onAndroid.How to play Bubble Mania :- Tap where you want the bubble to go.- Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles that have the same colortomake them burst.- Group 3 or more bubbles to make them pop.- Clear all the bubbles on the screen to get to a new level.Features of Bubble Mania:- Colourful bubble with cool design GUI- Have 8 color bubble like blue,orangelight,orange,purple,green,mixcolor blue,mix color purple and manymore- Have more than 650 level ready to play and will add more soonHave 2 mode for this bubble shooter game :+ Endless Mode : more 500 hundred fun levels of saga puzzles,shootbubble base on level.+ Puzzle Mode : shoot bubble base on time ,the bubbles will godown,and non-stop, so you quickly and so fast to get many scorebasetime, if you don't die.This game can be so addictive that it can cause a mania! A maniaofbubbles popping here and there and everywhere !Let download bubble shooter mania free games and king of bubblegamefor enjoy and have any feedback don't hesitate to send mailtome!